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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 InputIcon 7.png 8 InputIcon 8.png 9 InputIcon 9.png
4 InputIcon 4.png 5 InputIcon 5.png 6 InputIcon 6.png
1 InputIcon 1.png 2 InputIcon 2.png 3 InputIcon 3.png
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example InputIcon 236.png+BBCF A Prompt.png becomes 236A.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
land = Indicate that the player must land at a point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j = Jump
hj/sj = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
WS = Wall Stick/Wall Splat
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input
(move) = Move is optional.
[sequence]xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Attack must deal N amount of hits.
[X] or [Y] = Perform X or Y.
RC = Rapid Cancel
OD = Overdrive
EA = Exceed Accel
(En) = Whenever Naoto dashes/dash cancels a special it will be Enhanced. This abbreviation will be used in BnB's whenever they are present

Combo Theory

For Naoto, the majority of his non dash normal BnB confirms, the move Shift Sway (214A) is what ties everything together. i.e: Stuff>3C>214A>66>etc. Without it his damage/combo potentially drastically decreases, locking him out of what makes him truly problematic off clean and sometimes stray confirms. Any and all usual whiff j.2C confirms do not work on Arakune.

In the Corner, the 2C>5D>2D>6D Route is inconsistent on Bang, Platinum and Arakune unless the 2C is microdashed.

For more information on Naoto Combo theory and another list of combos, check out the Naoto Guide

Combo List

Midscreen 5A/2A Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
5A>5AA>5B>5C>3C>236BBB 2048 14 [1] Very Easy Basic 5A Starter with fair damage. Go to Basic BnB
5A>5AA>5B>5C>3C>214D 1673 12 [1] Very Easy Another basic 5A starter. Damage is lower than with Rekka ender, but the knockdown leads to safejump situations
5A>5AA>5B>5C>3C>214A>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>2C>5D>2D>214A>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 2957 21 [3] Medium Slightly more difficult BnB as it uses Sway Dash Cancel>C DP. All Around Standard BnB. 2.0 Confirm, great damage off 5A

Does not work on Arakune

Crouching Hit 5A>5AA>5C>5D>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>5B>2C>sjc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3223 23 [2] Easy Solid Damage on crouch, Even better corner carry
Crouching Hit 5A>5AA>5C>214A>66>EnKaid>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 3586 25 [3] Medium Strong crouching confirm, can end early to go for Pain safejump for less damage or Knockdown with D DP.
Crouching Hit 5A>5AA>5C>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnC DP~whiff j.2C>662C>5D>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 3042 20 [2] Easy Solid crouch confirm, breaks 3k
2A>(2A)>5A>5AA>5B>5C>3C>236BBB 1536 (1687) 11 (12) [1] Very Easy Much like the first 5A Starter. Omit the 2nd 2A for slightly more damage
2A>5B>5C>3C>214A>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>2C>5D>2D>214A>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 2700 19 [3] Medium Similar to the other sway route, but off 2A
(5A)/2A>5B>5C>3C>214A>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>663C>EnKaid>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka>66>EnD DP~j.2C (3044) 2745 (21) 19 [4] Hard New 2.0 Route, Side switch confirm with great damage off 2A or 3k off 5A
5A>5AA>5C>5Ddc>EnC DP>5A>2C>5D>(2D)>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3022 21 [2] Easy Works at half screen and carries to corner. Good Damage
5A>5AA>5C>5Ddc>EnC DP>665A>2C>5D>214A>66>EnRekka~C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 2640 21 [2] Easy Works more consistently at half screen, only consistent on taller/wider hurtboxes at fullscreen. Simple 5A starter
665A>EnKaid>663C>EnKaid>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 3262 22 [3] Medium Any stray dashing 5A into 3.2k
5A>5AA>5C>3C>214A>66>EnC DP>5A>2C>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 2845 20 [3] Medium Buffer the 214A along with the 2C. Makes it easier to dash rekka after

Corner 5A Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
5A>5AA>5C>3C>214D>663C>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 3047 21 [3] Medium One of the Standard Corner BnB's to learn. Solid Damage off 5A, very good Knockdown.

Need to microdash 2C on: Bang, Platinum, Arakune to get 5D>2D>6D to work consistently

5A>5AA>3C>214D>662C>5D>2D>214A>66>2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 3254 23 [3] Medium Highest Damage off 5A meterless, great Knockdown
5A>5AA>5C>3C>214D>66>EnC DP~Whiff j.2C>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 3186 22 [3] Medium Stylish, Solid damage and ends in the usual knockdown.

Meterless Midscreen/Anywhere 5B Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
5B>5C>3C>236BBB 2274 16 [1] Very Easy Same as the first combo, remove the 5A.
5B>5C>Rekka~C>j.C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 2891 20 [1] Very Easy New 2.0 route, raid works on standing now :v
5B>5C>3C>214A>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>5B>2C>jc>j.C>jc>jB>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3095 22 [3] Medium Much like the other Route. More Damage, More Meter, Better Carry.
5B>5C>3C>214A>66>EnC DP>Whiff j.2C>663C>EnKaid>662C>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 3338 23 [4] Hard Fullscreen Carry off 5B. Decent Damage.
5B>5C>3C>214A>66>EnC DP>Whiff j.2C>663C>EnKaid>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 3625 26 [4] Hard Side switch confirm that works almost everywhere on screen, if too far from the corner, substitute the EnRekka~B for EnRekka~C>Air Combo for roughly 100 damage less.
5B>5C>3C>214A>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>665B>EnRekka~C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3029 23 [3] Medium Pretty Good 5B confirm into dash 5B. Tricky to do consistently however due to spacing, but still a very strong confirm with solid screen carry.
5B>5C>3C>214A>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3570 25 [4] Hard Another new Confirm that side switches off 5B Starter. Good damage and Knockdown
5B>5C>3C>214A>66>EnC DP>Whiff j.2C>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>665B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j623D~j.2C 3900 28 [4] Hard Another new confirm, another side switch into high damage meterless. Bless 2.0
665B>EnKaid>662C>En214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 4165 29 [3] Medium Your standard Dash 5B confirm. This is one of the most important confirms to learn as its a Massive amount of damage with decent meter gain. Get used to the dashes
665B>EnKaid>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 4417 31 [3] Medium Massive Damage off Dash 5B, the new standard as of CF 2.0 although the older route is still more than good, it's up to you.
665B>EnKaid>662C>5D>214A>66>EnRekka~C>jc>j.C>jc>j.B>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3535 28 [3] Medium A Variation of the Above combo. Better if you want to put your opponent back into the corner. Less Damage but better carry, same Knockdown though.

Delay the EnRekka just a bit. The slide on Air hit 5D should be the indicator when to EnRekka

665B>EnRekka~B>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3523 29 [2] Easy Corner Carry personified. Solid damage, not much else to it.
5B>5C>3C>214A>66>EnC DP~whiff j.2C>665B>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>665B>2C>jc>j.C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3564 25 [3] Medium Works Everywhere, much like the other confirm like this one, requires a bit of spacing for full screen carry.
Crouching Hit 5B>5C>214A>66>EnKaid>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 4461 32 [3] Medium Main Crouching 5B confirm. Good Easy Damage, Easy utility.
Crouching Hit 5B>5C>5D>2D>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4413 31 [3] Medium 2C hitstun buff makes this a very strong confirm on crouchers

Meterless Corner/Back to Corner 5B Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
5B>5C>3C>214D>665B(665C*)>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 3976 (4136) 28 (29) [3] Medium The most basic 5B corner route, Great Damage and Knockdown. It is possible to do Dash 5C instead of 5B as you need to Delay Slash Kaid to get it consistently.
665B>EnKaid>662C>5D>2D>214A>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>En623D~j.2C 4397 30 [3] Medium Back to the Corner confirm. Great damage off Dash 5B and good knockdown.

Counter Hit 5B Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
CH 5B>214A~28A>662C>En214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>Slight Delay 5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3864 25 [3] Medium If you wanna style and put your opponent in the corner. Mainly used if you're in the corner.
CH 5B>214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4391 30 [3] Medium Can be done off Normal CH 5B or Dashing CH 5B for the side switch. Great damage with decent knockdown. Midscreen only.
CH 5B>214A~8A>662C>En214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnRekka~C>j.c>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3772 24 [2] Easy Much like the above combo, this is usually for style and actually be used midscreen. You lose a little bit of damage but the Carry is always good.

Only works on tall hurtboxes unless close enough to corner

CH 665B>En214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>665B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 4209 30 [2] Easy If you want to push your opponent back to the corner and get solid damage and knockdown, go for it.
CH 5B>6D>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4550 32 [3] Medium Extremely high damage with really good meter gain. A huge midscreen punish with lots of screen carry if you are not cornered.
CH 5B>6D>214A>66>EnRekka~C>jc>j.C>jC>j.B>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3015 21 [2] Easy Not as much damage but its main use is screen carry, just pushing your opponent a little past half screen.
CH 5B>6D>214A>66>EnKaid>665B>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>662C>5D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4379 30 [3] Medium Corner to Corner. A little tricky due to Rekka needing to hit slightly above Naoto's head

Midscreen 5C Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
5C>2C>3C>236BBB 2566 18 [1] Very Easy It's basic. It works, not the best by any means but you're not getting raw 5C often anyways
Crouching Hit 5C>5D>2D>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3710 26 [2] Easy

Counter Hit 5C Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
CH 5C>6D>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4956 35 [3] Medium Standard CH 5C Punish to really let your opponent think about life. Instant corner carry from midscreen.
CH 5C>6D>214A>66>EnRekka~C>jc>j.C>jc>j.B>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3372 27 [2] Easy If you're too far to get carry just use this instead
CH 665C>En214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4791 33 [3] Medium Much like the 5B version except at Max range you will never cross up. Instant corner carry from 3/4ths screen. Same route in the corner as well.
CH 5C>6D>214A>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>214A>66>2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4932 35 [3] Medium Style, Optimization and Damage. Why not? Corner CH 5C Punish
Air Hit CH 5C>2D>214A>66>EnKaid>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4995 35 [3] Medium Great damage but anti-air 5C is quite rare, don't expect to use this very often. 2D might whiff on some occasions

Counter Hit 2C Confirms

Notes: 2C>214~8A works without counterhit, but it's tighter

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
CH 2C>214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnRekka~C>sjc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 4384 31 [2] Easy Great reward off CH Anti-Air, carries to the corner at around a little behind midscreen.
CH 2C>214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~C>sjc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3595 27 [2] Easy An Alternative to the Above. Much like the other confirms like this, only use if you're too far to get corner carry.
CH 2C>6D>214A>66>EnKaid>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~28A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4562 32 [3] Medium Good Damage, Corner Carry. Almost works from corner to corner

Anywhere 3C Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
663C>EnKaid>665C>EnRekka~C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3165 22 [2] Easy Stray Dash sweep confirm, if used in the corner it carries to half screen
663C>EnKaid>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4273 30 [3] Medium Alternative version to the above confirm. Can be used a bit further back from midscreen and are guaranteed corner. Very good damage
663C>EnKaid>662C>EnPain>665C>EnRekka~C>jc>j.C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3772 27 [3] Medium Ez Damage off any Stray Dash Sweep. Works everywhere, Can substitute EnRekka~C for EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid for more damage, not as consistent.

Counter Hit 3C Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
CH 3C>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>665B>2C>jc>j.C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 4104 27 [3] Medium Side switches. Good damage, and great corner carry no matter where you do it
CH 3C>2D>214A>66>EnKaid>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>665B>2C>jc>j.C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3922 27 [2] Easy Works Corner to corner.
CH 3C>2D>214A>66>EnKaid>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>662C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4389 30 [3] Medium Works closer to midscreen, guaranteed corner.

Midscreen 6A Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
6A>Rekka~C>sjc>j.B>j.C>jc>j.B>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 2561 18 [1] Very Easy The confirm for people that can't do sway cancels. Practice them.
6A>5C>5D>Rekka~C>sjc>j.B>j.C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C ~3000 WIP [1] Very Easy The better version of the combo above, for people that can't do sway cancels but stronger.
6A>5C>5D>(2D)>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnC DP>Whiff j.2C>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3710 (5D>2D>) 3601 (5D>) 26/25 [2] Easy The overhead BnB. Great damage and carry. Buffer everything if you're struggling. Dash shortcuts are either 66236 or 2366.
6A>5C>214A>66>EnKaid>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 3998 28 [3] Medium Almost 4k off his Overhead, works almost everywhere. Can side switch if 662C>EnSway~Pain is done fast enough
6A>5C>214A>66>EnKaid>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 4137 29 [3] Medium Almost like the above confirm, guaranteed corner if done midscreen. Hold 4B to not cross up into the corner.

Meterless Corner/Back to Corner 6A Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
6A>5C>214A>66>EnKaid>662C>5D>214A>66>EnKaid>662C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4109 28 [3] Medium A very rewarding overhead confirm that side switches you and the opponent in the corner. Also works on Arakune.
6A>5C>3C>214D>663C>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 3402 23 [3] Medium Good damage and knockdown. There are alternate routes that do slightly more but they are far more unstable than this one, dropping or being too inconsistent on a few characters, As of 2.0 this works on Rachel
6A>5C>3C>214D>6623C>whiff j.2C>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 3560 25 [3] Medium The cooler and more damaging version of the combo above. For execution flexing purposes

Meterless j.A/j.B Air to Air Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
j.A>j.A>jc>j.C>j.D>j.623D~j.2C 1500 10 [1] Very Easy There isn't much to say about Naoto's air to air combos, try to stay on the ground to anti-air your opponent. Good knockdown
j.A>j.C>jc>j.B>j.C>j.623D 1718 12 [1] Very Easy
j.A>j.C>jc>j.C>j.D>j.623D~j.2C 1853 13 [1] Very Easy

Meterless j.B/j.C Air to Ground Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
(IAD j.B)>(IAD)j.C>665B>EnKaid>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 3300 28 [2] Easy It's almost the same as his standing 5B combos, but you get a free 665B on landing. Midscreen combo, if you don't reach corner, do RekkaC into air combo
(IAD j.B)>(IAD)j.C>665B>EnRekka~B>66>EnC DP~whiff j.2C>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 2862 22 [3] Medium Midscreen combo as well, if you don't reach corner after whiff j.2C, do 5B>2C into air combo

Meterless CH j.C Air to Air Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
IAD CH j.C>6A>6D>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4370 31 [3] Medium Only works if opponent is high enough. It's a midscreen combo, you know what you need to do if it doesn't reach corner. 6A gives 110% proration in combos. Great damage.
CH (s)j.C>jc(>Delay Falling j.C)>(66)2C>Sway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3972 28 [2] Easy j.C must be done as soon as you jump, do 66 if you want to side swap. You need to delay fall j.C if you did super jump. Midscreen combo.

Meterless 5[D]/2[D] Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
5/2[D]>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 4491/4176 32/30 [2] Easy This shouldn't happen, but if it does, easy damage for something that shouldn't land outside of Overdrive or on Counter Hit.
5/2[D]>214A>66>EnKaid>662C>En214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 5436/5023 38/35 [2] Easy Another thing that should not happen outside of OD or CH, insane damage though so take that as you will. Does not work at maximum distance.

Meterless j.[D] Starters

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
j.[D]>EnKaid>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4616 32 [3] Medium The Anti Anti-Air/General j.[D] Starter. The EnKaid followup is probably the hardest part of the confirm but simple enough with some practice. Huge damage off a Non-CH, Adjust accordingly for confirms a bit too far from midscreen
j.[D]>662C>En214A~8A>665C> EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>665B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 4384 31 [2] Easy Damage and Side swap. Generally pushes to the corner with good knockdown. Does not work on max distance and height.

CH Drive Starters

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
CH 5D>6D>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D> 214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4935 35 [3] Medium Almost breaks 5k, excellent punish to use especially midscreen. If you're too far to the corner, alternate to Rekka~C>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C
CH 5[D]>6[D]>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid> 5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 5906 42 [3] Medium This confirm is mainly used to punish slow recovering DP's like Naoto's, Hibiki's, Makoto's, Azrael's, Kagura's Flash Kick, as well as Terumi's Soutenjin Super if he isn't in OD as he can Mash EA after whiffing the 2nd hit. This Punish is the fullscreen variant with the Half screen variant actually hitting above 6k but is more spacing dependent.
CH 6D>214A>66>EnKaid>662C>En214A~8A>66>5C> EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 4861 34 [3] Medium the 6D Punish that can be used anywhere on screen. If you're in the corner. Huge damage off any stray CH 6D, if you're too far away from the corner, settle for the Rekka~C confirm; usual less damage and decent knockdown. As of 2.0 it works on EVERYONE

Midscreen Forward Throw Routes

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
Forward Throw>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 3714 26 [3] Medium Basic Throw route Midscreen, corner carry. Same rules apply to most other midscreen routes, Adjust it if you're too far from the corner or Settle for slightly worse Knockdown. Must delay 665C or the opponent will be too high for EnRekka.
Forward Throw>662C>En214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>665B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3551 25 [2] Easy This route is if you want to side swap and force your opponent into the corner, works almost everywhere.

Corner Throw Routes

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
Forward Throw>(66)2C>5D>6D>214A>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 3625 26 [3] Medium The staple corner throw convert. Easy, solid damage with pretty decent reward.
Forward Throw>6D/(6[D])>214A~8A>2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 3529 (6D) 3728 (6[D]) 25/28 [2] Easy A little bit spacing specific off throw but it's still solid damage for what it's worth.

Midscreen Back Throw Routes

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
Back Throw>665C>EnKaid>663C>EnKaid>665B>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 3150 22 [2] Easy Simple back throw route. Side swaps and can most often lead to corner carry.
Back Throw>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnC DP>whiff j.2C>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3273 23 [1] Very Much like the Above confirm, it side swaps and works generally everywhere.
Back Throw>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3517 25 [3] Medium Back Throw being special cancelable adds Style + the sideswitch so you can put your opponent back into the corner if need be.
Back Throw>214A>66>EnKaid>662C>En214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3624 WIP [2] Easy

Air Throw Routes

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
Air Throw>662C>5D>214A>66>EnRekka~C>jc>j.C>j.B>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3152 22 [2] Easy One of naoto's few airthrow confirms. But midscreen pushes to the corner with decent damage.
Air Throw>662C>En214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>jc>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3551 25 [2] Easy

Fatal Counter Routes

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
Crouching Hit FC EnRoar>665A>EnKaid>662C>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnRekka>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>Sway>66>EnD DP~j.2C 4120 28 [3] Medium
FC EnRoar~Bash>66>EnC DP>Whiff j.2C>2C>5D>6D>214A>66>EnKaid>5C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 4806 34 [3] Medium Another route with 2nd Rekka. Leading to a fair bit amount of damage, and corner carry if done from midscreen as well as possible in the corner.
FC 6[D]>214A>66>66D>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnSway~Pain>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 5845 41 [3] Medium Big boy damage. Improbable Confirm with an absurd amount of damage. FC 6[D] makes everyone sad. Must be done close to corner
Corner FC Bash>665B>6B>662C>2D>5[D]>214A>66>EnKaid>662C>5D>214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 5393 41 [3] Medium Only works on Jin, Noel, Hakumen, Izanami, Susano'o
Corner FC Bash>665B>6B>662C>2D>6[D]>214A~8A>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 5363 40 [2] Easy The universal Version of the above combo
Corner FC Bash>665B>6B>662C>(2D>5[D]>214A>66>2D>5[D])x3>214A>66>EnRekka~B>66>EnD DP~j.2C 5391 40 [2] Easy

25% Meter Confirms

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
6A>5C>CT>214A~8A>665C>EnRekka~B>66>EnKaid>5B>2C>jc>j.C>j.C>j.623D~j.2C 3251 -11 [2] Easy Its nifty, decent confirm if you want to spend your meter but it's not really advised here as you can save your Meter for Supers and RC's to keep your pressure safe or mixup
CH 5B/C>6D>Charge CT>5D>2[D]>214A>66>EnKaid>(66)2C>5D>2D>6D>214A>66>En214A~8A>665C>EnD DP~j.2C 5B: 5241, 5C: 5671 5B: 0, 5C: 3 [3] Medium Make people sad, really really sad. Pushing almost 6k off a CH and 25 meter this confirm is well worth using the 25 Meter. Corner only but the reward is definitely worth it and if you have the meter to spend on super as well, you're going to see someone's Health Bar melt, even more so if you Spend the OD to do it.

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