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Prototypes of Full Theoryboxes

Corner 236K Oki Setups

<tabber> Low Knockdown =

2K > 2D

2K > 2D > 214H, ]K[


1. 2K 2D > 214H 236[K] 2. Throw > (optional) OTG > 236K 3. 2H -S- / 236S 214H (Unsummon) dash (optional) OTG > 236K 4. 2H -K- 214H dash 236K

Have note on clap cancel 236K and OTGing.

  • In most instances of corner oki where 236K or ]K[ is used as a meaty, you can opt to clap cancel into 236K to reduce the amount of Eddie meter used by the full sequence of drills. This can save enough meter to allow for an additional Eddie action in the followup sequences.
    • The downside to clap cancelling in these setups is that it is generally less safe to reversals as Zato is vulnerable during the clap animation and is a free point at which the opponent can Burst or YRC successfully on reaction if Zato is in range.
    • Be sure to link the clap cancel as fast as possible after 236K to ensure you only get a single drill before cancelling or you may end up using more Eddie meter on accident.
    • It's possible to clap cancel ]K[ too early not allowing a drill to come out and failing to meaty.
  • Off of some knockdowns you may be able to meaty with 236[K], which uses even less Eddie meter and is generally more reversal safe.