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Test Template For Move Gallery Using Cargo

Version Damage GuardHow this attack can be guarded. Throws have their throw range listed instead. StartupHow many frames the attack needs to go through in order to reach its active frames. The listed startup frame coincides with the move's first active frame. ActiveHow many frames where there is a hitbox that can hit an opponent. The first active frame occurs on the listed startup frame. RecoveryHow many frames that the character must go through after an attack's active frames to automatically go back to a neutral stance, or the total duration of the move if it has no hitbox/creates projectiles. Frame AdvHow many frames the attacker's recovery ends before the defender's blockstun ends if the attack is blocked. A positive value indicates that the attacker recovers first, while a negative value indicates that the defender recovers first. This value usually assumes that the attack's first active frame (of each hit, if multi-hit) is blocked. AttributeSome attacks are invulnerable to attacks with specific attributes. This notes what attributes each attack possesses.
H - Head
B - Body
F - Foot
P - Projectile. Independent projectiles will have their Durability level listed. For example a projectile that his Durability level 2 will show P2
T - Throw
D - Doll attack, such as Carl's or Relius' doll
Burst - Burst, which has its own unique attribute
Inv.Frames where this move is invincible to different attack attributes.
"Guard" indicates guard point instead of regular invulnerability. Specific guard point properties are noted in move descriptions or full frame data notes.
Outside of specific exceptions, "All" means HBFPT and does not include Burst.
abc - - - - 44 - - 1~27 Catch HBFP+Burst
abc 3200
[1800, 120×18, 2100]
Unblockable 1+(36 Flash)+33 3,3,3,3 39 - B 1~End All

Hardcoded Array In Query

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