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Makoto Nanaya

General Tactics

TL;DR (For Beginners)

Important Moves

  • 6A: Antiair
  • 5B: Primary Poke
  • 6B: Standing Overhead
  • 2B: Low, catches rolls and picks up from the ground.
  • 623C: DP
  • 214X: Good tool for mixup and pressures.
  • j.2C: Anti-air bait.
  • 236A: Oki tool

Makoto is a rushdown character with a simple gameplan. Her objective is to get close and stick to the opponent. In neutral, she doesn't have as many options as some characters to contest space. Instead, she often has to run and dash barrier or jump to navigate space. She can also use her Asteroid Vision to mix up her approaches. She can combine this with her j.2C in order to condition opponents. She can also use 236A~D and 5B to poke at her opponents. Once she's in, she has solid pressure tools to keep up the pace. She can use 214A~A in order to reset pressure, bait bursts and Overdrives. 6B and 2B are her standing overhead and her low. She can gatling into them from many moves. On defense, outside of system mechanics she has her DP (623C) and Shooting Star to call out certain options. With good neutral and awareness of her opponent, Makoto can dish out damage and take games.


Many characters in Blazblue have very freeform blockstrings, so don't let these be the end all be all to your blockstrings. You will always have to adjust your strings based on gamestate, matchup, and the opponent. These blockstrings are meant to show examples and ideas of what Makoto can do.

2A > 2A > 5B > 5C > d.5CC

Delay 5CC is a strong option to slip into your offense to frametrap.

2A > 2A > 5B > 5C > 6B

Basic blockstring into an overhead.

2A > 2A > 5B > 5C > 214A~A > 2A

An example of using Asteroid Vision A's cancel in order to reset pressure. Like many pressure resets, this loses to mashes hard.

2A > 2A > 5B > 214A~B > 2B > 5B

An example of using Asteroid Vision's crossup to catch people off guard. This loses to mashes very hard, so balance this with other options carefully.

2A > 2A > 5B > d.3[C]

An example of using 3C to bait out a reversal. This will still lose to 2A mashes, so be mindful.



Makoto's okizeme is average among the cast, comparable in strength to Jin but less reliant on meter management. Her okizeme mixups are strong but rarely completely unreactable.

Dash 2B5C dash 2A

Extremely basic universal blazblue okizeme. 2B checks late teching and rolls while 2A hits meaty on emergency techs. Can do this from every knockdown.

  • Strong vs: Emergency tech, rolls, quickrise, block/IB/IBB.
  • Weak vs: Reversals, backdash(character specific).


A universal option select that takes some time to set up but automatically baits DPs while autoconfirming pressure on block. Can be combined with 214D or with 5B hitstop option selects to bait DP Rapid Cancel or backdash, respectively. Makoto does not have options to force opponents to emergency tech vs her safejump setups, so she has to call out forward rolls separately.

  • Strong vs: Block, DP, DP RC, backroll IB/IBB, mash, throw tech OS.
  • Weak vs: Forward roll, quicktech.


Mixup okizeme. Makoto can use the squirrel illusions to mask her mixup choice.

  • 214AA > 2B is a low that can catch delayed tech and rolls. Generally has to be the default option.
  • 214C > jCC is an overhead that is only available in the corner, hits nonmeaty but baits many jumps.
  • 214AB > 2B/5C is a crossup.
  • 214AC > A/B (RC) also catches rolls but needs meter to be rewarding.
  • Strong vs: block, reversal buttons, jump and backroll, but..
  • Weak vs: reversal DPs, overdrive and forward roll.

214D restands


3C low profiles many DPs and is neutral on block, which lets makoto abuse her strong 2A vs characters like Litchi, Mu, Nu, Lambda, Hakumen, Izayoi who have 7f jabs and 5A that whiff on crouch. The strange timing makes it a tricky instant block.

  • +1 on barrier block, weak to IB and IBB.
  • Needs to be timed nonmeaty to beat reversals which makes it vulnerable to reversal mash/jump.
  • Strong vs: Body attribute reversal DPs, barrier.
  • Weak vs: everything else.


Comet cannon has extremely good option coverage by itself but poor reward on hit or block. The hits have low hitstun, blockstun and hitstop, meaning it is often vulnerable to opponents instant blocking it and gambling after.

  • Strong vs: Everything.
  • Weak vs: IB > gambles, blocking.



The most common knockdown. Appears simple in theory but the frame data varies based on routing which can make some options not work properly. The best quality j623C knockdows are ones where the opponent is higher than Makoto, Makoto is closer to the ground, and Meteor dive is delayed so makoto lands sooner after hitting.

  • Dash 2B5C dash 2A
  • 214A > 2B
  • 3C
  • 236A (reversal safety varies on KD quality), links into 2A on hit.


A surprisingly good knockdown that for combo routing reasons is mainly used as a compromise in extremely short combos like 5B 214ACC or 2AAA5B5CC214ACC where hitstun decay would cause full combos to drop or become too unstable.

  • Safejump: 669 jC
  • Dash 2B5C dash 2A
  • 214A/214AB

Corner 5D(lv3)

The best knockdown in absolute terms, but since it disables emergency tech, its quality can vary subtly based on combo length, meaning precise and manually timed safejumps can be tricky. Versus certain characters (Jin/Hakumen) it can be better to space 236A oki such that it just barely whiffs, but tags the hurtboxes of any actions.

  • Safejump: j9 jC (slow reversals only)
  • Dash 2B5C dash 2A
  • 3C
  • 23656A (reversal SAFE), links into 2A on hit.


A middling knockdown used in relatively niche long corner routes. Worse frame advantage than 214AC, but can still safejump slow 13f+ DPs like Jin's.

  • Safejump: j9 jC (slow reversals only)
  • Dash 2B5C dash 2A
  • 3C
  • 23656A (reversal unsafe)

Tips and Tricks

  • Use 3C to bait most reversals!
  • 236A~D is one of your only Midscreen tools
  • Try using level 1/2 Drive moves to special cancel and stay safe
  • Bait Counter Assaults with 214B or get riskier with 41236B
  • Use 214A~A to bait out Overdrives and bursts

Fighting Makoto

Video showing punishable gaps in Makoto's preassure


Makoto Nanaya