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*Activates the placed Graviton, quickly pushing the opponent away or striking them
*Activates the placed Graviton, quickly pushing the opponent away or striking them
*Consumes one Graviton Stock
*Consumes one Graviton Stock
*D button can be held down to delay the activation which allows Kokonoe to act freely while doing so. Great for baiting out approaches and for doing combos.
*D button can be held down to delay the activation which allows Kokonoe to act freely while doing so. Great for baiting out approaches and for doing combos. However, if she's hit while blocking and holding down the D button, then the activation will cancel out and disappear
*Can only be done if Kokonoe has a Graviton out and there's at least one Graviton left in reserve. If Kokonoe doesn't have any Gravitons left after summoning, then 236D will be unavailable for usage.
*Can only be done if Kokonoe has a Graviton out and there's at least one Graviton left in reserve. If Kokonoe doesn't have any Gravitons left after summoning, then 236D will be unavailable for usage.

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BBCF Kokonoe Portrait.png
Health: 10,500

Combo Rate: 60%
Backdash Time 25 / Invul: 1~7

Movement Options
Gravitrons, Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash type: Run
Space control, Traps


A genius scientist part of the organization “Sector Seven” that opposes the Librarium, and is the creator of Tager. She led an operation to rescue Hakumen, who had fallen through dimensions. While the two tolerate each other, in order to monitor Hakumen’s unexpected actions, she dispatches Tager. She continues her research to defeat Yuuki Terumi.

Drive: Graviton

Kokonoe's Drive summons a Graviton onto the field. The instant the Graviton appears it'll start attracting the opponent and objects towards it from a distance. Objects accelerate towards the graviton from a further range than characters. Similar to Tager's magnetism, grounded opponents cannot be lifted off the ground by the graviton and experience greater resistance to motion from it compared to when they're airbone. Kokonoe herself is not normally affected by the Graviton, although some moves use its location to change their properties. The most notable change it causes is to Kokonoe's Ennetsu Flame Cage (214A/B/C), which gains the ability to change its trajectory. When a Graviton is summoned, it will stay on the field until either it expires after a specific duration, Kokonoe activates it with 236D/withdraws it with 214D, or the opponent manages to confirm a hit on Kokonoe. Only one Graviton can be on the field at a time.

BBCP Kokonoe Graviton Gauge.png

The first two icons represent the Banishing Ray (22A/B) and Flame Cage (214A/B/C) stocks. You can only have one of each move out on the field at a time. You start the match with both icons lit up. When the respective move is visible on the screen the icon for it will turn grey. Once the move is no longer visible on the screen the icon will light back up, and you can use the move again.

The third icon and the number next to it refer to your stock of Gravitons. You start the match off with 9 Gravitons and will use one up every time you summon one. Gravitons recover slowly over time, but using a Graviton will both put a cooldown on its regeneration and cause you to lose progress towards regenerating your next Graviton. Under normal circumstances the limit of gravitons isn't significant, it seems to exist to prevent permenant keep-away tactics and other delaying strategies.

Overdrive: Graviton Rage

Kokonoe's Overdrive will strengthen her Gravitons immensely:

  • The pull of her Gravitons will become much stronger than that of her normal ones (this will allow her to do something like 3C>5D>5B>5C>Solid Wheel which isn't possible with a normal Graviton). Her projectiles such as Flame Cage, Flaming Belobog, and Solid Wheel will be pulled in much quicker compared to regular Gravitons.
    • However the stronger pull will mess with most of Kokonoe's non-OD combos that use Gravitons so keep that in mind.
  • Her Gravitons will deal more damage than the base ones (they still require the opponent to be in hitstun).
  • The rate at which her(Kokonoe) gravitons recharge will become much faster, also the recharge timer will not pause whenever she(Kokonoe) uses graviton in a combo (It will be slower than her standard overdrive recharge rate, but she(Kokonoe) will still get one or two back after doing a combo with them) Essentially allowing Kokonoe to replenish her stock immediately without the need to wait.
  • Kokonoe's Gravitons will stay out for much longer while in Overdrive (6 seconds compared to the 4 seconds that a normal Graviton will stay out for).


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Very high damage output
  • Amazing tools to setup mixups
  • Good variety of normal attack ranges
  • Huge vertical Anti-Air
  • Great chip damage options if a Graviton is summoned near the opponent
  • Very high mobility with a fast dash, and teleport
  • Lack of a good meterless defensive option
  • Very space dependent to set up traps
  • Slower-than-average normal attacks
  • Below-average health

Normal Moves

BBCP Kokonoe 5A.png
300 All 6 3 11 -2 B -
BBCP Kokonoe 5B.png
600 Mid 11 3 19 -5 B -
BBCP Kokonoe 5C.png
"That's a lotta damage!"
800 Mid 14 2 23 -6 BP -
BBCP Kokonoe 2A.png
300 All 7 3 11 -2 F -
BBCP Kokonoe 2B.png
Wrench low
400*2 Low 10 3(6)3 12 -1 F -
BBCP Kokonoe 2C.png
1080 Mid 19 3 15 +1 F -
BBCP Kokonoe 6A.png
660 Mid 13-22 4 21 -8 B - 770 Mid 23 4 21 -8 B -
BBCP Kokonoe 6B.png
Wrench overhead, netplay unblockable
500*2 High 25-42 2(11)2 26 -9 B - 550, 272 High 43 2(15)2 14 +5 B -
BBCP Kokonoe 6C.png
good for calling out 2A mash
1250 All 22 3 Until L+7 -2 B -
BBCP Kokonoe 3C.png
God button
460*2 Low 14 3(6)3 15 -1 F -
BBCP Kokonoe jA.png
Ora ora ora ora ora ora
130, 85, 79 High/Air 7 3*6 12 - H -
BBCP Kokonoe jB.png
That other wrench overhead
500*2 High/Air 10 4(3)4 11 - H -
BBCP Kokonoe jC.png
Not an overhead
750 All 13 3 27 - HP -
BBCP Kokonoe j2C.png
1000 High/Air 17 4 17+9L - H -

Drive Moves

Kokonoe will always start out the round with 9 Gravitons in stock and they will replenish themselves whenever there isn't a active Graviton out on the field. If Kokonoe doesn't have any Gravitons left in reserve, then she cannot use her Drive moves until she gets back at least one Graviton.

Summon Graviton
Summon Graviton
Direction + D
BBCP Kokonoe 5D.png
*Click Image for Enlargement
- - 15 300 32T - - -
Activate Graviton
Activate Graviton
236D, air OK
BBCP Kokonoe 236D.png
Just a little push
600 All 11 - 23T - - - 900 All 11 - 23T - - -
Retrieve Graviton
Retrieve Graviton
214D, air OK
BBCP Kokonoe 214D.png
- - 16 - 32T - - -

Universal Mechanics

Forward Throw
Forward Throw
BBCP Kokonoe ForwardThrow.png
0, 0, 1500 Throw 7 3 23 - T -
Back Throw
Back Throw
BBCP Kokonoe BackThrow.png
0, 0, 1500 Throw 7 3 23 - T -
Air Throw
Air Throw
BBCP Kokonoe AirThrow.png
0, 1500 Throw 7 3 23+3L - T -
Counter Assault
Counter Assault
6A+B (While Blocking)
BBCP Kokonoe 5B.png
0 All 15 3 33 -17 B -
Crush Trigger
Crush Trigger
BBCP Kokonoe CT.png
1000 Mid 20 1 25 0 B - 1000 Mid 30-61 1 25 0 B -


Armament No.2
Armament No.2

"Broken Bunker Assault v2.21"

BBCP Kokonoe 236A.png
BBCP Kokonoe 236A 2.png
600*3 All 17-28 3 21 -5 B - 600 All 17-28 3 21 -5 B - 600 All 192 1 - - P1* -
Armament No. 9
Armament No. 9

"Aerial Powerdrive: Solid Wheel v3.37"

BBCF Kokonoe SolidWheel.png
Cat Cannon
300*14 All 19 6*13, 3 12 - H -
Armament No.3
Armament No.3

"Absolute Zero v4.32"

BBCP Kokonoe 236C.png
BBCP Kokonoe 236C 2.png
Ice reset machine
600 All 26 62 12 -8 P -
Armament No.4α
Armament No.4α

"Flame Cage v1.43" Activate
214A/B/C, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe 214A.png
The little ball that could
360*4 All 27 - Total 42 - P1* - 360*4 All 27 - Total 47+5L - P1* - 750 All - - - - P1* -
Armament No.5
Armament No.5

"Banishing Rays v3.10"

BBCP Kokonoe 22A.png
BBCP Kokonoe 22A 2.png
oki, prevents people from getting in your face, trap, visually covers mixups, probably also made you breakfast
750 All 24 6 42T - P1* - - All 36 - 33T - - - 450*6 All 22 2*6 - - P1* -
Armament No.6
Armament No.6

"Planar Haze v1.24"

BBCP Kokonoe 22C.png
NOT a reversal
- - - - 33T - - -

Distortion Drives

Armament No.4β
Armament No.4β

"Pyro: Flaming Belobog v2.73"
214214A/B/C, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe 214214A.png
The big ball that can
1250 All 5+5 3 33 -15 B - 1250 All 5+8 3 33 -15 B - 1250 All 5+11 3 33 -15 B - Normal: 360*12
All - - - - P2* - Normal: 1500
All - - - - P2* -
Armament No.7
Armament No.7

"Jamming Dark v1.65"

BBCP Kokonoe 632146D.png
Normal: 0, 0, 1200
OD: 0, 0, 1800
Unblockable 52+1 157 263T - P* -
Armament No.8
Armament No.8

"Crime of Greed v1.00"
Automatic after 236C

BBCP Kokonoe 236C 3.png
Great damaging ender
Normal: 500, 100*5
OD:500, 100*2, 500
- - - - - - -
Armament No.00
Armament No.00

"Dreadnought Destroyer"
64641236C, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe 2363214C.png
3590-6114 (4034 mid-air) All 5+31+12 - 188T -63 P2* -
Armament No.01
Armament No.01

"Super Dreadnought Exterminator"
64641236C during overdrive, air OK

BBCP Kokonoe OD 2363214C.png
4670-11826 (5526 mid-air) All 5+31+12 - 188T -63 P2* -

Exceed Accel

Armament No. 11

"Full Metal Heavy Weapon v2.05"
ABCD during Overdrive

BBCF Kokonoe FullMetalHeavyWeapon.png
武装No11「根絶フルメタルヘビーウエポン Ver2.05」
600, 60*29, 600 All Fast: 10
Slow: 20
3 34 -10 B - 600, 60*71, 1000 All Fast: 10
Slow: 20
3 34 -10 B -

Astral Heat

Armament No.99

"Final Apocalypse" Ultimate Impact

BBCP Kokonoe 720D.png
Why does she have a command grab??
37100 (DESTROY) Throw 10+0 12 18 - T -

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