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*Very high Heat gain means more Rapid Cancels/Counter Assaults/Crush Triggers/Distortion Drives.
*Very high Heat gain means more usage of many system mechanics
*Very good mobility with high speed run.
*Very good mobility with high speed run.
*With resources, strong rushdown and pressure options.
*With resources, strong rushdown and pressure options.

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Lore:The man only known as Yuuki Terumi is one of the primary antagonists of the BlazBlue series and a former member of the Six Heroes, as well as the creator of the Azure Grimoire. He is also the founder of both the Novus Orbis Librarium and Sector Seven, often manipulating both sides to reach his goals. He first appeared as a playable DLC character in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.
Pros Cons
  • Very high Heat gain means more usage of many system mechanics
  • Very good mobility with high speed run.
  • With resources, strong rushdown and pressure options.
  • Has one of the fastest reversal supers in the game.
  • Great anti-air in the form of 6A
  • Suppressing opponent's meter gain often limits their options and combo damage against Terumi.
  • Benefits immensely from Overdrive and Active Flow.
  • Practical high damage ceiling
  • Absurd number of Distortion Drives
  • Very meter dependent for damage and mixups.
  • Very weak Air-to-Ground game, his only aerials that have a good vertical hitbox (J.D and J.2D) are both slow, and J.2D whiffs easily due to the forward movement
  • Range on his normals make it difficult for him to get in and stay in, especially against zoners or characters with superior range and footsies
  • Very susceptible to Barrier and Instant Barrier due to his short range and lack of safe approaches
  • The hurtboxes on some of his normals often extend before the attack becomes active, meaning he must be very careful against footsie-oriented characters.
  • No meterless reversal
  • Below-average health.
  • Weakest resistance to negative penalty of all characters in the game
Drive: Force Eater

Terumi's Drive is centered around Heat gain. By using his Drive, Terumi gains extra meter on hit and block, far beyond what most characters normally get; note that meter gain from his Drive prorates along with the combo, so you will get less for doing multiple Drives in one combo. The opponent will also not gain any Heat when they block (or get hit by) Terumi's Drive attacks.

Overdrive: Nightmare Reaper
Increases the Heat gained from Drive attacks and generally improves them in terms of hitboxes, damage, etc. Terumi will also drain the opponent's meter when his opponent blocks (or gets hit by) his Drive attacks. Also allows Terumi to cancel his supers into other supers (even the same one he just performed) so long as he has enough Heat to perform another super. It also gets rid of Heat gauge cooldown, meaning you can use a distortion and then proceed to gain meter as you normally would. Nightmare Reaper also allows Terumi to cancel any super into his Exceed Accel on hit and on block, allowing him to easily end his combos with big damage and gain Active Flow.

Normal Moves

BBCP Terumi 5A.png
Classic backhander
300 All 5 3 9 0 B -
  • Whiffs on all crouching characters except Hakumen and Tager.

Terumi's fastest normal at 5 frames, 5A is mainly used as either an anti-air or to interrupt the opponent's pressure.

BBCP Terumi 5B.png
Dance and sting like an evil hornet
500 Mid 8 3 12 +2 B -

Terumi's 5B has much shorter range than the average 5B. However, it is +2 on block, making it an excellent pressure tool. Thanks to Terumi's fast run speed, this can also be used as a high damage counter poke in his neutral game.

BBCP Terumi 5C.png
Two are better than one
490*2 All 11 2(11)2 2+18L -2 B -

5C moves Terumi forward, allowing him to stay in his opponent's face and helps a little bit to prevent his normals from whiffing due to the opponent Barrier Blocking. Due to 5C only being -2 on block, it can sometimes be used as a tick throw option. Terumi is also considered airborne at around the first active frame, so it can also be used as a throw bait if timed right.

5C can be jump canceled on the first hit; however you cannot double jump or air dash after jump-canceling. It is strongly advised you do this if they do an overdrive raid on the first hit because it will make the second hit miss and open you up for a punish. In pressure you can jump cancel the first hit and follow up with J.2D to extend your pressure, this is gapless (assuming you did it as clean as possible) on most hitboxes (leaving you at +2 though instead of +3) and leaves a 1-frame gap on shorter hitboxes (Mai, Bullet....) (and leaves you at +3)

With meter this move can be used for mixups as rapid cancelling the first hit puts you airborne, so you can for a nasty J.A/J.B overhead, you can also wait till right before the second lands and RC into a throw or low.

Curiously, the second part of the move is programmed to only activate when Terumi vertical velocity hits zero, so if some external force launches him upwards (Such as Kokonoe's Gravitron), Terumi will be stuck in recovery from the first part of this attack until he starts falling.

BBCP Terumi 2A.png
Clenched fists don't have any class
300 All 7 2 10 0 F -

Clocking in at 7 frame startup while being +0 on block, this is one of the main pieces of Terumi's pressure game, and is also useful for throw setups. It can be used to get out of pressure, but the range is not that great.

BBCP Terumi 2B.png
Not safe on block but fast enough for Terumi's victims
480 Low 9 3 19 -8 F -

This move has some of the best range of his non-Drive attacks, and it is his main low hitting normal. As such, this is used in his mixup game and in neutral, where his Drive normals are too slow to cut it. Beware of opponents with good instant blocking skills, as it makes any gatling to a C or D normal from this move besides 3C and 4D have a gap. The recovery is also really bad, to the point where caution needs to be exercised.

BBCP Terumi 2C.png
Do not use raw.......FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!
720 Mid 13 4 25 -12 F -
  • Not a Low
  • Terumi's hurtbox extends during the startup frames and is as long as the hitbox, so be careful with it in footsies.

This is one of his longest ranged normals, reaching slightly farther than 2B, not very good in neutral though, due to the startup and extended hurtbox making it easily counterpoked. It is jump-cancelable on block and hit, and unlike 5C, you can double jump and air dash when you jump cancel it. However, just like his other long range normals, it has pretty bad recovery on it, so be careful with its placement.

It is useful in pressure as you can jump cancel it into J.2D without leaving much of a gap (4F)

BBCP Terumi 6A.png
"From above?"
550 Mid 9 3 24 -10 B 5~11 H

Fast, hitbox covers his entire head, good horizontal range, and jump-cancelable on hit and block. In other words, this is Terumi's true anti-air, and a great one at that. The only downside is the damage off of it; even with Heat, it can leave a lot to be desired on normal hit.

On Counter Hit, it has a lot more hitstun, allowing for good damage and Heat Gain.

BBCP Terumi 6B.png
Soooo satisfying to ram your knee into someone else
Attack 650 Mid 24 3 12 +3 B 13~26 FT
Feint - - - - 31 - - -
  • Fatal Counter

This normal goes under highs, and also has lower body and throw invulnerability. 6B can also be feinted by holding down B for throw setups and mind games. The weakness of this normal is that it has no mid or projectile invulnerability whatsoever. Most 5Bs and DPs will blow Terumi up for abusing this move. Also, the feint has no kind of invulnerability whatsoever, meaning it is exclusively to play mind games with opponents that respect Terumi's pressure, and in certain matchups to bait reversals (Hakumen's Zanshin Drive, Noel's Chain Revolver Drive, Jin's Yukikaze).

How much this normal is used depends completely on the matchup and how well the opponent can instant block. Some matchups will be using it sparingly, but in others it will be spammed a lot.

BBCP Terumi 6C.png
"Slice aaand dice!"
500, 300, 650 All 13 2(8)3(17)4 31 -14 B -

This is Terumi's longest ranged normal. However, it cannot be canceled into anything but a Rapid Cancel, but it is possible to combo after it without meter on Counter Hit. It is very unsafe on block and whiff (and also puts you in a Counter hit state for the recovery's duration) so if this does not connect or there is not enough meter to Rapid Cancel, Terumi will be punished heavily for it. Fortunately, however, Terumi gains so much meter for RCs that this is generally safe to use at short range and can lead to big damage should you call correctly and score a nice counterhit. Beware that instant blocking the second hit leaves a small gap which your opponent can perform a reversal with, so waiting for the third hit before rapid cancelling is not foolproof.

BBCP Terumi 3C.png
Always good to sweep someone off their feet
700 Low 10 2 30 -13 F -

Terumi's other low attack; can be be used in his mixup game, but it is his only normal that doesn't chain into 6B. Because it knocks the opponent down, it allows for immediate use of 22C on hit.

On Counter Hit, it gives a hard knockdown, allowing to link other normals for more damage and even 2D if done inmediately.

BBCP Terumi jA.png
Jab, jab, jab...
300 High/Air 7 3 9 - H -

Jumping jab. One of his best options for hitting crouchers on a jump-in. It is also a good anti-air option.

BBCP Terumi jB.png
Roundhouse kick, ha!
380*2 High/Air 10 4(2)2 14 - H -

An all-purpose air normal, but compared to some of his other normals, it is not that good of a jump-in. It has great horizontal range, and OK vertical range, can cross up in the later parts of the move, and hits twice.

BBCP Terumi jC.png
Slash 'em!
350*2, 550 High/Air 11 2(3)2(4)2 18 -3 H -

This is a heavily altered version of Hazama's j.C. Where Hazama mainly uses this for combo filler (Terumi does this too), Terumi's j.C sees a lot of use in neutral. j.C would mainly be used as a way for Terumi to protect himself from an approach where j.D won't cut it due to its speed. Not that great of a jump-in, but it is still good to use off of an instant air-dash.

Drive Moves

BBCP Terumi 5D.png
Jabak- I mean 5D
620 All 13 4 18 -3 BP -
  • Gains 16% Heat on hit, 7-9% on block.
  • During OD, gains 18% Heat on hit, 11-12% Heat on block, and drains 2% Heat from the opponent on hit and block
  • Terumi's hurtbox extends to the end of his hand, which is about half of the hitbox.

This is Terumi's 2nd longest ranged normal, as well as his go-to poke. The max range of this move is NOT at the tip but at around the snake's eyes (just short of the tip). This move is NOT a projectile, but it can nullify projectiles and hit the opponent at the same time. The startup and recovery are pretty sizeable, so Terumi must be careful when throwing this out.

At max range (especially if it was used to counter poke or whiff punish), Terumi is not going to get any reasonable damage or Heat Gain unless he already has Heat or gets a Counter Hit.

OD version greatly increased horizontal and vertical range.

BBCP Terumi 2D.png
Please Fatal Counter me......
Regular 680 All 40 15 Total 61 +5 P1 -
  • Gains about 24% Heat on hit, 9-10% Heat on block

Combos from counter hit 6A. On its own it's way too slow to be used reliably, and is therefore rarely used. Only ever useful against opponents late teching, or if you know that they're not going to do anything other than block.

In 2.0, this move received a greater pull-in effect so you can actually capitalize on it's frame advantage

Note: This move IS a projectile, and like his other drive moves can also Nullify projectiles

Overdrive 350*3 All 40 3*5 Total 61 +11 P1 -
  • Gains 35% Heat on hit, 22% Heat on block
  • Drains 6% Heat from the opponent

Has a much bigger hitbox, but the uses (or lack thereof) are the same as the normal version. Unlike the normal version, it hits 3 times instead of just once.

BBCP Terumi 6D.png
Have a nice flight, haha!
1st hit 350 Mid 18 3 24 -8 B -
Followups 300*2, 550 All - - - - B -
  • Fatal Counter
  • Gains 30% Heat on hit
  • Followup hits only occur if first hit lands and they're relatively close.
  • Forces standing for followup.

Combo filler only. Not recommended for anything else because he has other normals that can fulfill those other purposes.

OD Followups 250*4, 550 All - - - - B -
  • Fatal Counter
  • Gains 42% Heat on hit
  • Drains 5% Heat from the opponent on hit

Very important combo filler for his OD combos, as it has great meter gain and the scaling is'nt bad (unlike 236D and OD loops) allows Terumi to tag a super at the end, though the height and distance makes it hard (if not impossible) to connect certain supers. On the last hit, Terumi kicks the opponent farther/higher than the normal version, if hit high enough you can also follow up with another 6D from about halfscreen (requires a microdash outside the corner) for alot of meter without much scaling

BBCF Terumi 4D.png
Kicking the dog!
600 All 10 6 16 0 BP -
  • Gains 13% Heat on hit, 7% on Block
  • During OD, Gains 17% Heat on hit, 11% on Block, and drains 2% from the opponent on hit and block

A jump-cancellable sand kick. Like 5D, it nullifies projectiles. Being jump- and super-cancellable, it allows for mixups and safejumps.

This move can also be used as a counterpoke in certain situations, due to it's speed and lack of hurtbox on the snake it'll beat out moves with extended hurtboxes and clash with those that don't

During OD untechable time is greatly increased, allowing Terumi to loop 4D>j.2D more than once.

BBCP Terumi jD.png
Yay! No extended hurtbox!
660 All 20 4 23 - HP -
  • Gains about 18% Heat on hit, 5-6% Heat on block.
  • During OD, gains 20% Heat on hit, 7-8% Heat on block, and drains 2% from the opponent on hit and block

Terumi's main air to ground normal; the hitbox is massive and Terumi doesn't extend his hurtbox. This allows him to prevent his opponent from approaching too carelessly unless they want to give him free meter. However, J.D's slow startup makes it bad to throw out if the opponent is too close. The small amount of landing recovery allows some characters to punish Terumi on whiff, but this isn't easy to do for a lot of the cast.

It can be very hard to confirm into combos on normal hit, 5D only links if j.D is done as late as possible. j.D has a lot of pushback and knockback, making all of his other normals hard to link as well.

Got buffed in 2.0, making it easier to follow up on counter hit, it can generally combo into 5D unless you hit very early in your jump

When an airborne opponent is hit, unless it is a Counter Hit, the only options are to use meter or chain into j.2D.

Can Nullify projectles

During OD, hitbox becomes even bigger, making it even harder to contest. Thanks to j.2D's changes in OD, it can be used as OD combo filler.

BBCP Terumi j2D.png
Ressen- I mean J.2D
640 All 15 8 Until L+7 +3 H -
  • Gains about 12-13% Heat on hit, 6-7% Heat on block.
  • OD version gains 14-15% Heat on hit, 8-9% on block and drains 2% from the opponent on hit and block

Terumi's pressure reset tool. Combined with jump startup, the fastest it can be done is 20 frames. While it is +3 on block when TK'd, the only time Terumi can go into it without leaving a 10+ frame gap is from 5C (1) or 2C

On block, assuming you execute perfectly:

5C (1)>jc>J.2D is gapless on most hitboxes and leaves a 1-frame gap on shorter hitboxes (Bullet,Arakune,Mai e.t.c)

2C>jc>J.2D leaves a 4-frame gap

This move's main use is as an Overdrive combo extender and as an air combo ender.

J.2D can also be used as a meaty if you know your opponent will Emergency tech due to it's abundance of active frames (8), it's frame advantage (which can go up to +8 if timed right) and the abilty to safejump or option select reversals if timed right

While the hitbox doesn't change, it now causes a hard knockdown, allowing follow-ups whenever it lands no matter what. Great OD combo filler and pressure option.

In overdrive you gain access to the 4D>J.2D loop which can be done multiple times to (re)gain meter

Universal Mechanics

Forward Throw
Forward Throw
BBCP Terumi ForwardThrow.png
The heel must hurt...
0, 300, 1200 Throw 7 3 23 - T -
  • 100% minimum damage

Can cancel into Crush Trigger, Overdrive, and any special (besides 22C) or super on the first hit of the grab. All options above, including 22C, are possible on the 2nd hit.

Back Throw
Back Throw
BBCP Terumi BackThrow.png
"Sucks to be you!"
0, 300, 0, 1200 Throw 7 3 23 - T -
  • 100% minimum damage

First hit works the same as the forward grab, while the second hit tosses the opponent behind Terumi and wall bounces, allowing follow-ups after dashing. Also special-, Distortion-, and OD cancelable.

Air Throw
Air Throw
BBCP Terumi AirThrow.png
"Sucks to be you!", now in air
0, 300, 0, 1200 Throw 7 3 23+3L - T -
  • 100% minimum damage

Works the same as back throw, except when the opponent wall bounces, they bounce back towards Terumi.

Beware of doing air grabs with the opponent too close to the corner. If they are, they will not wall bounce and they will simply be put in a hard knockdown, where only Jakyou Messenga can reach in time to combo.

Counter Assault
Counter Assault
6A+B (When Blocking)
BBCP Terumi 6A.png
Sh**, missed again!
0 All 13 4 35 -20 B 1~20 All

Decent speed and range but EXTREMELY EASY to whiff with. On counter hit it pushes the opponent all the way to full screen. Only use it in emergency situations.

Crush Trigger
Crush Trigger
BBCP Terumi CT.png
Zanei- I mean Crush Trigger
Uncharged 1000 Guard Break 32/Barrier 20 1 25 0 B -
Charged 1000 Guard Break 60/Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 B -
  • Causes Guard Crush on normal block. Will drain a portion of the Barrier Gauge when Barrier Blocked, and can be charged to drain even more.

Special Moves

(All of Terumi's Special moves can be cancelled into his Distortion drives)

Snakebite - Jagaku
Snakebite - Jagaku
BBCP Terumi 236D.png
You're gonna see this A LOT
Attack 520 All 16 3 11 [24] -4 B -
Followup 300, 1000 - - - - - - -
  • Gains 29% Heat on hit.
  • In Overdrive: Gains 34% on hit and drains 5% from the opponent.
  • Recovery higher on block (24)
  • If triggered fully, ends with terumi's opponent downed at Terumi's feet.

Decent whiff punisher when meter is needed, and one of Terumi's main combo enders, as well as an extender with meter. It is Distortion-cancelable on the first and third hit, and Terumi can RC throughout the move. When used as a combo ender, however, it can be very hard to punish rolls midscreen, but it can be used to catch rolls on specific combo enders (6C, 22C).

It can be used as a very gimmicky pressure reset and throw setup by putting the opponent in blockstun and making it whiff.

A major change in BBCF is that this move now has a minimum height restriction; due to this, the move doesn't fully animate on airborne opponents too far from the ground. However, Terumi can follow up with 5A or 5B after hitting an airborne opponent, giving the move corner carry abilities.

In 2.0 the blockstun on the move has been increased. Making it only -4 on block. This brings it in line with other moves similar to this (Hell’s fang). Be wary of IB.

It can be used as a safer alternative to 6C to frame trap deeper in your blockstrings since it is much less vulnerable to OD. Make sure you have meter available to RC on block.

Retaliating Fang - Gasenshou
Retaliating Fang - Gasenshou
BBCP Terumi 214D (1).png
BBCP Terumi 214D (2).png
"Enjoy the pain!"
0, 196*14 Throw(160) 25 3 43 - T -
  • Gains 34% Heat on a successful grab.
  • In Overdrive: Gains 44% Heat and drains 10% from the opponent.

Has great range for a command grab, but it is very slow. Can be used sparingly as a mixup option to get the needed Heat, but if overdone, Terumi will be punished very heavily for it.

Cleaving Fang - Garengeki
Cleaving Fang - Garengeki
BBCP Terumi 22C.png
Die, spider!
Light 400*2, 1100 U 11 3 25 - F -
Heavy 400*2, 250*3, 1100 U 11 3 25 - F -

Purely combo filler. All of Terumi's most damaging combos use this move.

Two versions exist for this move: 22C (Light version) and 22CCC (Heavy version). The heavy version can be triggered by pressing the C button at least three times before the second stomp connects:

  • Light version: Two stomps, one kick.
  • Heavy version: Five stomps, one kick.

A major change from BBCP is that both versions send the opponent flying away very high. However, the move is now special- and OD-cancellable, so Terumi must special-cancel it to follow up.

Agonizing Fang - Tsuishouga
BBCF Terumi Tsuishoga.png
Quite a literal overhead
800 High 19 3 18 -4 B -

Fast overhead, and safe on block. Can be used in corner combos thanks to Cleaving Fang being special-cancelable.

As of 2.0 forces crouch on hit and can follow up on CH (basically a knock-off of Jin's 6A)

Distortion Drives

Gleaming Fang - Jakyou Messenga
Gleaming Fang - Jakyou Messenga
41236C [Air OK]
BBCP Terumi 41236C.png
Not best super anymore.
BBCP Terumi 41236C Air.png
Who says that snakes can't be fast?
Ground 0, 2400 All 4+(15 Flash)+6 10 39 -4 B 1~21 P
Ground OD 0, 1000, 0, 2400 All 4+(15 Flash)+6 10 [(24)4] 36 -4 B 1~21 P
Air 0, 2400 All 4+(15 Flash)+3 Until L 20 -4 H 1~Until L P
Air OD 0, 1000, 0, 2400 All 4+(15 Flash)+3 Until L [(17)4] 21 [36] -4 H, B 1~Until L P
  • Fatal Counter
  • Minimum damage: 360 [680]

Terumi rushes at the opponent enveloped in a snake-shaped aura, covering up to ¾ of the screen (air version varies depending on how high Terumi is when used).

On a successful hit, around 3000 damage combos can be used with minimum requirements. Unlike in BBCP, it now only has projectile invulnerability, so it can't be used as a reversal; however, the projectile invulnerability is active from the first frame, so it can be used as an anti-zoning tool. It is -4 on block, and even on Instant block it can be hard to punish.

No longer his best Distortion Drive in terms of utility, but still good for getting in on zoners or punishing projectile supers.

OD version adds an additional rush to the attack (ground and air version), negating the side switch. It also does more damage and gives more time to follow up.

Divine Twin Blades - Gouga Soutenjin
Divine Twin Blades - Gouga Soutenjin
623B [Air OK]
BBCP Terumi 623B.png
10 frames of invul! Hold that Haz! And lemme borrow one of your discarded tools in that OD version, mmkay?
Ground 1100*2, 1800 Mid 4+(15 Flash)+3 4,8(15)6 27+21L -35 B*2, H 1~10 All
Ground OD 1100*2, 1800 Mid 4+(15 Flash)+3 4,4,4(15)6(14)4 9+21L -35 B*4, H 1~10 All
Air 1100*2, 1800 All 4+(15 Flash)+3 4,8(15)6 Until L+21L - H 1~14 All
Air OD 1000*5 All 4+(15 Flash)+3 4,4,4(15)6(14)4 Until+21L - H 1~14 All
  • Minimum damage: 840 [1100]

His main reversal option. Very fast, but also very punishable on block or whiff. Recommended to use when you have 100 meter so you can rapid cancel it safely. Can be followed up on Counter Hit.

OD version adds an extra kick at the end which groundbounces the opponent, allowing follow-ups; the ground version gives 8 frames to follow up, while the air version gives 11 frames, making it a staple OD combo extender. The OD version can be very useful as a reversal option especially since you can attempt to snipe people attempting to punish by canceling into EA. They will have to punish you before you hit the ground for anything guaranteed.

Serpent's Laceration - Orochi Burensen
Serpent's Laceration - Orochi Burensen
BBCP Terumi 63214B.png
Up High.
BBCP Terumi 63214A.png
Down Low.
B 800, 200*4, 1000, 2500
[800, 400*14, 1000, 2500]
High 13+(48 Flash)+2 2 16 -1 B 13~16 All
  • Minimum damage: 715 [890]

The B version is an overhead. Wallbounces towards Terumi midscreen, wallsticks in the corner, and can be used as a corner combo extender, not that good in this version due to CT combos being readily available and the damage/resource gain difference not being that big. Use it to extend combos in situations where CT isn’t an option or if you really need the extra damage.

Can be used to end combos, giving you worse damage than his other supers, but better Oki

A 800, 500, 1000, 2000
[800, 400*14, 1000, 2500]
Low 13+(48 Flash)+2 2 28 -13 F 13~16 All
  • Minimum damage: 545 [890]

The A version is a low. With 100 Heat, this is a legit mixup, but be wary of if they have 50 meter to counter assault. It is best used for this purpose near the corner so you can get good damage and meter back. The A version cannot be followed up without 100 Heat. Wallbounces towards Terumi midscreen; wallsticks in the corner.

When Rapid Canceled on the second hit, the A version leaves them in a long untechable state, making it useful in specific combos (or for a taunt.)

As a side note, finishing an opponent with the first or second hit will give you a taunt voice clip while rubbing it in instead of his usual round win quotes.

Venomous Bite - Ouja Zanrouga
Venomous Bite - Ouja Zanrouga
BBCP Terumi 236236A.png
Hey kid come over here, I wana show you something
Catch - - - - 187 - - 1~112 HBF Guard
Attack 0, 2800
[0, 80*5, 2800]
Unblockable - 6 - - - All

Terumi walks and casually swings Ouroboros. Guard point lasts from 1-112F

  • Counter distortion, attack only triggers on successful guard point.
  • Guard point equivalent to a standing guard.
  • Superflash only occurs on successful guard point, however heat is consumed at the start of the stance, not the attack.
  • Extremely high-risk, high reward move.
  • When triggered, it creates a hitbox on the ground in front of Terumi which activates the counter if the opponent is caught by it. As such it will guardpoint, but not counter, jump-ins, crossups, and rising moves like Inferno Divider.
  • Counterhit state for entire move duration.

A tricky move that is extremely useful against predictable opponents that can be used as a nasty punish as well as a reversal of sorts due to it going active on its first frame. Part of the trick of this move is that it looks very similar to his normal walk cycle. It is possible to condition your opponent to see this move coming and mix it up with just walking forward. If they try to use a low or throw (which beat venomous bite) you can beat them with 6B. However, the best way you counter this move is simply to wait; At the end of the walk, Terumi will lose his guard point, stand still and shrug his shoulders while still in a counterhit state, allowing them to use the best possible counterhit they have, activate overdrive, pick their nose etc...

As such, this move is generally way too high-risk to advise using over your other defensive options as it loses to almost everything, against heavily telegraphed or reactable moves however (such as Tagers charging sledgehammer) you can use it, especially if you have another 50 heat lying around, even moreso with OD, as you can get anwhere from 6-7+K Damage with it (it also almost guarantees active flow).

OD version does increased damage, becomes super-cancelable on a successful counter, and can counter lows. Other limitations still apply, however.

Serpent's Cursed Sting - Jabaku Fuuenjin
Serpent's Cursed Sting - Jabaku Fuuenjin
BBCP Terumi 632146D (1).png
BBCP Terumi 632146D (2).png
Drain everything until nothing is left
800*2, 0, 250*N, 800, see notes All 7+(40 Flash)+10 4 34 -17 B 1~23 All
  • Damage increases with the amount of Heat you have.
  • Always uses all of your Heat on hit, but on whiff or block just 50.
  • Minimum damage with 50 heat: 930
  • Minimum damage with 100 heat: 1680
  • During OD Minimum damage with 100 Heat: 2030; if opponent has Heat, it's 2130 (2180 during heat regen).

Terumi slashes the opponent with a sword made out of his evil greenish energy. If it hits, he'll rush forward and grab the opponent, wrapping two snakes around their arms. He'll proceeds in pumping his vile force into the opponent while draining their power before dropping them to the ground and kicking them away.

Very strong combo ender due to its very high minimum damage. In CF, it is the highest damage finisher at all heat levels. Also doubles as his second metered reversal option, although it is slower than 623B but has MUCH! more invul. It will always use up all of Terumi's Heat on a successful hit. When at 75 Heat and below 100, Terumi gets a good knockdown.

OD version drains a lot of the opponent's Heat (up to 53%; 5% Heat for every 5% Heat Terumi has). 100 Heat version does insane damage on hit. 75% version does more damage, and the knockdown is still good. 50% version, besides the Heat drain, remains unchanged.

Screeches of the Condemned - Jarin Renshouga
Screeches of the Condemned - Jarin Renshouga
BBCP Terumi 236236D.png
Cross your fingers they don't know how to walk forward.
BBCP Terumi 214214D.png
Get over here and let me hear you cry!
Horizontal 800*4, 2000, 3500
[800*8, 3000, 4000]
Barrier [Unblockable] 9+(27 Flash)+18 Until Offscreen Total 103 0 P* 1~41 All
Diagonal 800*4, 2000, 3500
[800*8, 3000, 4000]
Barrier [Unblockable] 9+(27 Flash)+18 Until Offscreen Total 103 0 P* 1~41 All
  • If first hit guard crushes, the second hit confirm into the rest of the attack.
  • Minimum damage: 1740 [2330]

Terumi shoots out a chain either straight (236236D) or at a 45 degree angle (214214D). If it connects, he shoots another chain and lifts the opponent into the air. He then pulls himself to the opponent, inflicting great pain with his mightily kicks and slashes. In the great final, he lunges into his victim from above while covered in his diabolic energy resembling a green lindworm and devours them, including their screams of pain.

Costs 100 Heat and has a good amount of invulnerability. It guard-crushes on normal guard, and if Barrier Blocked, it pulls his opponent to him, leaving him/her in a good position. This is mainly used to close out matches midscreen and against zoners to blow up projectile throwers and punish them fiercely. Has a minimum distance at which the opponent must be away from Terumi (roughly half screen; anti-air version is roughly 1 1/2 character lengths, although if they are too close, it becomes inconsistent) or it will completely pass through the opponent.

OD versions are completely unblockable. Because if this, it can be used to play mind games with the opponent or on Overdrive Raid (GCOD) against projectiles to punish them for massive damage.

Last hit can be cancelled into Terumi's Exceed Accel for insane damage.

Exceed Accel

Dungeon of Serpents - Jaraku Engokusen
ABCD during Overdrive
BBCF Terumi JarakuEnkokusen.png
"Come on, devour them!"
600, 400*6
{600, 1200, 500*8}
All 20 [10] 3 19+15L -10 B 1~22 All
[1~12 All]
  • Does not cost Heat, but immediately ends Overdrive if used.
  • Becomes stronger and flashier with Active Flow.

Terumi performs a flying kick towards the opponent (his 6D's finisher), covering much more ground than most EAs. This does usually mean that if it gets blocked that Terumi will be in a bad position. If it connects, he summons a portal from which several small snakes attack the opponent. Puts Terumi in Active Flow if he hasn't already been in it already. On Active Flow, Terumi summons a single, large viper instead, Has full invul.

As of 2.0 has minimum damage and is punishable on block (-10) and puts him in a counter-hit state

Because of the effects of Nightmare Reaper, Terumi can super-cancel most of his supers into this move even on block.

Astral Heat

Unholy Wrath of the Basilisk - Orochizanto Reppuga
BBCP Terumi 222D 1.png
"Allow me to show you..."
BBCP Terumi 222D 2.png
"...the true hand of God!"
0, 100, 400x36, 20000 All 5+(76 Flash)+16 16 Total 76 -22 P* -

Terumi creates a red portal with his Ouroboros chains on the ground in front of him. If the opponent is caught in it, he proceeds to shoot out dozens of green snake-like energy blasts at the opponent from a portal summoned behind him while laughing like a maniac, then turns into the Black Susano'o and uses a mighty slash to finish the opponent off.

A very easy Astral Heat to land. Can connect from 236D, 6D, CH 6A and numerous other things. Compared to other Astral Heats, Terumi's is a very practical way to finish the match.

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