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1) Character Portrait[edit]

Your portrait will flash if you can Astral

Here is where you see the character you have selected, Player 1's character is displayed on the left, and Player 2's character is displayed on the right. Your portrait will flash if you can use your Astral Finish.

2) Life Gauge[edit]

Here is the character's health bar, each character has a different amount of health so damage to the character may result in different visual decrements of their respective health bar. When the character's health depletes to 0, that character (and the player controlling him/her) loses the round. If both characters' health reaches 0 at the same time, it is counted as a Double Down and the victory favors the losing player.

3) Heat Gauge[edit]

Here is the character's Heat Gauge. When you connect attacks, take damage, Block and Instant Block attacks, your Heat Gauge will fill, when the gauge fills to certain amounts, you can perform certain actions that require heat usage, refer to this for more information about Heat Gauge Usage.

4) Barrier Gauge[edit]

Here is the character's Barrier Gauge, when using your barrier, you are provided added push-back when blocking attacks at the cost of 1 extra frame of block stun and the gradual depletion of your Barrier Gauge. When your Barrier Gauge depletes, you are put in Danger State and cannot use your barrier until it refills at least half way.

5) Break Burst Icon[edit]

Here is the character's allotted and remaining Break Burst Icons. The Monochrome Break Burst Icon cannot be used until you lose a round (Double Downs do not count since it's counted as a victory for both players). Icons in color can be used to Break Burst at the cost of losing an Icon and half of the character's Guard Primers, rounded to the lower number (ex: 5 goes down to 2).

6) Guard Primers[edit]

Here is the respective character's Guard Primers, certain character have a different amount of Guard Primers, for example, Arakune has 5 Guard Primers, Noel has 4 Guard Primers, Iron Tager has 10 Guard Primers. Refer to this for a more detailed rundown of Guard Primers.

7) Character Specific Gauge[edit]

If a character has any mechanic that requires their own gauge, this is where that gauge will appear (ex. Ragna's Blood Kain, Arakune's Curse Gauge, Relius' Ignis Gauge, Tager's Spark Bolt, etc), refer to the individual character's page to know what gauges they have and their requirements.

8) Timer[edit]

This is the timer, each round starts with 1 minute and 39 seconds (displayed on the timer as 99 seconds), when the timer reaches 0, the character with the most health (relative to health amount, not gauge size) wins. If both characters have the same health when the timer reaches zero, then the game is counted as a "Draw", Draw rounds are treated as "Double Down"s.

9) Round Counter[edit]

On default setting, every match is a best 2 out of 3 rounds, a player has to be the sole victor 2 rounds to be winner of the match. When you win a round, one dot below the timer will be covered by a red diamond icon, this shows you won a round. If both dots are covered with the red diamond icons, then you have won the match.

Combo Counter[edit]


  • The large red number shows how many hits are in this combo so far. This number will turn blue if the combo is invalid. The small thick yellow number tells you which hit is invalid. This will show up to 2 hits that are invalid.
  • The small yellow numbers shows the amount of damage done in this combo

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