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General Tactics[edit]

Hazama is a rather interesting member of the BlazBlue cast. At first, he doesn't appear all that threatening, having stubby normals, little defensive options, and being resource-reliant. However, if one goes and expects an easy win, they couldn't be more wrong. Hazama carries a powerful array of tools at his disposal to confuse and destroy the opponent, from his amazing normals to his variety of useful specials. Good damage and/or corner carry can be attained from virtually any good hit that is taken advantage of and he looks absolutely amazing while doing it. His Overdrive is by far one of the best in the game, giving him the ability to life drain, a fast and fully invulnerable reversal, and heavily strengthening his chains.

How one "uses" Hazama is another good thing about him. With such a wide scope of tools and tricks, Hazama can be played differently by everyone. With his Ouroboros Drive and follow-ups, Hazama can move across the stage for keep-away, go about zoning and keep the opponent at bay, or use it to approach and pressure an opponent.


A Great way to get a good block string going is Hazama’s 5B since on block gains a lot of priority and in most cases beat a lot of moves (can’t beat DP’s obv) you will need to dash cancel after each 5B hit Another great one is 2B as it gets a lot of range for a low but you will need to dash cancel most of the 2B


Tips and Tricks[edit]



As most of Haz's normal moves all have very short range, you'll mostly rely on your Drive to approach your opponents. Popular options are

  • j.5D
  • j.6D
  • j.4DD (superdash).

Chain cancel[edit]

If you just go 5DD>j.B most of the time, you will get very predictable and will eat an anti-air everytime, so it is a must to know how you can mix these things.

  • 5D on block:
    • 214D~D: To cancel the recovery of the chain a little bit faster (and doesn't cost a stock). Will not punish anything unless your opponent DP all the time.
    • 5DD>j.B(hit): A standard overhead option, loses to most anti-air but wins against 5As.
    • 5DD>BC: If they try to jump after your chain hits, you can throw them.
    • 5DD>j.214B(whiff): Jamenjin, can bait out antiairs and more:
      • 5DD>j.214B>2B for a low;
      • 5DD>j.214B>66BC for a throw (and 236C for a command one).
    • 5DD>j.2C(hit/whiff): A pretty good high/low/throw guess and can block immediately after landing. An earlier j.2C gives whiff which can be followed by 2B for a low (or a throw), and a later j.2C is a high. Loses to most anti-airs(including 5As) however.
      • On hit, can jump cancel to j.4D, which can caught opponents off guard and start combo.
    • 5DD>j.A(hit/whiff): Not as good as j.2C but it is faster and relatively safer.
    • 5DB: A built-in anti-air baiter. Mostly you can replace all above 5DD by 5DB and they still works. Note that B cancels from 27F~, which is a different timing than D cancels.
    • 5DC: Another built-in anti-air baiter that change sides, useful for certain anti-airs but not for 5As. Can only followed by a high due to positioning.

All of above mixups are still very punishable (by a lot of moves) if the chain is too far away, so use these a little bit closer (but not at short range where chains' blockstun is too short).


Meter management[edit]

Meter usage varies from players to players, and Hazama is of course no exception. Below is a list that listed out all meter usage timing.

  • Crush trigger(25%): Used in combos (after 3C) where a kill is need but no sufficient meter is avaliable for Houtenjin/Rekkazan. Hazama does have sufficient tools to open the opponent up, so he don't need to use this to crush guard.
  • Jayoku Houtenjin(50%): Combo usage/reversals.
  • Mizuchi Rekkazan(50%): Combo ender, or catch projectile spanners.
  • Orochi Burensou(50%): Fast command grab which frequently used for kill, or use it as reversal.
  • Guard Cancel(50%): One of the fewest defense (and strongest) option of Hazama, you will use it pretty frequently.
  • Rapid Cancel(50%): Cancel recovery on horrible moves and create certain mixup (e.g. 214B/D>B>(RC)>66j.A to catch high). Also a safe to abuse Houtenjin if you have 100 meter.
  • Astral Heat(100%): Pretzel motion is not good for your health unless you need an VERY fast anti-burst solution.


Hazama has no resource-less reversal moves, so the best is to improve your blocking skills. The fastest normal you can throw out is 2A(6F, 5A is 5F but are very likely to whiff on crouching opponents), so if you want to mash out of you way, IBs are definitely needed.

Here are all four possible reversal moves:

  • Counter Assault (6AB, 1~20 All) is arguably Hazama's most reliable reversal option as it doesn't rely on your burst gauge being full, and though it has a rather stubby hitbox, it covers a good amount of space in front of him.
  • EA (ABCD in OD, 1~22 All) is the second most reliable reversal option, and is the only reversal that does not rely on meter. But most of the time you will save it and instead use...
  • Houtenjin (236236B, 1~4 All in OD), which is the most favorite (though not safe at all) reversal. Since it no longer has invincibility outside OD, use wisely to surprise your opponent without getting hit. Guard cancel OD into Houtenjin can punish any move within 24F, which is enough for most Specials and big normals.
  • Burensou (632146D in stance, 1-14 All) is not a common option but still serves as a good wake-up super grab and surprise your opponent. To do Burensou fast in wake-up, input 632146~6D.

Fighting Hazama[edit]


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