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General Tactics

For more information on Nine, check BasedTuxedoMasked's Guide

Tl;DR (For Beginners)

Important Moves

  • 4X: Essentially Nine's jabs, makes certain long posts safer
  • Kunzite: Pressure reset, tracking overhead
  • Taaffeite of Temptation: Oki tool
  • Tanzanite of Torment: Useful for combos into good oki
  • Crimson Raider: Ground combo extender, air combo ender, relatively safe on block.
  • 214D: Meterless Reversal
  • 236236A: Distortion combo ender
  • 6A/6C: Anti-airs

Nine is a strong character with massive range and a variety of spells for setplay. She can control the screen by polluting it with all sorts of spells and attacks, and once she's gets a knockdown she has a variety of mixup options. Nine's versatility comes in how you can play with her spells and her range; You can zone out certain characters, play at the midrange to challenge their movement, or a mix of both. Nine's movement is unconventional. Her teleport dashes can be used to dodge certain oki, frustrate her opponent, or set up left/right mixups.


Nine's blockstrings are unique in Blazblue because of her open gatlings. If she has not used a 4X button yet, She can gatling most of her normals straight into a 4X normal in order to make herself safer. Additionally, depending on the blockstring you can instead use a spell to reset pressure or make yourself safer. Some of these pressure resets may change depending on elements that you have before starting a blockstring.


Good Spells for oki include:

  • Uvarovite of Undoing (Uvarovite)
  • Taaffeite of Temptation (Fairy)

The spells you choose can change depending on your current elements, your priorities, and the current combo at hand.

Tanzanite Freeze

Tanzanite's freeze gives Nine enough time to build elements for nice oki or even restand situations! Freezing is good for situations where your current elements don't lead to good oki. Below is an example of an Ice Restand:


Uvarovite oki is less effective at midscreen but still useful for mixups and lockdown. Nine can reposition, set up spells, and generally apply great pressure while Uvarovite fires off. Below is an example of using Uvarovite oki with Tanzanite:


Fairy oki gives Nine a good amount of time to go for mixups. It has much less startup than Uvarovite, though it provides less lockdown in place of strong mixup potential. You can high low (j.2A IOH/214C)/(2X/3C), or use your teleports to create left right situations. You can also bait out jump attempts with other spells/normals/frame traps. Fairy oki is also effective anywhere on the screen, making it viable if you can't get corner positioning. The video example below shows a setup using Fairy oki:

Tips and Tricks

  • Many of Nine's normals don't have big hurtboxes. Exploit your range whenever possible
  • Nine's dashes are invuln to projectiles on frame 1. This includes her forward dash. Use it to get around projectile based oki!
  • Nine's spells don't require her elements to be in a certain order

Fighting Nine

  • Use Barrier and IBB actively. This will push Nine out of range so she can't close the gap. You can also cause her to whiff certain normals so she can't set up spells as easily.
  • Try to make Nine whiff her attacks. Despite her range, they all have long recovery.
  • Experiment with delay tech. Some of Nine's options are blown up simply by delay teching instead of emergency teching.
  • Force Nine to commit to movement options: By staying outside of certain ranges, you can force Nine to try to approach, and punish her for poor teleports.

Video Resources

These guides are a good introduction to Nine. They were created during Central Fiction 1, so some information is outdated. However, most of it is still useful and carries over into CF2.