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Character Hashtags[edit]

With the ease of posting videos and discussion to twitter, it can be helpful to know how to track this information down. Each character in the game has a specific hashtag which people should aim to use when posting tweets for ease of searching. Older character hashtags used "BBCF_XX" as a pattern, though sometimes things will still be posted with this format. As of CF2 the pattern was changed to was changed to "BBCF2_XX". The current list of hashtags is as follows:

Character Hashtag
Ragna the Bloodedge #BBCF2_RG
Jin Kisaragi #BBCF2_JI
Noel Vermillion #BBCF2_NO
Bullet #BBCF2_BU
Rachel Alucard #BBCF2_RC
Taokaka #BBCF2_TK
Iron Tager #BBCF2_TG
Hakumen #BBCF2_HK
Arakune #BBCF2_AR
Nu-13 #BBCF2_NU
Mu-12 #BBCF2_MU
Lambda 11 #BBCF2_LA
Hazama #BBCF2_HZ
Makoto Nanaya #BBCF2_MK
Platinum the Trinity #BBCF2_PL
Izayoi #BBCF2_IZ
Azrael #BBCF2_AZ
Celica A. Mercury #BBCF2_CE
Nine the Phantom #BBCF2_NI
Naoto Kurogane #BBCF2_NA
Susano'o #BBCF2_SU
Mai Natsume #BBCF2_MA
Jubei #BBCF2_JU
Relius Clover #BBCF2_RE
Carl Clover #BBCF2_CR
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing #BBCF2_VK
Tsubaki Yayoi #BBCF2_TS
Kagura Mutsuki #BBCF2_KG
Hibiki Kohaku #BBCF2_HI
Kokonoe Mercury #BBCF2_KO
Yuuki Terumi #BBCF2_TE
Izanami #BBCF2_IN

Poison and Life Drain[edit]


Poison (via Bang's poison nail) and Life Drain (via Hazama's Overdrive) both steadily decrease the opponent's life while active, but can never kill the opponents by themselves; the most they can do is decrease the opponent's life to 1 health.

Recognizing Invincibility[edit]

Notice the white circle?

When your character is attribute invincible to an enemy's, you may notice that a white circle will appear.

Note that it doesn't always show, for example, ground throws vs airborne opponents won't show this circle.

Instantly Stopping a Run[edit]

While running, a throw totally halts your character's momentum. This throw can be kara canceled into Barrier (done via [BC] > 4ABC) to immediately come to a stop, avoiding the sliding momentum that a regular Barrier run stop would have. The difference isn't normally worth it given the execution requirement but it could have situational applications or be used in precise spacing games.