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Useful Dustloop Stuff

Input Coloring script

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body style="background-color:#333333"> <script> function ColorText(){ const str = document.getElementById("textFromUser").value; const regex = [ /(?<![\]\#\"\%\=\{{clr|[0-9]|\{{clr|L|])(\bd.L+\b|\bd.[0-9]+L+\b|\bj.L+\b|\bc.L+\b|\bf.L+\b|\bj.[0-9]+L+\b(?!})|\bfl.[0-9]+L+\b(?!})|\[[0-9]+\][0-9]+L\b(?!})|\b[0-9]+\[L\](?!})|\bj.[0-9]+\[L\](?!})|[0-9]+L+\b(?!})|L+\b(?=\+)|\b(?<=[\`\~\/])L\b(?!\")|\b(?<=[\+\'\~])\bL+\b(?!\"))(?!\.[L-z]+)(?![\"\}}])/gm , /(?<![\]\#\"\%\=\{{clr|[0-9]|\{{clr|M|])(\bd.M+\b|\bd.[0-9]+M+\b|\bj.M+\b|\bc.M+\b|\bf.M+\b|\bj.[0-9]+M+\b(?!})|\bfl.[0-9]+M+\b(?!})|\[[0-9]+\][0-9]+M\b(?!})|\b[0-9]+\[M\](?!})|\bj.[0-9]+\[M\](?!})|[0-9]+M+\b(?!})|M+\b(?=\+)|\b(?<=[\`\~\/])M\b(?!\")|\b(?<=[\+\'\~])\bM+\b(?!\"))(?!\.[M-z]+)(?![\"\}}])/gm , /(?<![\]\#\"\%\=\{{clr|[0-9]|\{{clr|H|])(\bd.H+\b|\bd.[0-9]+H+\b|\bj.H+\b|\bc.H+\b|\bf.H+\b|\bj.[0-9]+H+\b(?!})|\bfl.[0-9]+H+\b(?!})|\[[0-9]+\][0-9]+H\b(?!})|\b[0-9]+\[H\](?!})|\bj.[0-9]+\[H\](?!})|[0-9]+H+\b(?!})|H+\b(?=\+)|\b(?<=[\`\~\/])H\b(?!\")|\b(?<=[\+\'\~])\bH+\b(?!\"))(?!\.[H-z]+)(?![\"\}}])/gm , /(?<![\]\#\"\%\=\{{clr|[0-9]|\{{clr|S|])(\bd.S+\b|\bd.[0-9]+S+\b|\bj.S+\b|\bc.S+\b|\bf.S+\b|\bj.[0-9]+S+\b(?!})|\bfl.[0-9]+S+\b(?!})|\[[0-9]+\][0-9]+S\b(?!})|\b[0-9]+\[S\](?!})|\bj.[0-9]+\[S\](?!})|[0-9]+S+\b(?!})|S+\b(?=\+)|\b(?<=[\`\~\/])S\b(?!\")|\b(?<=[\+\'\~])\bS+\b(?!\"))(?!\.[S-z]+)(?![\"\}}])/gm , /(?<![\]\#\"\%\=\{{clr|[0-9]|\{{clr|A1|])(\bd.A1+\b|\bd.[0-9]+A1+\b|\bj.A1+\b|\bc.A1+\b|\bf.A1+\b|\bj.[0-9]+A1+\b(?!})|\bfl.[0-9]+A1+\b(?!})|\[[0-9]+\][0-9]+A1\b(?!})|\b[0-9]+\[A1\](?!})|[0-9]+A1+\b(?!})|A1+\b(?=\+)|\b(?<=[\`\~\/])A1\b(?!\")|\b(?<=[\+\'\~])\bA1+\b(?!\"))(?!\.[A1-z]+)(?![\"\}}])/gm , /(?<![\]\#\"\%\=\{{clr|[0-9]|\{{clr|A2|])(\bd.A2+\b|\bd.[0-9]+A2+\b|\bj.A2+\b|\bc.A2+\b|\bf.A2+\b|\bj.[0-9]+A2+\b(?!})|\bfl.[0-9]+A2+\b(?!})|\[[0-9]+\][0-9]+A2\b(?!})|\b[0-9]+\[A2\](?!})|[0-9]+A2+\b(?!})|A2+\b(?=\+)|\b(?<=[\`\~\/])A2\b(?!\")|\b(?<=[\+\'\~])\bA2+\b(?!\"))(?!\.[A2-z]+)(?![\"\}}])/gm ]; const subst = [ `{{clr|L|$1}}` , `{{clr|M|$1}}` , `{{clr|H|$1}}` , `{{clr|S|$1}}` , `{{clr|A1|$1}}` , `{{clr|A2|$1}}` ]; var result=str; for (i = 0; i < regex.length; i++) { result = result.replace(regex[i], subst[i]);} navigator.clipboard.writeText(result); document.getElementById("textFromUser").value = ""; } </script> <h1 style="white-space: pre-wrap; color:white"><span style="font-size:50px">This is to convert Wiki from<br>non-colored inputs to colored inputs.</span><br> Copy and paste the text in here, click "Convert Text", and the color coded text will automatically be saved to your clipboard. Just paste it over the non-colored text and save changes. Remember: This will cover MOST cases, but not all. Before saving changes, manually review it with "Show Preview". This will work for: UMvC3 Adapted from Wakeup720's script for Dustloop Wiki</h1> <textarea id="textFromUser" style="white-space: pre-wrap" rows="20" cols="80"></textarea><br> <button id="TextFromUserButton" onclick="ColorText()">Convert Text</button> </body> </html>

Todo List

  1. Check if Zato 2K 2D 214H 6K is actually a 9f safejump
  2. Finish Updating move descriptions on Zato's overview
    1. Need to framecount Drills, how long is each drill active? when does the next one spawn? How much recovery for Eddie?
    2. Also find recovery for Oppose when Eddie doesn't die.
  3. Can I use new cancel window feature to show the cancel timings on Eddie moves?
  4. Does Clap Animation have different recovery from normal 236X for Zato?
  5. Recovery on Sunvoid? Currently just startup is listed. Also check startup cause I'm not sure the +14 is right.
    1. Check recovery on Amorphous too, video might have have the animation uncancelled.
  6. Finish Pierce RPS and record video on topic
  7. Create section on controlling Eddie under strategy.
  8. Change CharLinks-GGACR over to main CharLinks template
  9. Make Movecards for BatFan and Overture then remove AttackData and AttackInfo from Common.css

Defense Practice

  • Reacting to corner jump in attempts with walk / dash under.
    • c.S/5K > jump or IAD
    • spaced jump / IAD in
    • point blank neutral jumps.
  • Reacting to universal, reactable options.
    • Microdash throw / command throw
    • 5D and 5[D]
  • IBs / IBFDs
    • Most easily on meaties like c.S.
    • Also on common un-delayable strings like Ram Rekka 2 and Nago f.SS
  • Character specific reactable options
    • Anji Fujin followups, Gio 214S / 236K.

Recording Sets

  • All start with a dash c.S. Can make it throw meaty c.S to practice IB/IBFD for increased difficulty.
  1. c.S dash throw
  2. c.S dash c.S
  3. c.S delayed frametrap (low is best)
  4. c.S j.H
  5. c.S 5D/5[D]

Leverless Practice

  • Need to focus on SOCD DP ([6] > [2]+[4] > ]4[), 632146 Supers, SOCD Double QCF ([6] > 2+4 > 2+4)
    • Sequence w/ Sin: c.S > 5H > 623S~S > Dash, 2K > 6H > Super (Can practice both here)
  • Wakeup DP and R.T.L P1 and P2.
  • IBs on Wakeup.

Sin Wallslump Notes

Moves that keep opponent grounded:

  • 5P, 2P, 6P
  • 5K, 2K
  • c.S, f.S, 2S
  • 5H
  • 236K, 236H, 214S

Post Slump Mix

236H (Sticks), Whiff 5K, Jump Foward, 2K > 6P > 236H (Sticks)

Sin Drills

  • 236K~K > Dash > Throw / c.S
    • Making sure the mix cannot be mashed on, alternate between the two options as they have different timings.
  • Practice Post Super Wallbreak meaty 236K vs 214S.

VOD Review Notes


    • Meaty 6K > 236K is Wack, do Meaty 6K Delay 236H or 214S if I want to beat backdash or mix it up.
    • Remember to 6P Beak Pressure, got hit by Beak > Beak a lot.
    • After 236H~H against characters with big 2K/2Ps the only real options are backdash, block, DP, so not great.
    • Just like 2H/5H after 2D/6H/6P Sin no longer has access to a low besides Elk so standblock > react to Elk with throw is strong.
    • Establish RPS early on, in Sin's case dash cancel RPS. And see if they have a response prepared, if they don't, wait till they do. If they have a response, establish layer 2 immediately.
    • Pay more attention to my meter / Stamina, several times I had meter to convert and didn't or didn't have the stamina to Kara Super but tried to anyways.
      • How am I spending my meter? Is 50 meter just to continue pressure really worth it in the long run?
    • Establish more Delay Beak Frametraps after moves like 6H / 2H.


    • Need to present more 214S vs Throw vs 6K vs delay 2S after c.S to establish offense.
    • Don't commit to offense or approach without at least 2 Stamina.
    • Burst later, my defensive options w/ Sin are strong I can wait longer and be more considerate of when to use my burst to avoid win cons.