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Standards for Reasons to Pick

  • This section is intended to help new players and those looking to switch characters to have idea if they would like a given character.
  • Many of the points made will be subjective and avoiding objective comparisons between characters is recommended.
  • No more than 3-5 bullet points and perferably one, but not more than 2, sentences per bullet. Try to keep it short and to the point.
  • Any reasons listed must be only about the gameplay of the character, while people pick characters for many reasons outside of gameplay Dustloop is a gameplay focused wiki.
  • Reasons to Pick / Avoid will not include information about the tier placement or direct strength of a character, that information is readily available both on Dustloop and elsewhere. These are valid reasons but invite too much controversy.
  • It is perfectly valid to have one point listed as both a reason to play and a reason to avoid. For example, high execution requirements may attract some players to a character and make others avoid the character.

| intro = {{Character Label|GAME|FULL NAME|24px}} followed by a summary of the character's playstyle in 1 sentence.
| pickMe = bullet point list of strengths
| avoidMe = bullet point list of weaknesses

GGST Examples


  • Note some manual styling is done to design a different style of bulleting (these can be implemented more cleanly in the final version).
 Jack-O' is a Technical character, dominating the battle with an assembly of Servants.
Pick if you like Avoid if you dislike
  • Creative problem-solving using many unique and complex interactions and move quirks. It's not about having simple answers, it's about having your answer.
  • Setplay focused gameplay, with a gameplan revolving around creating setplay, and the setplay itself being long, complex, and a big part of how you win.
  • Out-zone anyone not named Chaos with a bombardment of projectiles at bizarre trajectories, forcing opponents to fight on your terms.
  • A lot of room for optimisation, by learning advanced tech or refining even the smallest details in resource and servant management.
  • Inconsistent behaviours, sometimes something won't work how you expect it to, and you will simply have to accept whatever cosmic alignment caused this to happen.
  • Playing effectively means a lot of labbing complicated tech and learning character-specific interactions across the entire roster. It's a lot of work for punching someone in a video game.
  • Momentum doesn't cannot be regained easily but can be lost quickly. It is easier to aim for a long-term advantage, over seeking out a sudden victory.
  • In exchange for consistent knockdowns and okizeme, damage is not explosive, and combos do not reward hard routes with significantly higher damage.

Testament (WIP)

  • Note some manual styling is done to design a different style of bulleting (these can be implemented more cleanly in the final version).
 Testament is a Balanced character, capable of controlling the pace of a match with their Succubus and various projectiles.
Pick if you like Avoid if you dislike
  • Huge attacks and full-screen projectiles covering large swaths of the screen at a time.
  • A fundmanetals-principled design, with strong pokes, projectiles, and anti-airs, doing the basics expertly.
  • Creating situational utilities in neutral to alter the behaviour of moves and reward awareness.
  • Slow movement without much alternative for traversal.

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