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Hi there! Call me Sully. I do really basic stuff for the wiki, mostly based around article clarity and readability. I like to write stuff for the wiki moreso than do hard move data.

I play +R, XRD and Persona Ultimax. Ping me on the main Discord if you have issues with anything I've written! I'll be the first to admit I can make mistakes, and working with me to fix them can make the wiki a better place. Ciao.


[The World of 2P: An Ode to +R Sol Pressure]

Combo Theory

Beginner.png Basic combos are simple combos with the fewest requirements and conditions possible. They:
  • Work against every, or almost every, character in the game
  • Can be performed from most positions in the play area
  • Require few adjustments, and if any are required they are simple
PK JugglesPractice converting into Ram's Combination Attack Corner Carry Combos. What a mouthful...
Easy to Medium

623P > PK > PK > KP > Ender

A good sequence to learn for understanding Ram's midscreen combo structure. Combo into Dauro (Green), then juggle the enemy across the screen. KPP earns Hard Knockdown, wherein you can set a Sword and go for a mixup. Other launchers, like Slido Detruo or 2S Counterhit, can take the place of Dauro.

This sequence should teach you the basic rhythm for building a PK Juggle combo. Managing height is key to keeping your opponent juggled. Adding in a microdash (66 motion, listen for the "whoosh" noise) inbtween the PK causes the string to be much tighter and manage opponent height better. Learning how to manage height is extremely important for keeping opponents locked down for as long as possible and comboing into 5D6.

As a rule, never do PK more than twice. After two reps, do KP > Ender. Three major enders to this combo include:

  • KPP: Hard Knockdown at midscreen.
  • PPP: Launches the enemy across the screen. If hit at a certain height, will cause Hard Knockdown. Can wallsplat.
  • KKK: Default wallsplat ender. Use this if you and the enemy are close to the corner.

5D6 Corner BnB StarterThe most important part of Ram's combo structure. Earning this is key!

Wallsplat > (c.S) f.S > 5D6 ...

Ram's corner combo starter. Looks sick, helps set up okizeme, and can be earned in a large variety of scenarios. The basic idea is to earn a wallsplat somewhat close to the floor, then use your S buttons to lower your enemy to the floor until they wallslump. As they slump, hit 5D and hold forward (aka 6).

This setup is crucial for the majority of Ram's corner combos. The ability to consistently convert into this separate the bad Rams from the competent ones. Thankfully, you can convert into this fairly easily if you properly manage the height of your opponents. If you're too far away for c.S > f.S, try to get just f.S. Learning when you've gotten proper height to combo further, and when it's better to just set a Sword, comes with practice and experience.

A tip for making it easier to convert- if you slightly delay buttons during a PK Juggle ender, you will be able to slowly lower the height of your opponent without dropping the combo. This is demonstrated in the video.

Anti-Air ComboA basic combo for random anti-air hits.
Very Easy

6P c.S > j.K, j.S > jc j.K, j.S> j.214S, j.214H OR j.D/j.8D/j.2D

This combo isn't anything special. Buttons into jump cancel into air special- useful for carrying opponents to the corner.

It does have a unique element to it though, in that j.214S and j.214H take longer to come out if Ram's swords are deployed. As a result, if Ram does this combo without one of her Swords, you should think about doing j.D as an ender. It grants Hard Knockdown, can be angled to hit at different heights, and works regardless of the position of Ram's swords.

Intermediate.png Core combos balance potency with consistency. They:
  • Work against most characters of a selected weight or hurt box type
  • May require moderate adjustments to account for variables such as screen position, hit count, resources, and opposing character
  • Are expected to be consistently performable by most intermediate and advanced players who main the character
5D6 SeriesRam's BnB, and the beginning of the blender. Has a unique combo for every kind of position for your Swords.

Wallsplat > 5D6 ... (Unique Combo)

Ram's Corner BnB, the goal of her PK Juggles, and the most stylish part of her kit by far. After pressing 5D6, Ram must go into one of four unique combos depending on how many Swords she has access to. She has unique combos for Both Equipped, S Deployed, H Deployed, and Both Deployed. Knowing these combos is important to maximize Ram's offensive opportunities.

While it might seem like a lot of work to memorize four somewhat different combos for a simple BnB, make no mistake- this combo has very high reward. Not only does it deal close to 50% meterless against almost the cast bar the tankiest characters, but it also ends with both of Ram's Swords being set up and Hard Knockdown, putting you right into a 50/50 opportunity. Yes, these combos are a bit tricky to remember, but they enable Ram to win rounds by guess right two or three times.

Pressing the tab buttons above will bring you into each of Ram's unique combos for her Sword deployment. Each combo isn't too hard once you've gotten the rhythm down, and each tab contains notes about properly performing the combo. While the combos are somewhat unique, they follow the same general structure and are pretty similar to each other at the core.

Advanced.png Specialized combos are advanced routes which require more knowledge and awareness, but offer advantages over core routes. They:
  • Can have any number or combination of requirements and conditions—character, spacing, hit count, resource, or situation specific
  • Offer some advantage over core routes; be that in damage, corner carry, okizeme, meter gain, etc.
  • Might not necessarily be harder than core combos, but require more specific circumstances and knowledge to execute
5D6 ResetSurprise your enemy with a brutal reset. Mulch their lifebar in one go!

* ... 5D6 > c.S > f.S > 5H > 6H > 66 > c.S > 6S > 66 (Reset 6K/2D/236K)

If you've been practicing the 5D6 Series, you may notice that yes, Ram does in fact Re-standA situation in which a character is taken from an airborne or OTG state and returned to a standing state on the ground while still in hitstun, which is very uncommon. Moves that re-stand the opponent often allow for unique mix-ups that are unexpected (since typically, mix-ups come after a knockdown), or unique combo extensions. her opponents in all of the available combos. You may also notice that 6K and 2D naturally combo into Dauro if a Sword hit follows them up. And yes, we can use this to create a ResetPurposefully ending a combo early in order to perform a mixup in order to deal more damage. opportunity!

This combo carries all the normal Reset risk/reward. On success, you can go into an unscaled combo and deal anywhere from 30 to 50% more life. If your opponent has already Burst this round, then you could potentially kill them off of a single won interaction! As a consequence, losing this 50/50 will prevent the combo from continuing, but thankfully the Sword swipe will cover Ram and you can safely disengage.

Do not rely on this Reset to reliably kill opponents! They can DP through it if they see it coming too many times. While you might hit them with a Sword swipe, they could also tech out of the corner and reset to neutral. Use this power wisely.

Urchin's Corner to Corner JugglesLearn to take your opponents from one end of the screen to the other. Maximum reward for maximum effort.
Medium to Very Hard
c.S > (2D) > 623P (Dauro) > 66 > PK > 66 > PK > 66 > KP > c.S > 623P > KP > PPP or KKK / Unique Per Character

While Ram's PK Juggles can often more than get the job done, experienced Ram players who want to maximize the blender can look to these Corner Carry combos for their needs. Many of these combos are difficult extensions of the basic PK Juggle theory, and are unique for almost the entire cast. The main benefit of doing them over the normal juggles is that the allow Ram to combo into the 5D6 Series from the maximum possible distance, gaining access to her best Okizeme off of a single hit.

Character combos are roughly grouped by weight class, so similar strings work on multiple characters. The combo listed in the recipe is somwewhat universal, but can be difficult to perform on many characters and are not optimal for the whole cast. The linked video contains all the optimal combos for each character. The combos found here demand use of microdashes inbetween PK hits, so getting those down is a must. Many of these combos are very difficult and not recommended for new players. At the same time, learning them can be very useful for high level Rams looking to flex their execution and reap the rewards.

NOTE: As what the video says, there are no known Corner-to-Corner combos for Jack-O. A combination of weird hitboxes, light weight, and general annoyance make it basically impossible to properly Corner-to-Corner her. Default to the basic juggles in place of this.

For more advice on these combos, consult this document by the video author.