Tsubaki Yayoi

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Tsubaki is one of the protagonists and anti-heroes of BlazBlue. She is one of the more similar characters to play as. Her Drive, InstallBBCS Tsubaki 5D.pngGuard:
7 [4]
, charges a secondary gauge called the Install Gauge and can hold a maximum of 5 charges. Tsubaki can spend a charge (also called a "stock") of this meter to perform enhanced versions of her specials by pressing D. The D versions of her specials have properties that can lead to new mix-up options, higher damage, and combos. Gaining and using stocks effectively is key to success with Tsubaki.

In the story, Tsubaki is the heiress to the Duodecim's Yayoi family and serves under the Zero Squadron/Wings of Justice, whose duty is to punish those who rebel against NOL. After the True Ending of the Calamity Trigger, she was given orders by Hazama to execute her lover Jin Kisaragi for knowing about his plans. She wields the Sealed Weapon Izayoi that curses her with mind control. Later story developments will have her learning some awful truths which makes her go down the dark path, and her friends, Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya must save her. She is later gains a powered-up form, Izayoi.

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