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K Nuke Manual Detonation Chart

Character Can Run Under Will Connect on Crouching Block? Will Hit Neutral Crouch? Notes
A.B.A No No No
Anji Mito No Inconsistent No
Axl Low Yes1 Inconsistent Inconsistent
Baiken No No No
Bridget No No No
Chipp Zanuff No No No
Dizzy No Inconsistent Depends on Idle Animation
Eddie No No No
Faust Yes No No
I-No No No Depends on Idle Animation
Jam Kuradoberi No No No
Johnny No Inconsistent Depends on Idle Animation
Justice No Yes Almost Guaranteed
Kliff Undersn Yes No No
Ky Kiske No No Depends on Idle Animation
May No No No
Millia Rage Yes Inconsistent No
Order-Sol Yes1 Inconsistent Inconsistent
Potemkin No Yes Yes
Robo-Ky No Yes2 Almost Guaranteed2
Slayer No No Almost Guaranteed
Sol Badguy Yes1 Inconsistent Inconsistent
Testament No No Depends on Idle Animation
Venom No No No
Zappa Yes No No
1: Can be hit during specific parts of running animation
2: Must detonate behind him

Bandit Revolver Block Frame Advantage

Characters Hitbox Number Frame Advantage Notes
Anji, Axl, Eddie, Johnny, Justice,
Slayer, Order-Sol, Sol, Testament, Venom
1st -4~-2 Will only hit very close, otherwise goes to hitbox number 2.
Hits most characters on 2nd active (-3 on block).
Anji, Justice confirmed on 1st active.
Jam, Dizzy, I-No, Millia, Potemkin 2nd -1~0 The more common one to hit.
ABA, Bridget, Chipp, Faust, Ky, May, Robo-Ky, Zappa 3rd +1~+2 Max range of the move.
Hits crouching Potemkin.
Baiken, Kliff 4th +3~+4 Hits all other crouchers.

Hitboxes 3 and 4 will almost always hit on 1st active frame.

236236S Hit Advantage

Characters Advantage
A.B.A +79
Anji +33
Axl +34
Baiken +50
Bridget +54
Chipp +20
Dizzy +12
Eddie +20
Faust +27
I-No +32
Jam +35
Johnny +46
Justice +1
Kliff 0
Ky +44
May 0
Millia +40
Order-Sol +32
Potemkin +78
Robo-Ky +44
Slayer +61
Sol +32
Testament +14
Venom +36
Zappa +49

IK Usage Guide

Reference Chart

Character IK mode activation Startup Total Range Stun potential Notes
A.B.A 68 36 104 Short Medium
Anji Mito 54 21 75 Fullscreen1 Low Travels from the edge of screen, making the startup a lot longer in practice. Disables screen zooming until recovery.
Axl Low 90 28 118 Long Low
Baiken 84 17 101 Fullscreen1 Medium Travels somewhat fast, max distance around 2/3 of the stage.
Bridget 60 13 76 Medium1 Very Low Takes a few frames to reach max distance.
Chipp Zanuff 94 56 150 Short-Medium Low Short at ground height. Roundstart distance at jump height. 0 frames post flash.
Dizzy N/A (30) 106 136 Short Medium Activation is minimum charge time. Requires non jumpable state and has slow input. Executed fast will still be faster than Chipp's.
Eddie 68 13 81 Short Low Very low profile frames during IK mode activation.
Faust 82 17 99 Medium Medium
I-No 76 15 91 Short Low
Jam Kuradoberi 54 17 71 Long1 High Travels pretty fast for slightly less than half screen.
Johnny 54 17 71 Fullscreen1 Medium Travels very slow.
Justice 74 12 86 Fullscreen1 Medium Travels extremely fast.
Kliff Undersn 100 23 123 Long1 Very High Travels somewhat slow for slightly more than half screen. FB Chop > RC > IK is unmashable.
Ky Kiske 46 17 63 Long Low
May 70 16 86 Short Very High Command grab. True reversal.
Millia Rage 66 34 100 Fullscreen Low Tracks.
Order-Sol N/A (101) N/A (8) N/A (109) Short Medium Activation is time to reach level 3 from zero charge. Startup is Sakkai. Just for fun.
EX Order-Sol 76 8 84 Short Medium Just for fun.
Potemkin 98 17 115 Short High True reversal according to hitbox viewer.
Robo-Ky 80 18 98 Short High Will most likely stun while airborne.
Slayer 80 20 100 Medium1 Medium Travels pretty fast for slightly farther than roundstart.
Sol Badguy 76 15 91 Short-Medium Low Reaches pretty far, but at the height where it probably won't hit anything.
Testament 60 32 92 Medium Low
Venom 44 26 70 Short Low
Zappa 76 6 82 Very Short Medium Command grab
1: Range is for maximum distance, thus startup is only true if activated point blank.


Quick Ref

chara input name startup
chara input name startup
A.B.A D+X Blue Burst 17
A.B.A 6H[gm] 11
A.B.A DAA[m] Dead Angle Attack (Moroha) 10
A.B.A 236S > 46S > 63214S[m] Condemnation 14
Dizzy 5D 29
Faust 2D 13
May 5[D] Just Kidding~ 35
Millia Rage 5D 27
Order-Sol 632146H Lv1 Tyrant Rave ver. Omega Lv 1 5+10
Robo-Ky 5D 24
Venom 5D 25
Venom 6P 9
Ky Kiske 5D 25
Jam Kuradoberi 2H 9
Zappa 236P Hello, Three Centipedes 10
Zappa 236S This Has Gotta Hurt 12

Venom Ballboxes

Like other things in the game balls are interactable with using boxes. Normally hitboxes are used for this purpose—balls can even be hit using currently inactive ones. However there are some solely ball interaction.

In inert stage balls are interacted with using their "collision" box (orange), while active balls use their hitbox.

Attacks that spawn balls, like Stinger Aim, also use those boxes and can be utilized to hit balls outside of launched projectile's trajectory. Another quirk about those is that ball spawns before startup and can be hit by other active balls.

6H has two hitboxes exclusively for hitting balls. They will hit balls below or inside Venom and send them straight up.