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About Me

Hello, I'm Tarkus—one of the two admins of this site, and developer of most of the templates and modules on Dustloop.

I've been a part of the FGC since the end of 2018. I originally dabbled with Killer Instinct and Skull Girls, but I really found my home with Guilty Gear. I started playing GGACR Logo.png+R during the 2nd half of college, and it has been my main fighting game since then. I taught myself how to build and design a wiki in order to produce the best documents I could for +R. After I got a firm foothold in +R, I branched out to help other people with the wikis for their games, namely BBCF Logo.pngBBCF, DBFZ Logo.pngDBFZ, and GBVS Logo.pngGBVS. Over time, I started developing generalized templates that work for everybody, instead of focusing only on +R. That then bloomed into a leadership role at Dustloop, and being granted admin powers by Shtkn. Now I mostly work on the +R wikis and wikis for various kusoge like HNK Logo.pngHokuto no Ken.

One of my favorite accomplishments in the FGC is my documentation of GGML Logo.pngMissing Link. Virtually nothing of substance was known about the game when I started the project, and I vowed to counter all of the silly mythmaking and misinformation about the game. What I found was one of the most fun and engaging tasks I have ever done in the fighting game space. Between reverse engineering and experimenting with the game, I had a nearly endless well of discovery and fun.

I like the exploration part of fighting games more than the competitive aspect. I do like to get good enough to be competent and win, but I much more enjoy finding interesting and novel things about the games. I also like to apply my computer science knowledge to picking apart games, though that's an aspect I am still improving on.

I also really like King's Field 4.
Side Stuff

Here are some articles I've written. They're nothing fancy, but they're fun ways to organize my thoughts.

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My Mains
Accent Core +R: Venom &  Testament
Accent Core: Venom
Missing Link: Chipp &  Sol


Test pages

User:PrivateTarkus/sandbox, User:PrivateTarkus/sandbox2, User:PrivateTarkus/sandbox3

ACPR Tier List

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Venom MU Ratio Thoughts

Slight Favor
Give Up

Most of these are perfectly win–able. The exception is the worst category. Just pick a secondary for those. It's legitimately easier to beat Millia with my secondary Testament than it is to win with my Venom.
I'll probably write down detailed thoughts in this section at another point in time.

Kesuke's Matchup Ratios

 Testament's MUs. Mirror is obviously 5:5

Hossa's Matchup Ratios

 Kliff's MUs. Mirror is obviously 5:5

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