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General Tactics[edit]

Video Introduction to Jubei by Monarch and EbonicPlagueBB: Youtube Link

TL;DR For Beginners[edit]

Jubei is a rushdown character with a strong install mode, good damage, and good mixup potential. To make up for his poor defense, Jubei relies on his movement options to evade and pick his spots. Jubei's defensive options carry great reward but do suffer from notable risk. It's important to have a good understanding of defensive system mechanics and OSes in order to have a solid foundation of options to work from.

Important Moves

  • 2C: Anti-air
  • 2B: Good poke, great for pressure because it's + on block.
  • j.B: Good air to air
  • j.A: Solid jumpin button, used for instant overheads
  • 236C: Major Oki tool
  • j.214C: Air combo ender


Jubei can vary his blockstrings like most Blazblue characters, though they tend to be centered around his 2B. Because Jubei's 2B is a +2 low, you can often default into ending pressure with it. Opponents will eventually expect 2B to end your pressure. You can use this expectation to be greedy and reset pressure or go for other mixups. Jubei also has certain tools to call out mashing like 6C and 214B. These are some basic ideas you can use for your blockstrings.

5A > 5B > 2B

A very basic blockstring if you don't want to throw out buttons

2A > d.2A > 5B > 2B > 2A > 5B

A basic example of using 2B's plus frames to reset pressure and continue.

2A > 2A > 2B > microdash > 2A > 6C

Sets up your opponent to want to mash and then pulls out 6C

2A > 5B > 2C > j.236D > j.B

A basic mixup using command dash to crossup your opponent. Not the best mixup because of 2C's short range and the fact that command dash leaves Jubei vulnerable. This will also crossup DP attempts.


Jubei's oki is pretty solid across the cast. His most popular option is his ball oki, but he can opt for other tools to set himself up. 2B is a popular move after many knockdowns to catch rolls, and 2A also has great range to call people out. On wakeup, Jubei has many tools to work with. Lotus is a strong option to use on an opponent's wakeup because you can essentially use it to check for certain responses. In terms of knockdown, Jubei tends to go for 236B, 214C, and 2361236A.

Ball Oki[edit]

Jubei's built-in Oki tool is Rising Justice. Using 236B > 236C, also known as "Ball Oki", is a way to lock down opponents while Rising Justice bounces on top of them. In the corner, this is particularly dirty. For starters, you can short hop j.A for an instant overhead, j.236D so the ball hits on the other side, or cover rolls with 5B. Jubei can also set up a just-frame Black Panther while his opponent is in blockstun from the ball. However, Ball oki has a notable set of weaknesses:

  • Height Dependence: Jubei must hit the opponent high enough in the air with 236B in order to avoid certain challenges.
  • Quick Rise. Quick Rise Instant block is strong, and certain characters can reversal regardless. Some characters can even jump out after quick rise.
  • Reversals faster with up to 9 Frames of startup. Combined with quick rise, this can catch Jubei in the recovery of 236C

Safe Jumps[edit]

You can input 669 j.C/j.2C to safe jump after the following enders:

  • 236236A
  • 236B
  • 214C

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • You can use 5D to dodge EAs. This only fails if your previous attack has whiffed and you can't cancel into 5D.
  • Try to focus more on air to airs rather than anti airing
  • Pick your spots. Jubei's mobility sets him up to engage and disengage
  • Sometimes it's actually better to not go into install mode. Try experimenting with matchups.
  • Use Lotus to keep yourself safe during pressure

Fighting Jubei[edit]

  • Make use of your crouching confirms. In general, the cast gets much better reward off of individual hits on Jubei
  • Instant Barrier and Instant Block are important for challenging Jubei after 2B
  • Characters like Hakumen and Azrael can disrespect 236C Oki with their unique mechanics (e.g Drive and Growler)
  • Use Quick Rise to challenge Ball Oki