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General Tactics

TL;DR (For Beginners)

Important Moves
  • 5A: Great jab, hits crouchers
  • 2A: Hits low
  • 2B: Poke
  • 6A: Standing low
  • 5C: Standing Overhead
  • j.236X: Nails are a strong neutral tool
  • 214X: Bumpers are good for movement
  • 2D: Antiair

Bang is a versatile character with may options for different situations. His versatility is part of what makes him a great character, but it also means that there isn't "one" way to play him.


Bang's blockstrings tend to be limited because he suffers particularly hard from Barrier and Instant Barrier block. Regardless, you can get very creative with blockstrings. Take these ideas and try to mix them into your own pressure game.

5A > 5B > 6A

This string leaves you plus on block and still keeps you in 5B range.

2A > 2A > 5B > 5C

A basic string into 5C.

2A > 2A > 5B > 2C

This string will push the opponent out, but keep Bang relatively safe.

5B > 6A > 2B

6A can cancel into 2B and 5B as long as Bang hasn't used them more than once in the string earlier.


For more information on Bang okizeme, check the discord.

2C > 214X

A reliable way to set up bumper from anywhere on the screen. At midscreen, bumpers have more usage for neutral situations. They still have solid usage in the corner, though.

623B in the corner

Offers bumper setups while covering roll.

5D > 214D in the Corner

Lets him side swap during wallbounce and still covers roll.

Tips and Tricks

  • Nails are an amazing neutral tool, but because there's a limited amount Bang can hold, you need to be careful about overusing them.
  • Use your mobility to your advantage!
  • Try to layer Bang's command grab in your stagger pressure.
  • Don't waste Nails. They're a great neutral tool in some matchups, but without them Bang suffers greatly.
  • Use Bumpers for mixups and ambiguous movement
  • Drives are good as a callout tool, not as a true reversal

Fighting Bang

  • Bang's small reach makes him particularly weak to Barrier and Instant Barrier
  • Bang's stagger pressure makes him weak to reversals.
  • You can actually stagger normals to beat out some Drive attacks if you trigger a guard point. A good example is 6D, where you can stagger a low normal.
  • Bang's neutral game suffers hard if his nails run out. Consider making him burn through them in neutral.

Dealing with Drives

Keep in mind that all of Bang's drives lose to throws. This property means that characters with great command throws have a much better time dealing with his Drive. Characters without command throws can still use their regular throw to call out reversal Drive attempts. Under normal circumstances, each drive move (except for j.D) also has one strike property it does't cover. 6D and 5D lose to H property moves, and 2D loses to lows.