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* '''Powerful Overdrive:''' FRKZ can easily turn the tide of any game, with a variety of mixup and pressure options as well as the sheer absurd amount of damage Bang can get off of even just a 5A starter, his Overdrive is a very powerful resourse that gets stronger as he lands his drives.
* '''Powerful Overdrive:''' FRKZ can easily turn the tide of any game, with a variety of mixup and pressure options as well as the sheer absurd amount of damage Bang can get off of even just a 5A starter, his Overdrive is a very powerful resourse that gets stronger as he lands his drives.
* '''Good Mixup Game:''' Has access to a plethora of mixup tools, used to catch the opponent by surprise due to a variety of options, cancels, and other tricks he's able to use.  Access to both a ground and air command grab also helps enforce this.
* '''Good Mixup Game:''' Has access to a plethora of mixup tools, used to catch the opponent by surprise due to a variety of options, cancels, and other tricks he's able to use.  Access to both a ground and air command grab also helps enforce this.
* '''Absurd Damage and Corner Carry:''' When Bang lands a good hit, he can easily go for coast to coast combos that take off a huge chunk of life.  He also has access to a variety of sideswap options for his confirms, but when he lands the big starters, it is going to hurt BIG TIME!
* '''Absurd Damage and Corner Carry:''' When Bang lands a good hit, he can easily go for coast to coast combos that take off a huge chunk of life.  He also has access to a variety of sideswap options for his confirms.
* '''Above Average Health:''' Standing at 11.5K health, it's above average, allowing Bang to make a few mistakes without it costing him so much.
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* '''Nail Economy:''' Bang's Nails are extremely strong.  Unfortunately, there's a finite supply of them.  Nailless Bang is signifcantly weaker than a Bang with at least one nail on his person, as Nailless Bang would struggle with situations a Bang with Nails can easily get by.  Thankfully, nails refill every round, but keep an eye on the nail counter throughout the match.
* '''Nail Economy:''' Bang's Nails are extremely strong.  Unfortunately, there's a finite supply of them.  Nailless Bang is signifcantly weaker than a Bang with at least one nail on his person, as Nailless Bang would struggle with situations a Bang with Nails can easily get by.  Thankfully, nails refill every round, but keep an eye on the nail counter throughout the match.
* '''Lack of Midscreen Crouch Confirms:''' Bang doesn't have a lot of ways to convert off of a crouching opponent without meter midscreen.  The best you will get is either 2C > 623B or 3C.   
* '''Lack of Midscreen Crouch Confirms:''' Bang doesn't have a lot of ways to convert off of a crouching opponent without meter midscreen.  The best you will get is either 2C > 623B or 3C.   
* '''Stunt Or Die:''' Sometimes, you're going to have to risk when it is unneccessary.  Stand by your play.  (Not a con if you prefer to play that style)

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A reliable ninja who is prepared to spill his blood for love and justice. After fleeing from his home country of Ikaruga, he became a vigilante, biding his time until he could restore his country's honor. After learning of the existence of his former lord's son, he appears on the scene once again.

Bang is a rushdown character with lots of diffrent tools. His great mobility, nails and drives give him great options in neutral allowing him to force himself in to pressure. With Bumpers and FRKZ, Bang has hard to react and rewarding mixup, but when compared to other strong characters, Bang's oki is rather weak, making him depend upon reads on your opponents wakeup options.

Overall, Bang is easy to pick up, but if you want to become great with him, you are in for a harsh ride that will require good execution, reactions and a lot of creativity.

Bang Shishigami is a character that excels at using his variety of ninja tricks to mix up his opponent in combination with his mobility options to set his own pace in the game.
Pros Cons
  • Good Neutral and mobility: With a Variety of movement options, what with 2 airdashes, a float, and teleports off of drive, and his various tools such as nails and bumpers, Bang can easily set the pace of a game with his excellent mobility and neutral options
  • Powerful Overdrive: FRKZ can easily turn the tide of any game, with a variety of mixup and pressure options as well as the sheer absurd amount of damage Bang can get off of even just a 5A starter, his Overdrive is a very powerful resourse that gets stronger as he lands his drives.
  • Good Mixup Game: Has access to a plethora of mixup tools, used to catch the opponent by surprise due to a variety of options, cancels, and other tricks he's able to use. Access to both a ground and air command grab also helps enforce this.
  • Absurd Damage and Corner Carry: When Bang lands a good hit, he can easily go for coast to coast combos that take off a huge chunk of life. He also has access to a variety of sideswap options for his confirms.
  • Very Techincal and input heavy: Bang combos require a lot of timing for nail pick ups for just a very fast and dexterous hand when it comes to his more advanced and optimal confirms. It is also required to have a bit of a decent level of execution to do stuff like Instant Air dash Nail throws or Tiger Kneeing his float (J.22A) in pressure.
  • Lack of Meterless defensive options: Bang has to rely on system mechanics for the majority of his defensive interactions, as drives are an unreliable option due to their guardpoint being very easy to bait and punish when ready for it. Drive explosion, as good as it is, is locked behind making a successful read with his drive.
  • Lack of an Anti Air: The closest thing Bang has to an anti air is his Crouching Drive, which is servicable, but not to the same function as a head invulnerable anti air. His options to anti air generally consist of either 5A, j.A, or avoiding the situation entirely.
  • Nail Economy: Bang's Nails are extremely strong. Unfortunately, there's a finite supply of them. Nailless Bang is signifcantly weaker than a Bang with at least one nail on his person, as Nailless Bang would struggle with situations a Bang with Nails can easily get by. Thankfully, nails refill every round, but keep an eye on the nail counter throughout the match.
  • Lack of Midscreen Crouch Confirms: Bang doesn't have a lot of ways to convert off of a crouching opponent without meter midscreen. The best you will get is either 2C > 623B or 3C.
Drive: Burning Heart

Bang's Drive attacks have an auto-guard period, in which the attack itself can block most incoming attacks. After blocking an attack, Bang will continue with the "D" attack and can perform "Secret Art: Bang's Shadowstep Jutsu" (or simply put, "Teleport"). Each "D" attack has different auto-guard attributes, and each button pressed (A/B/C) after an auto-guard will cause Bang to travel different distances. New in CF, Bang can now perform the "Secret Technique: Bang's Pulverizing Blast Jutsu" during auto-guard, by pressing D again, creating a big explosion that allows Bang to go for a damaging combo when hitting the opponent, or to simply disengage.

When any of the "D" attacks hits your opponent, an icon in the "Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan" Gauge will light up, gaining a 20% damage increase for that drive attack. If all seals are lit up, all drive moves gain an extra 25% damage increase and unlock his Ultra Technique:"Hyper Shadowstep Strike".

Overdrive: FuRinKaZan (FRKZ)
FuRinKaZan, previously a Distortion Drive, is now Bang's Overdrive. It offers similar properties as before where Bang loses the ability to block (however he still has the ability to Barrier Block) in exchange for very strong movement options. He gains a dash that goes in 8 ways which he can cancel into normals and specials for strong mixup and good combos. Both of Bang's fire punches now wall bounce both in corner and midscreen and his drives have almost as much hitstun as on counter hit. Generally used to close out a round, it isn't used very often in neutral due to its relative short period duration compared to previous iterations. Within blockstrings, the ability to special cancel most of Bang's normals make this very strong for mixup. Bang's Overdrive can be buffed further by gaining each different seals.

During Overdrive, any currently lit seal gives the following buff:

  • 5D = Fu - Gives 4 Airdashes in FRKZ and Allows Bang to dash through characters in FRKZ.
  • 6D = Rin - Gives Bang projectile invulnerable dashes that look like teleports in FRKZ.
  • j.D = Ka - Gives Bang a 20% Damage boost to every attack in FRKZ.
  • 2D = Zan - Makes all Drives full guardpoint in FRKZ, allows Bang to block whilst dashing, and guardpoints can block unblockable attacks.
When Bang activates his overdrive below 35% HP, the old FRKZ super animation plays during the activation. Although this is simply cosmetic, any system timer (meter/barrier gain or cooldown) will still be active during the animation and any jump momentum done prior to OD activation will be canceled.

Normal Moves

BBCS Bang 5A.png
The Multipurpose God Jab
300 All 6 3 10 -1 B -
  • Throws out a quick standing Jab
  • Situational Anti-air, Decent neutral and pressure tool.
  • Hits crouching opponents
  • Gatling Options:6A,5B,2B,6B,5C,2C,6C,3C,5D,2D,6D

A move that is the staple of Bang himself, 5A is a good multipurpose tool capable of anti airing instant airdash approaches, pressuring opponents effectively due to being safe and having a plethora of cancel options as well as being jump cancellable, enabling some rather creative frame traps and being one of Bangs most frequently used combo starters, along with 5B, 2A, and j.A/j.B. It is also his fastest normal.

While in CF, 5A took a nerf, what with the removal of 5A > 2A, and now being -1, it is generally one of his best normals to use as you can get a lot of reward from it with very minimal risk, due to the way his routes work, and 5A being a generally useful normal.

BBCS Bang 5B.png
Its like 5A, except stronger!
600 High/Low 9 4 19 -6 B -
  • Throws out a straight punch.
  • Same versatility as 5A, with it being a situational anti-air, Good neutral poke and decent pressure tool.
  • One of Bangs go-to punish buttons, alongside 2C, 3C, and 2B.
  • Gatling Options:6A, 2B, 5C, 2C, 6C, 3C, 5D, 2D, 6D

This move is one of Bangs primary buttons for the neutral game due to it being a relatively low/mid risk poke with decent reward on hit, and also a good pressure tool due to being able to go into highs, and lows on top of being jump cancellable on block. While it is sometimes used as a situational anti air to stuff out instant airdash or very poor approaches, it is not as fast as 5A so it requires a bit of preemptive knowledge to use.

It can also combo into 5C on CH, allowing Bang to get consistent corner carry and consistent damage even on a crouching hit as a punish.

BBCS Bang 5C.png
Go to Overhead with many options. Everyone else wishes they had this.
900 High 18 8 19 -8 B -
  • Slams fist down on opponents head
  • Has two hitboxes, second hitbox activates 6 frames later, making it a 24 frame overhead technically.
  • Fatal Counter
  • Gives 110% Bonus proration
  • Forces Crouching
  • Causes Hard Knockdown on Air Hit
  • Gatling Options:6A,6B,2C,5D,2D,6D

Bang's primary overhead that has a surprising amount of options for it. Able to special cancel, jump cancel, or chain into multiple normals makes this a really good mixup tool in Bangs arsenal. Combining 5C with 5D can lead into a massive amount of corner carry despite it forcing crouching on hit, due to 5D now launching on hit. Can also be used as a situational anti air... but its VERY situational.

5C also fatals on hit, which allows Bang to hit confirm into 6A or 6B and follow up without wasting any meter. 5C is also used as an effective meaty due to hits 8 active frames and fatal property. Overall, its a staple of Bangs High/Low mixup game.

BBCS Bang 2A.png
We lost a human right to buff this.
300 Low/Air 7 3 11 -2 F -
  • Does a karate chop to the feet.
  • Hits low
  • Can chain into itself an additional time
  • Gatling Options:2A,5B,2B,5C,2C,6C,3C,5D,2D,6D

A low hitting Karate Chop with slightly more range than 5A that can gatling into itself. Pretty much a standard low that can go into a lot of options. Since the hurtbox is rather small it can be used as a situational low profiling anti air or to beat 5As and other normals that whiff against crouching out.

The buffs it received for Central Fiction make it one frame faster, so it is now a suitable mash button, but it can no longer be chained into from 5A, reducing 2A's effectiveness as an option from 5A stagger, but overall 2A is still useful to tick grab with and for stagger pressure. That one frame allows Bang to do 6A>2A on block allowing him to contest characters with 5F 5As while beating out their 2As usually.

BBCS Bang 2B.png
Situational Poke. Extend then retract. Extend. Then retract.
800 All 12 5 22 -10 B -
  • Ducks down and performs a shoulder bash before retracting.
  • Moves Bang forward, extending his range before moving back.
  • Can OTG (Off The Ground) opponents.
  • Can also be a good meaty due to its 5 active frames, as well as its retractable hitbox.
  • Gatling Options:5B,6B,6C,2C,3C,5D,2D,6D

A situational neutral button due to Bang extending his range far in front of him, similar to a Ragna 5B, but is somewhat slow. Mainly used as combo filler in combos as well as filler in pressure. However, 2B does have a high/low option from it, going into a 6B for a high and 2C/3C for a low. Chaining into 6B leaves a gap that can be mashed, but chaining into 2C is a frametrap that punishes mashing.

2B can also be used as a very reliable meaty that can catch rolls and convert into extremely damaging pick ups if you set it up right. It can also cross under opponents, but generally leaves you at a disadvantage if you do, so it is situational.

BBCS Bang 2C.png
Sweep them off their feet, you charmer.
850 Low 13 3 22 -6 F -
  • Does a sweep kick, similar to most other character's 3C move.
  • Causes soft knockdown on normal hit, hard knockdown on Counter hit.
  • Long untech time basically guarentees your opponent won't tech in the air even on weird air hits.
  • Floats higher in FRKZ.
  • Gatling Options:5D, 2D, 6D, 6C during OD

A sweep at the legs that is also Bangs second low. Mainly used as a combo filler and to end pressure, since most of his options are really unsafe to perform, and generally, isn't a good idea to dash in after it is blocked, as the opponent will promptly punish you due to it being -6.

If you frame trap someone with it and net a counter hit, 2C becomes a really damaging starter due to it causing a hard knockdown on CH, allowing Bang to pick up with 2B, or cancel into a D Bumper set and 3C > Bumper dash for a lot of damage.

In FRKZ, it floats higher on hit, allowing Bang to chain into 6C for a firepunch or J.C Loops.

BBCS Bang 6A.png
Only Plus Normal. Now with Kung Fu Punching options.
550 Low 17 3 13 1 F -
  • Lifts up leg and then slams it down on the opponents legs.
  • Bangs only plus on block normal.
  • Most options after are generally not as safe as this normal.
  • Can still go for a high/low mixup off of it, or frame trap with 5A.
  • Gatling Options: 5B, 6B, 6C, 2C.

While Bang has a lot of options during his pressure and mixup game, 6A is his only button that can allow him to reset pressure, due to it being his only plus on block normal. 6A itself can lead into a lot of frame traps when combined with 5A, and can also tick grab into his command grab if he is close enough to his opponent.

Bang can go into a high/low mixup from 6A, from a high hitting 6B to a low hitting 2C, but they generally leave Bang less safe than just letting the 6A rock to maintain the +1.

New to 2.0 is the ability for Bang to go into 5B, as well as do something like 5B > 6A > 5B > 6A, giving him a lot more options. However, the caveat for this is that Bang can only use 6A twice in a blockstring (similar to 5B/2B). Also can be used to OTG grounded opponents by chaining into 5B for an aerial combo, this and the rather low recovery allows 6A to be a great normal to catch no tech or rolls in the corner.

BBCS Bang 6B.png
Overhead #2. No, 6B loops are still dead.
750 High/Air 22 3 9+8L -1 H -
  • Makes a flip forward and attacks with the back of his foot
  • Somewhat fast overhead
  • Cancels from more normals then 5C
  • Forces Knockdown
  • Comboable on air- or counterhit via 2A

Bang's second more risky but faster overhead that allows for a high/low mixup with 2C. Since you can't continue to combo after it unless you spend meter or get a counter hit you should use this overhead carefully and be unpredictable with it.

Since Bang raises his hurtbox you sometimes catch low hitting 2As with it, however using it as reliable high profile is extremely risky cause of the long startup.

Can be cancelled from 5C to create a double overhead mixup, as well as Rapid Cancelling it to go into a J.A/J.B instant overhead or airdash J.B to keep the pressure going on block.

BBCS Bang 6C.png
Standing Combo Filler. Whiff this on crouch, and you die. Also, don't ask why this fatals now, I don't know why either.
900 High/Low 14 3 15+27L -26 H -
  • Goes in the air and does a rising kick
  • Whiffs on croucher
  • Combo Tool
  • Launches opponent in the air
  • Since it launches Bang in the air, it counts as a jump
  • Gained Fatal counter property in 2.0
  • Gatling Options:j.D

Since 6C whiffs against crouching opponents, you can't afford using this normal in neutral or pressure, making it a pure combo tool unless your opponent makes a mistake you can punish.

However as combo tool, the launch on hit makes it Bang's strongest and best combo tool against a standing opponent. Since you get will get punished when you whiff 6C make 100% sure the opponent is NOT CROUCHING before doing it.

In 2.0, it gains a fatal counter property, which means 6C can now have access to some deadly routes. Currently Bang's strongest combo starter in the corner.

BBCS Bang 3C.png
1000 Low 15 9 21 -9 F -
  • Goes on the floor and does a slide across the screen
  • Low profiles several normals
  • Launches the opponent a good bit in the air on hit
  • Fatals on Counter Hit
  • Causes hard knockdown on Fatal in 2.0
  • Gives 110% Proration

Really good low hitting slide normal. Can be used to end combos against croucher or opponents that are too far away for 6C. After 3C Bang is in a good position to catch rolls or set up a meaty. The launch on hit and general better proration makes this normal a good combo extender with rapid cancel against croucher. Great Punishstarter vs DPs where 6C is not relyable enough (Jin DP as example.)

Using it without Rapid Cancel in pressure is not recommended since it's unsafe on block.

The lower hurtbox ,space coverd and fatal property make a pretty good yolo normal, that you can throw out after getting bursted away or to punish other fullscreen specials. If the normal gets blocked at longer ranges it becomes very hard to punish since Bang is mostly out of range of fast normals.

In 2.0, this normal received a slight hitbox buff, thus allowing 3C loops to be universal against all of the cast, but combos from it vary slightly from character to character now, as well as it on fatal reverting to what it was prior to CF, meaning it now causes a hard knockdown on fatal, giving Bang access to his damaging CPEX routes once again... or at the very least, cute new routes that don't require him to microdash 5A/5B in order to pick up on in very specific distances. MORE CONSISTENCY!

BBCS Bang jA.png
Its like 5A, but in the AIR!
300 High/Air 7 2 9 - H -
  • Throws out a jab IN THE AIR.
  • Followup normal j.AA comes out in 5 frames
  • Can chain into itself indefinitely ON HIT/BLOCK
  • Reliable situational anti air and air to air poke
  • Is used to shorten airdash recovery time to barrier earlier.
  • Gatling Options:j.AA, j.B, j.C, j.2C, j.D

A simple jab that can be repeated indefinitely, Bang j.A is one of his most used moves in the air due to its speed, ability to cancel into options that allow him to convert off of it easily, and being a somewhat reliable anti air.

A trick Bangs do is to j.A immediately after an airdash or an air backdash because the entire length of j.A is much shorter than his dashes, allowing him to barrier quicker and avoid being hit by air unblockable anti airs.

BBCS Bang jB.png
Air-to-Air Poke. Almost a sword normal?
600 High/Air 10 5 20 - H -
  • Extends his leg forward to reach opponent
  • Strong poking tool
  • Gatling Options:j.C, j.2C, j.D

j.B will be commonly used by many as a combo tool as well as to poke and confirm hits. It also has its uses after TK j.22a on the opponent’s wakeup. j.B may not lead to the highest damage of combos; however it is a decent starter, and very useful during neutral. You can challenge opponents air-to-air, and with how much space j.B covers, you can confirm into many options.

BBCS Bang 6C.png
A version of 6C that actually hits crouching! Also good Yolo poke.
900 High/Air 10 4 18 - H -
  • Does a rising spin kick
  • Animation is exactly like 6C
  • One of Bangs best combo tools
  • A surprisingly decent neutral tool
  • Forces Knockdown on CH
  • Gatling Options:j.2C, j.D

j.C is one of Bangs main combo filler tools as he can jump cancel it and then do an instant airdash immediately after, and can combo into j.D early in combos, making it very reliable in a scramble situation.

This move can also be used in neutral due to it making bangs hitbox weird enough for some moves to not hit him properly, as well as getting good damage and good reward on CH. One of Bangs most memorable combo staples in his game.

BBCS Bang j4B.png
Or as KoF players would call it, THE TACO!!
750 High/Air 11 4 16 - H -
  • Does a kick that goes behind him
  • Only hits behind Bang, making it a crossup tool
  • Has a little bit of vaccum on hit/block
  • Extends hurtbox before hitbox becomes active.

Mainly cause the hitbox of this normal only hits behind of Bang, it's mostly used as crossup.

Because the lacking hitbox on the front this normal is weak to cross under dashes or backdashes, so use it with care. It can also be subjected to getting grabbed or tagged whilst behind the opponent due to Bang's hurtbox extending before the actual move becomes active.

BBCS Bang jC.png
Dat ain't Falco!
900 High/Air 12 4 21 - H -
  • Does a downward kick
  • Forced Knockdown on air hit
  • Great button against opponents below Bang
  • Has a decent Crossup hitbox, but not useful on smaller hitboxes
  • Combo staple of IAD JC Loops.
  • Can follow up with 5A or A/B nail if used at the proper height/time.
  • Gatling Options:j.D

This air normal is mostly used as jumpin or to end your combos. It is also used during IAD j.C combos as hitting j.2C at a certain time can allow Bang to fall down and pick up with 5A as the opponent is being sent down, as well as throw a poison or explosive nail and still be able to combo after it.

In neutral it's also good to use it to hit an opponent below you, or send them straight down into the ground to keep them from jumping all over the place.

If correctly spaced it can be used as crossup. It's safer then j.4B, but since it's harder to set up, it's usually easier to react to, making it very situational and also tricky to land on small hurtboxes like Noel.

Drive Moves (Burning Heart)

All of Bang's Drives have the following properties:

  • All Drive Starters changed from Short Starter to Very Short starter.
  • All Drives can be thrown during guardpoint frames
  • All Drives can cancel into Secret Art: Bang's Shadow Step Jutsu or Secret Technique: Bang's Pulverizing Blast Jutsu if Guardpoint is struck.
  • All Drives grant a specific seal on hit, and each seal increases the damage of said drive, and all drives gain another damage boost if all 4 seals are collected.
  • In 2.0, they all received a proration buff meaning they do more damage.
BBCS Bang 5D.png
Looks like an anti air. Blocks lows. I don't understand.
Normal: 700
Seal: 840
Mid 20 3 28 -12 B 4~13 Guard BFP
  • Bang poses before launching a fiery uppercut.
  • Grants Fu (First Seal) on hit.
  • Guardpoints lows/mids from frames 4-13
  • Catches crouching opponents
  • Launches on hit
  • Follows up into drive explosion pretty quickly
  • Wall bounces in the corner and on CH
  • During OD and with 2D seal, guards Highs/Mids/Lows and Unblockables

While 5D may look like a strong normal, it quite frankly does not reach high expectations for anti-air or punishing. 5D does not guardpoint Highs, only Mid and Lows. 5D has good guardpoint nearly at startup and can followup into Explosion immediately, leading to a combo, or leaving you safe on block. 5D into explosion is useful and is very reliable in that department.

5D is also a good followup from 5C, as it launches on hit, allowing Bang to followup with a decent corner carry confirm on a normal that normally forces crouching state, a position that Bang isn't strong against, however, 5D by itself is not a good starter due to its combo rating being changed from short to VERY SHORT, meaning Bang can only get a simple combo into J2C oki at best.

In 2.0, 5D received a hitbox buff, with it's lower hitbox now actually low enough for it to OTG the entire cast instead of specific characters, giving it much better versatility in combos and making routes more consistent.

BBCS Bang 2D.png
Oh look! Something that resembles an anti-air!
Mid 23 3 25 -9 B 7~22 Guard HBP
  • Bang crouches down, covers his head, then launches his fist upwards.
  • Grants Zan (Fourth Seal) on hit.
  • Has decent vertical range hitbox, but poor horizontal range.
  • Guardpoints Highs/Mids from frames 7-22.
  • Most common drive to chain into Drive Explosion followup with.
  • Bangs only "True" anti-air.
  • Launches opponent on hit, timing is universal on normal and CH in 2.0.
  • During OD and with 2D seal, guards Highs/Mids/Lows and Unblockables

One of the more commonly used normal to followup into explosion due to it almost instantly activating if any attack is guardpointed. 2D has good guardpoint and covers both high and mid, but it does not cover lows. Aside from guardpoint frames and whatnot, 2D is one of the better Drives. It can lead to 4 seals midscreen and in the corner, with enough resources.

It is also Bang's only "real" anti-air, but due to it being guardpoint, its guardpoint starting as late as frame 7, and generally unreliable hitbox means that opponents can generally safely approach Bang and he is forced to use alternative means to anti-air an opponent.

2D regains its jump cancel on block back, allowing Bang to safely meaty an opponent on wakeup while also guardpointing any reversal due to its ridiculous amount of guard point frames while also jumping away from an unsafe situation should the attack get blocked. Also, like all of Bangs drives, is changed from a short starter to a VERY SHORT starter, meaning combos starting from drive normals are very limited.

Just like 5D, in 2.0, 2D received a hitbox buff, the same way 5D did, meaning that 2D can now reliably OTG the entire cast instead of very specific characters, giving it much better versatility in combos. Also, its CH launch property is the same height as regular version.

BBCS Bang 6D.png
Used somewhat like a reversal. Its not that good at it though.
Low 24 2 25 -8 F 1~8 Guard BFP
  • Bang poses before doing a flaming spin kick aiming downwards.
  • Grants Rin (Second Seal) on hit.
  • Guardpoints Mids/Lows from frames 1-8.
  • Causes soft knockdown on normal hit, causes hard knockdown on CH and in FRKZ.
  • Used as one of Bangs few reversal options.
  • Drive explosion followup is pretty slow, only starting up after he spins before the kick.
  • During OD and with 2D seal, guards Highs/Mids/Lows and Unblockables

6D is the only frame 1 guardpoint move Bang has. And startup to explosion is not very fast. In fact, you can get hit out of it so it is not very reliable. 6D guardpoint covers mid and lows. While the followup to explosion is not strong, you can teleport in front or behind the opponent quick enough to followup in a short combo. This is one of the closest to what you would use as a meterless reversal, but the drawbacks and risks with it are strong. You will be punished if 6D is blocked.

BBCS Bang jD.png
Air combo DUNK. Now an actual overhead!
Normal: 750
High/Air 22 3 24 -8 H 4~12 Guard HBFP
  • Bang scrunches up and guards before chopping down with a fiery karate chop.
  • Grants Ka (Third Seal) on hit.
  • Follows up into Drive Explosion somewhat quickly.
  • Able to cancel into Jumps/Specials if used right before landing.
  • Forces landing recovery if anything is cancelled from this normal, unless you haven't cancelled it yet and use the special/jump cancel when you land.
  • Guardpoints Highs/Mids/Lows from frames 4-12
  • Causes ground bounce into a soft knockdown on normal hit, causes a higher ground bounce and a hard knockdown on CH, while in FRKZ, it only causes the hard knockdown.
  • During OD and with 2D seal, guards Highs/Mids/Lows and Unblockables

A staple for many of Bangs standing/Air confirms, j.D allows Bang to send his opponent, no matter the height, down onto the floor where he can either follow up with a nail or another special to keep his air combos going. While it is mainly used after 6C due to it being the easiest place to chain into j.D, if done early enough, j.D can be combo'd into from j.C, allowing Bang to convert from even the weirdest angles in the air.

While the move isn't used that much in neutral, it is a decent wakeup tool to kill opponents meaty throws and gain at least 2 seals minimum from the confirm, as well as hitting overhead. A peculiar principle of j.D is that the normal forces you into landing recovery if you cancel from it with a special or a jump if used high enough from the ground, even if you use something with noticeably less recovery, j.D's landing recovery will override it, forcing you into around a 20-ish frame cooldown unless you Rapid Cancel.

Secret Art: Bang's Shadowstep Jutsu
A/B/C during Guardpoint
BBCS Bang Shadowstep.png
Pssshhh... Nothin Personnel, kid.
- - - - - - - -

When your D move autoguards an attack, pressing A, B, or C will have Bang teleport, then finish the attack. Button pressed determines distance teleported, A being the shortest, C being the longest. Typically you will teleport behind the opponent. Learn to know which to use, or even to teleport at all, depending on the situation.

Secret Technique: Bang's Pulverizing Blast Jutsu
D during Guardpoint
BBCF Bang D-DFollowup.png
"I can Drive Explode that!"
1000 All 4 15 Total: Until L - P1 1~30 All
  • Bang explodes his clothes, flying high into the air as he magically redresses.
  • Fatal Counters.
  • Is a Short Starter
  • Is fully invincible when active until shortly before landing.
  • Insanely active, and really safe on block.
  • Actual Startup depends on which drive it was followed up from.
  • Is a level 5 Projectile, so it can clash/beat out many other weaker projectiles.
  • Hits all around the explosion, ranging from behind, in front, above, and even below.
  • Bang is considered airborn during the attack, however, in 2.0, is unable to act until landing.
  • Bang is launched as high as around 6B height in 2.0 now, significantly reducing recovery.
  • No longer does around 6 hits in blockstun, now only does 1 hit of blockstun in 2.0, but active frames are still active.
  • Generally around +2 when first active frame is blocked.

The Explosion followup to Bang's drive, it is one of his best moves to use defensively from most of his drives. The explosion itself is extremely active, causing it to catch opponents late into its active frames as Bang is recovering or clashing with many different projectiles, outright nullifying them in most cases. Not only that, the explosion itself fatals, meaning Bang can securely followup with a punishing combo that can set up for oki, but you can't get too crazy due to the explosion itself being a short starter.

Bang is unable to cancel out of his recovery in 2.0, but his recovery time is significantly shortened due to not being launched as high, so bang is still effectively plus when the explosion is blocked, giving him a cover in order to do a mixup scenario or give him much better followup options due to the new recovery. Also, they changed the blockstun of drive explosion to only do 1 hit of blockstun, but that doesn't mean they nerfed the active frames at all, so it can still catch people off guard if they try to rush in. While it can be punished in very specific scenarios, the general usefulness, amazing hitbox and active frames, and the fact that it is safe on block means that drive explosion is a pretty good option to use.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
Ground Throw
BBCS Bang GroundThrow.png
Bang was a fan of Nero's Dash taunt, I see...
0*2, 1500 Throw 7 3 23 - T -
  • Bang disappears before appearing again, drop kicking his opponent.
  • Does a wallbounce and leaves Bang in the air for airborne actions
  • When against the corner the wallbounce becomes a slide
  • Can be airdash cancelled or special cancelled during recovery.
  • Bang's Backthrow is useful to sideswitch, but otherwise the same as his forward throw.

A basic throw that can be followed up, as well as aiding in his mixup game.

Overall Bang's throw has a really good reward allowing him to build 4 seals or fullscreen corner carry while still doing a good chunck of damage, as well as in the corner.

The higher reward on a successful throw and less recovery makes Bang's throw an extremely good alternative to his command throw. Always change up between both to make your opponent think.

Air Throw
Air Throw
BBCS Bang AirThrow.png
0*2, 1500 Throw 7 3 23+3L - T -
  • Hugs people out of the air and lets them slide across the ground
  • Hitbox is unusually high above Bang
  • Automatically sideswaps when performed.
  • Unable to convert if airthrow hits from too high

While slightly worse as an air to air compared to other characters, it's slightly stronger to punish jumpcancels while your opponent pressures you, as well as a check to keep opponents grounded whenever they try to jump out of Bangs pressure.

Has extremly strong corner carry and decent damage, but it is not advised to airthrow against opponents in the corner, since you result throwing them out of it. His air commandthrow is a great alternative for that, since it keeps the opponent in the corner. Airthrow can also be a great tool if your back is in the corner, since it sideswaps yourself out of the corner, allowing Bang to convert into a damaging combo from a bad situation.

If you want to do an empty jump, you can use this before landing, to cover yourself against jumpouts.

Counter Assault
Counter Assault
BBCS Bang 5B.png
0 All 13 3 34 -18 B 1~20 All
  • Bang's counterassault
  • Shares animation with 5B
  • Can be low profiled
  • Costs 50 Meter

Since Ashura is now super punishable on block, you might want to resolve to using counter assault more often to get opponents off you, however keep in mind that Bang really needs the meter to do good damage off crouching opponents and general 100% FRKZ combos, so use it with care.

Crush Trigger
Crush Trigger
BBCP Bang CT.png
Wish it was better :<
Uncharged 1000 Guard Break 32/Barrier 20 1 25 0 B -
Charged 1000 Guard Break 60/Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 B -
  • Bang inhales and spits fire, Naruto Style
  • Not a lot of range for a crush trigger
  • Launches high up in the air on air hit, causes crumple on grounded hit.

Since it has low range, it's not really useful outside of the corner, however in the corner it becomes an okay option to catch your opponent off guard once in a while, just keep your opponents blocking habits in mind and watch out for Instant Barrier Block.

Can be used in several combos to get 1 more seal, extra damage or with bumper cancels to gain a +4 block advantage.

Special Moves

  • Bang starts with 12 nails in stock which only renews in every beginning of a round.
  • Throwing nails, placing bumpers and summoning umbrella will all cost a certain amount of nails.
  • Special that requires nails will still do the animation if he has none in stock, however it will produce no active frames so please be careful.
  • If Bang has less nails than the cost, the special will still be performed but with either less nails or less summoning time for the umbrella.
Bang's Void Tempest Kick
Bang's Void Tempest Kick
BBCS Bang VoidTempestKick.png
The Galaxy special
0, 600, 653, 1082 Throw 13 3 37 - T -
  • 100% Minimum damage
  • Grounded command throw.
  • Performs a Hug and does a Bang's Style Custom Izuna Drop aka Bang Drop
  • Has an extremly strong anti roll oki forcing people to usually quick tech
  • Works good in combination of D Setnail.
  • Instantly Halts Bangs momentum upon use.

Bang's command throw can't be teched, however if your opponent guesses right on the command throw you will get punished 100% of the time. A bit weak to barrier since you can't connect a tick throw unless you have some dash momentum. Also careful when using as meaty since wakeup OD usually makes it whiff and gives opponent enough time to land a strong starter.

The oki on the command throw leaves Bang in a good position to do 2A instantly and gives him a bluebeat when the opponent doesn't tech. This forces them to tech instantly making it extremly easy to do another meaty command throw or other mixup.

Works extremely well with the D Bumper in the corner, allowing for strong meterless combos.

Bang's Void Tempest Kick EX
Bang's Void Tempest Kick EX
BBCS Bang VoidTempestKickEX.png
0, 550, 635, 940 Throw 7 3 20+14L - T -
  • 100% Minimum damage
  • Air to Air command throw.
  • Performs a Hug and does a Bang's Style Custom Izuna Drop EX aka Bang Drop EX
  • Can continue to combo on hit
  • CH forces knockdown, allowing for alternative combo routes
  • Used as a preemptive anti air, an alternative to his normal air grab or even his J.A
  • Still keeps momentum upon use, making it useful for throw combos.

An aerial version of Bangs command grab that is as fast as both his j.A and his airgrab, making it an effective anti air or air to air neutral tool against an opponent.

In CF this throw got extremely buffed and is actually incredibly useful, since it gives Bang enough time to combo after it now, granting it decent reward midscreen and a huge reward in the corner combo wise, as well as scoring a knockdown combo. You can combo it into ashura to do an unburstable combo and on CH, it forces knockdown, allowing for different combos midscreen, but the routes from it are generally not as useful in the corner though.

Bang's Unstoppable Double Palm Thrust
Bang's Unstoppable Double Palm Thrust
BBCS Bang SuperCrash.png
We still call this "Phoenix Crash" even though it's a Tiger. I don't know why.
1300 High/Low 16 2 21 -4 B -
  • Bang does a double palm thrust, with the flames taking shape of a Tiger.
  • Causes a wall bounce on CH, as well as during FRKZ.
  • Ground slides on normal hit
  • Pushes back on blockstun, making it a good pressure string ender if spaced properly
  • Counted separately from Bang's Heavenly Double Palm Thrust for combo scaling purposes.
  • A combo staple of Bang.

Mostly used as combo and pressure tool to end your blockstrings making 2C and 5D safe.

Bang's Heavenly Double Palm Thrust
Bang's Heavenly Double Palm Thrust
BBCS Bang HeavenlyPhoenix.png
R.I.P Dora Special
1300 All 13 3 Until L+7 - H -
  • Bang does a double palm thrust in the air, with the fire taking form of a Phoenix.
  • Only wallbounces in the corner on Counter Hit, but wallbounces both midscreen and in the corner in FRKZ.
  • Wallsticks in the corner.
  • Counted separately from Bang's Unstoppable Double Palm Thrust for combo scaling purposes.
  • A combo staple of Bang

Really important combo tool to extend or end your combos cause of the wallstick and huge corner carry.

Since the wallbounce on CH got removed, using it as neutral tool is not really worth it anymore.

In 2.0, this move received a hitbox buff, extending the hitbox inwards so Bang can consistently hit this move on more of the cast.

Bang-style Shuriken
Bang-style Shuriken
BBCS Bang ShurikenThrow.png
BBCS Bang ANail.png
A Nail (poison)
BBCS Bang BNail.png
B Nail (explosion)
BBCS Bang CNail.png
C Nail (web)
BBCS Bang DNail.png
D Nail(s)
A Version 300 All 9 Until Hit Total: 23+9L - P1 -
  • Consumes 1 nail
  • Travels in a high angle
  • Conserves air momentum
  • Can special cancel into float or a different nail (including +D versions)
  • Causes poison damage on hit which ticks for a 100 damage per 60 and does not scale
  • Lasts 360 frames in total (600 damage)
  • Poison ends if Bang gets hit
  • Does not stack but resets its duration
  • Poison effect does not kill if the opponent has 1 HP
  • Useful in neutral and during combos

This is the key to Bang's overall damage for BBCF. It is necessary to learn how to use this tool properly to maximize Bang's performance during a round. This move got its P2, requires a microdashing 5A for midscreen combos and total poison nerfed (was 800) but got a buff where its poison effect ticks faster than before which makes it better for neutral game. It can be implemented in every IAD combo.

It is useful in mid to long range neutral game as it travels pretty far and can be used to get in due to its start up and able to conserve air momentum (nail glide) or used with B nail.

A+D Version 300 per nail All 20 Until Hit Until L+9 - P1 -
  • Consumes 3 nails
  • Ends air momentum
  • Same effect as its single version
  • Does an extra back jump and ends all of Bang's action until landing (Puts Bang in CH state during it)

Not very useful in terms of tool as it consumes 3 of Bang's 12 nails so it is rarely used. It travels slightly further than regular version and can be used to poke people who are close to death. If you do any +D versions (basically A+D, B+D or C+D), you cannot do anything, besides rapid if hit, until you land. If you get hit while falling, it is a guaranteed counter hit.

Note that each A+D version throws 3 nails simultaneously and throws them in a completely differently angle higher than D version (middle nail is more like A nail's trajectory).

B Version 300*2 All 9 Until Hit(26)3 Total 23+9L - P1 -
  • Consumes 1 nail
  • Travels in a medium angle
  • Conserves air momentum
  • Can special cancel into float or a different nail (including +D versions)
  • It will bounce(direction of bounce) if it hits either the opponent(backward), ground(forward) or wall(downward)
  • Once it bounces, the nail hitbox is gone and can bounce more than once.
  • After bounce, it will always detonate in 26(?).
  • Useful in neutral and during combos

The B nail got a buff where it regain its conserve momentum property from CS1 which has more applications in combos, neutral and okizeme, especially in the corner. Ending a corner combo with j.2C and then B nail will make your approach extremely strong and dangerous.

Used in close to mid neutral game and can be nail glided and combined with A nail. Note that several characters can duck under the explosion and still beat you out, when approaching recklessly.

B+D Version 300*2 per nail All 20 Until Hit(26)3 Until L+9L - P1 -
  • Consumes 3 nails
  • Ends air momentum
  • Same effect as its single version
  • Does an extra back jump and ends all of Bang's action until landing (Puts Bang in CH state during it)

Similar to A+D Version where it has not much uses and should be evaded.

Note that each B+D version throws 3 nails simultaneously and throws them in a completely differently angle but higher than A+D.

C Version 300 All 18 Until Hit Until L+9L - P1 -
  • Consumes 1 nail
  • Travels in a low angle
  • Ends air momentum
  • Can special cancel into float or a different nail (including +D versions)
  • Sticks the opponent in place for 60 and less if they are blocking
  • Useful for baiting anti-airs and extending combos

This nail got an interesting buff where it does the web effect if the opponent block but the effect is short (around 1/3 or 1/2 of the effect). It is used to make your high jump-ins safe and can catch anti airs if spaced properly.

Combowise it's the Nr.1 Nail to build Seals and setup oki.

Its P2 got slightly better and is used to either get seals, setup, easy air to ground conversion or damage.

C+D Version 300 per nail All 20 Until Hit Until L+9L - P1 -
  • Consumes 3 nails
  • Ends air momentum
  • Same effect as its single version
  • Does an extra back jump and ends all of Bang's action until landing (Puts Bang in CH state during it)

Again, similar to A+D version but worst as the web nail effect degrades as it stacks and reduces the combo timer badly.

Note that each C+D version throws 3 nails simultaneously and throws them in a similar angle as D version.

D Version 300 per nail All 9 Until Offscreen Total 23 - P1 -
  • Consumes 3 nails
  • Travels in all 3 angles simultaneously
  • Partially conserves air momentum
  • Can special cancel into float or a different nail (including +D versions)
  • Useful for neutral game to get in or out
  • Can bounce on the floor so it covers a lot of space

D Nails are used to give yourself space to get in or out. It is stronger due to the combo timer for short being more manageable so you can add an IAD bit with A nail which adds a bit more damage.

It is used almost anywhere in neutral as it covers many angle and bounces off the floor increasing the time they stay on the screen. Due to it costing 1/4 of your nails, you should use them with care. Since it partially conserve your momentum, it can also make your IAD approach safer or reset pressure when you do tk float into D nails.

Bang's Steel Rain
Bang's Steel Rain
BBCS Bang SteelRain.png
It got buffed... STILL doesn't see much use though.
BBCS Bang Umbrella.png
100 per nail All 96 Until Ground Total: 49 - P1 -
  • Consumes 1 nail when umbrella is pulled out and 1 nail per 30(?) frames as it rains
  • It rains for 120(?) which makes the total cost for umbrella 4 nails (The first nail it consumes is also used for the first interval of the rain)
  • Bang summons an umbrella at a fixed height that slowly tracks the opponent's position as it rains down 60 nails at an interval of 2 frames
  • Bang will throw the umbrella at a distance that is close to himself to 3/4 of the screen and it will stop directly on top of the opponent if they are between those distances.
  • The umbrella can be stopped if it is hit, Bang gets hit or combos into command grab, distortions or astral

Umbrella got buffed again as it now tracks the opponent and can be special canceled. It still has a slow start up but it can be used to setup command grab super traps if done correctly. Also, should be noted if the opponent is beyond 3/4 of the screen, Bang will throw the umbrella at 3/4 of the screen and then it will keep tracking them past that.

Flaming Air Attack
Flaming Air Attack
BBCP Bang FlamingAirAttack.png
No more minimum height. Nothing will stop us now.
- - - - Total: Until L+5 - - -
  • Bang uses his scarf to float while in the air
  • Can cancel to almost any action on frame 9
  • Can be done twice in the air if none of Bang's air mobility options have been used (does not count initial jump cost)
  • Uses Bang's double jump and first air dash option for the the first float and his second air dash for the second float
  • Conserves air momentum except downwards (will cancel it instead)
  • Passes through your opponent
  • Very strong neutral, mix-up and combo tool
  • While floating, you are in a counter hit state
  • In 2.0, the Minimum Height restriction has been removed.

Bang's float is a very strong tool in general and got buffed as it does not consume all your remaining air options.

As a neutral tool, it can be canceled from any Bang-style Shuriken (except +D versions) which can be useful to spam the same nail type. It can be used to bait anti airs as it stops your falling momentum and with combination with C nail, it can be used to punish them.

For mix-up, it is used to repeat the same or different air move as it keeps your height on initial use, so for example j.2C > j.22A > j.2C can be done as a double overhead jumpin mixup. It could also be tked from a jump cancelable move to add another layer of mix up options like overheads with j.B, cross up if you let the float last longer and reset your mix-up options if you use D nails.

It is used during combos due to its ability to keep Bang on the same height which opens up new combo path with either 6C or j.C.

It should be noted that during OD, FRKZ dashes can't be canceled from float. You need to press either A, B or C to dash after a float.

In 2.0, the minimum height restriction for J22A has been completely removed, allowing Bang to TK J22A at much lower heights, effectively giving him access to better pressure options, better confirms, just generally much better over all. This buff is arguably his greatest buff, seeing as it opens up a plethora of options for him now.

Set Nail/Bumpers
Set Nail/Bumpers
214A/B/C/D air OK
BBCS Bang NailSet.png
A gimmick turned God.
BBCF Bang NailSetDiagramGround.png
BBCF Bang NailSetDiagramAir.png
- - - - Total: 30 - - -
  • Bang swings his hand and puts a nail in the air
  • Costs 1 Nail
  • Position is diffrent for each button
  • Upon touching a Setnail with your hurtbox Bang can perform a Nail Dash
  • When you hit your opponent with anything and are near a bumper, you can cancel it into a Nail Dash
  • Only Action that can not be Nail Dash Cancel'd is Bang's EA.
  • Disappears after 3 uses
  • A,B,C versions need to be touched in the air
  • D version can be touched from air and ground
  • In 2.0, when setting a bumper in the corner, bumper will not go offscreen now, but sit next to the corner on screen.

While losing its ability in neutral to mimic a more controllable FRKZ, Setnails became an extremly strong tool for okizeme and damage.

The D version is the go-to version since it allows Bang to pressure safe with in the corner and maximize damage from everyhit. It's especially great for 6B,3C and 623C since the Nail Dash Cancel acts like a substitute for rapid cancel allowing you to safe heat. During overdrive combos the D version is set after a 6D to super twice in that combo.

While the other versions are less used, they also have good mixup and combo options. They are also way easier to control, compared to the D Setnail.

Air - - - - Total: 33 - - -
  • See Above
  • All Versions need to be touched in the air
  • Air Version will never place a Setnail near the ground

While A,B,C act almost like their ground counterparts, the D Version places the bumper directly under Bang allowing him to instantly use it.

The D Version is great for getting your opponent offguard in neutral and as okizeme from a j.2C ender.

Nail Dash
Nail Dash
Any direction off Set Nail
BBCS Bang NailDash.png
- - - - Ground: 16
Air: 19
- - -
  • Bang does a similar dash like during FRKZ
  • Has a small amount of invul allowing to dodge reversals easily
  • Has unique properties compared to FRKZ dashes
  • Recovery can be cancelled early into Normal, Specials and Barrier
  • Air to ground dashes have no landing recovery making Bang recover as soon as he lands
FuRinKaZan Dash
FuRinKaZan Dash
Any direction during Overdrive
BBCS Bang NailDash.png
Just believe justice! Seigi jōtō! Tamashī de!
- - - - Ground: 16
Air: 19
- - 6D Seal: 3-8 P
  • During FRKZ Bang uses this omnidirectional dash as movement
  • Can be cancelled into from everything that has a jump cancel, not mattering if it hit or got blocked
  • Great for mixup and combos during overdrive
  • Without Seals Bang can use the dash twice in the air and is not able to pass through opponents
  • With the 5D seal "Fu" Bang gets 4 Dashes and the ability to pass through opponents
  • with the 6D seal "Rin" Bang gets projectile invulnerability from Frame 3-8
  • Recovery can be cancelld early into Normal,Specials and Barrier

The FRKZ dashes is what makes Bang's overdrive, Bang gains damage and insane mixup. Always check your Fu and Rin seals during overdrive activation so you know what you have to work with.

Using the dashes during pressure allows Bang to easily create extremely hard to block mixups, the key is to be creative with your approaches like doing 2B>9dash>j.2C>4dash>j.2C. Keep in mind that strings like these are vulnerable to reversals.

While the dash is powerful it's also is hard to control, so try not to get into neutral during overdrive, since opponents will mostly get high in the air and press a lot of buttons making it really hard for you to get in without getting hit and even if you somehow manage to hit them it's really hard to confirm into a proper combo.

When you have the 6D(Rin) seal overdrive can be used to beat out several strings from characters that use projectiles to pressure you.

Also, a weird property for FRKZ dashes that used to be in CPEX was that you can cancel the dash into a neutral normal. This is no longer available in CF, so bang is forced to go through the entire dash animation if you wanna do something like 6Dash > 5A. However, bang can still cancel his dashes into directional normals like 6A or 3C.

Distortion Drives

Shishigami-style Secret Technique: "Fatal Eruption" / Daifunka
Shishigami-style Secret Technique: "Fatal Eruption" / Daifunka
BBCS Bang Daifunka.png
NEVER count out Daifunka.
550*5, 0, 4000
[550*7, 0, 4000]
- 1+(58 Flash)+17 24 20 -27 B 1~25 All
  • Bang performs an Ranbu attack taking the opponent to the corner
  • Most damaging super in combos
  • Has a lot of invulnerability Frames making it a decent reversal
  • Normal and OD version count as diffrent moves that don't trigger SMP

Great super that can be used to add more damage or for fullscreen corner carry during combos.

It's greater range then Ashura makes it a decent reversals, however the longer startup might be too slow to punish the opponent for every normal. Only use it if you think your opponent will do something that doesn't recover in time.

Because the super has a lot of invul frames it can also be used to easily beat your opponent's Exceed Accel out.

Shishigami-style Technique: "Bang's Infinite Chaos-Fist of the Void" / Ashura
Shishigami-style Technique: "Bang's Infinite Chaos-Fist of the Void" / Ashura
BBCS Bang Ashura.png
The DP Attack is the most reliable move in the game. Now ACTUALLY punishable.
0, 3700
[0, 4167]
- 1+(42 Flash)+8 5 30 -14 B 1~11 All
  • Bang creates a flame pillar and attacks with his trusty clone after it
  • Strikes a pose after the attack
  • Fast Reversal
  • Horizontal Hitbox doesn't hit that far making it whiff against some meaties and blockstrings
  • Hitbox goes extremely high vertically in the air, making it a great anti air
  • Normal and OD version count as different moves so they don't trigger SMP

Since the super is really easy to punish now, you need to use it with more care.

It's still a great reversal beating your opponents meaties and punishing the gaps in their pressure.

The fast start up also allows Bang to use it at spots where Daifunka wouldn't work, adding more damage to your combos.

Ultra Technique:"Hyper Shadowstep Strike"
Ultra Technique:"Hyper Shadowstep Strike"
BBCP Bang Shadowstep Strike.png
I heard you like zoning... Would be a shame if I... invalidated it!
vs. Grounded Opponent 0, 1000*3, 1801
[0, 1000*3, 1801, 400, 800]
Throw 21+(60 Flash)+3 2 28 - T 1-21 All
vs. Airborne Opponent 0, 1000*3, 1801
[0, 1000*3, 1801, 400, 800]
Throw 21+(60 Flash)+3 2 Until L+14 - T 1-21 All
  • Bang stops before disappearing, reappearing behind his opponent to lay down a series of flashy attacks.
  • Invuln only lasts until after the superflash, where Bang is right next to the opponent, almost inside of them.
  • Overdrive version does significantly more damage, as well as leaving Bang a farther distance from the opponent than the normal version.
  • Does 15% minimum damage. Last two hits in Overdrive do 100% Minimum Damage
  • Can only be used once Bang obtains all 4 seals from his drive.
  • In 2.0, ground version now catches jumping and landing that occurs before superflash. Can still be jumped on reaction to avoid it.

Bang's command grab super that he gets after he obtains all 4 seals from his drive. He automatically tracks the opponents location and after the superflash, warps directly to where they were during the superflash and proceeds to grab them. Since this move always crosses up the opponent, it can sometimes cause the opponent to attack the wrong way, giving Bang a free chance to grab them.

It is very useful in neutral for when the opponent commits pretty hard to a button, Bang can immediately grab them and turn the situation into his favor. However, the move has a few shortcomings, as when Bang tries to use it when the opponent is grounded and/or not doing anything during the superflash, when Bang teleports behind them, they can simply jump out and punish Bang with a jump in, or by simply Overdriving through him and land an incredibly painful punish on him.

While opponents have even more limited options against the super in the air, since they cannot double jump out of it, it is still advised to use it with caution because an opponent can simply Overdrive through it, or if they have one, invuln through the grab and retaliate with a DP or a distortion drive, just like with the ground version.

Can be used for a few tech traps as well as a sort of reversal, but Bang has better tools for those situations. It is a rather decent tool against Zoners once Bang achieves his seals.

Exceed Accel

Bang's Dancing Petal Storm
A+B+C+D during Overdrive
BBCF Bang ExceedAccel.png
Throw the Shurikens. Throw the Kunai. Throw the Nails. BOMB THIS BOI!! Don't expect Oki though.

remember when Kageyama sang the song for FRKZ?

600, 50*19, 1500
{600, 50*41, 3300}
All 20 [10] 3 34 -10 B 1~22 All
[1~12 All]
  • Does not cost heat, but immediately ends Overdrive if used.
  • Becomes stronger and flashier in Active Flow
  • Initial strike CAN be low profiled by certain low hitting hitboxes
  • Startup is shorter if cancelled into from Overdrive activation or from a Normal.
  • Despite its short range, it moves Bang forward, giving it slightly more range.
  • Puts Bang in Active Flow if he hasn't been in it yet.
  • In 2.0, has minimum damage now. 300 without AF and 600 in AF
  • In 2.0, Animation has been sped up, as well as the normal version removing the taunt pose, effectively making it less minus on hit. AF Version remains the same, except sped up kunai throwing.

On startup, Bang performs a palm thrust (that is actually his throw reject animation) on his opponent. If it hits, Bang then throws out a barrage of ninja tools at his opponent before finishing off by tossing a couple of bombs onto the hapless victim while going into his taunt animation. Active Flow version makes Bang throw out even more stuff, including 4 bombs at the end instead of 2. Puts Bang in active flow if he hasn't been in it already. Has full invuln and is safe on block, but it cannot be rapid cancelled on hit/block. Has minimum damage in 2.0 now.

Despite being another universal reversal that Bang can use, the knockdown from the attack leaves much to be desired. It leaves him slightly negative and a character length away, which means the opponent can roll away from him before he can perform actions again, leaving him with almost no oki from it. However, in the corner, it is slightly more useful seeing as the opponent can only roll forward or tech instantly otherwise they would be picked up with a perfectly spaced 2B into a damaging corner combo. Despite some of its shortcomings, Exceed Accel is one of Bangs most reliable ways to get out of pressure, seeing as even if it whiffs, he still has a third of his burst charged up rather than none if he just bursts.

Astral Heat

Shishigami-style Forbidden Technique: "The Ultimate Bang"
BBCS Bang TheUltimateBang.png
BBCS Bang AstralAnimation.png
BBCS Bang AstralFinishPose.png
0, 19800 Unblockable 9+(30 Flash)+24 3 26 - T 1~36 Guard All
  • Bang performs the best looking and most hype astral in the game. FACT
  • Costs 100% Heat and opponent needs to have less then 35% HP remaining, as well as be on match point.
  • One of the last remaining Astrals hard to land making it hype every time it happens.
  • Leaves your opponent jelly that their character will never be as manly as Bang.
  • Startup has a lot of guardpoint frames, starting on frame 1.
  • Guardpoint blocks EVERYTHING! Throws, air unblockable attacks, ITSELF!, etc.
  • Allows Bang to use the Shadowstrike Jutsu since it's a Drive move.
  • Min height TK Astral only hits on crouching Carl, Valkenhayn, Relius, Jin, Hakumen, Tager and Susano'o.
  • Completely Unblockable, since it is technically a throw.
  • Can somehow be Kara Canceled into from JD. It was always a thing, apparently.

Extremly satisfying Astral. Can be combo'd into from 5D airborne hit in the corner or throws reliably. However, the True Bang Way is landing this astral raw either as a wakeup reversal or tricking your opponent to press a button into it. It has a guardpoint all the way until the end of the active frames, so it can be used to stop attacks or just be a GOD!

Impresses people at your locals and gatherings and makes you look like a Hero fighting against ANY EVIL!!

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