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Hello I'm mostly here to write/edit the Guilty Gear 2: Overture page. I have a Computer Science Degree with a Technical Writing Certificate so you think I'd be faster at getting the wiki up and better at writing/editing but this is a project with no specific deadline, I'm doing this in my free time, and the scope of this is honestly larger than many of the individual writing projects I had for my Tech Writing courses. Once I get the Guilty Gear 2 page to a place where it's no longer "Under Construction" I might help with some of the other "Under Construction" wikis as less popular fighting games like Sailor Moon and Hokuto No Ken are appealing to me as well even if I'm not good at them.

Guilty Gear 2: Overture holds a special place for me because when I was a teenager my favorite games were Guilty Gear, Devil May Cry, and Warcraft 3; so since then I always wanted a game that combined aspects of those three games. Guilty Gear 2: Overture is that except it's also mixed with Crazy Taxi. I could honestly do without the Crazy Taxi part but it's grown on me as I get better at it. Guilty Gear 2 certainly has it's flaws as Arc Sys hadn't mastered 3d Animation/3d Camera Angles yet, and the mix of so many different genres tends to make learning and playing the game quite exhausting as well. The payoff though is a unique experience only a few other games have tried (Brutal Legend, Airmech, Sacrifice, Battlezone 98, and Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes).

The most lively period of Guilty Gear 2's community was actually right after Strive released and Strive's lobbies were broken for many Guilty Gear fans. Fans were encouraged to explore Guilty Gear's history and in doing so enough found Guilty Gear 2 entertaining enough to hold monthly tournaments for a while. My main goal is to get GG2's wiki pages functional enough to help people learn the game if it gets another brief moment of growth. If anything writing about the game puts the word out there about what it is so people can more easily notice it.