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About Me

I am Monterto and I copied this page layout from PrivateTarkus. I am passionate about using numpad notation (correct notation) to describe NRS/Tekken/StreetFighter combos.

My Pages

Currently maintaining:


My Mains
GGST: Chipp
DBFZ: Nappa

Useful Examples To Copy

Players To Cite / Watch

Note: Click on the hyperlinks in the last column to pull up just the player's games, sets, and VODs on KeepOnRockin!
It is also advised that you try searching the player's alternate name listed, if you can't find any footage of them via their conventional tag.

Name Color Location Where to find Notes RT Link
Player Name
(Alternate Name)
GGST Sol Badguy color 1.png
Location PC/PS
This should be a brief description of their play style and why it is worth studying. A brief explanation of what a player can learn from reviewing their replays. Replays

Collapsible Character Table GGST

Table Name HERE
Character Field 1 Field 2
Sol - -
Ky - -
May - -
Axl - -
Chipp - -
Potemkin - -
Faust - -
Millia - -
Zato - -
Ramlethal - -
Leo - -
Nagoriyuki - -
Giovanna - -
Anji - -
I-No - -
Goldlewis - -
Jack-O - -
Chaos - -
Baiken - -
Testament - -
Bridget - -
Sin - -

Tabber Example

BIG TEXT TITLE FOR TAB 1Description in italics for tab 1

Combo Recipe X > Y > Z

Example text for the content of the tab