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BBTag Carmine Portrait.png

Health: 18,000
Prejump: 4F
Backdash Time 32F / Invul: 1-7F All

*Animation lasts for 41F but can cancel into all actions on 33F

Movement Options
  • Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Mid-range, Aggressive, Glass cannon
Team role
Point, Support


"You only got one life. Take care of it... You got that, you piece of trash?!"


Carmine Prime (real name unknown) is a 3rd year student of the same high school that Hyde goes to. Sadistic and maniacal to the core, Carmine possesses an immense lust for violence to the point that it has become his sole purpose in life. Despite this, Carmine actually holds an extremely low opinion of himself and has little to no sense of self-worth, referring to both himself as well as people like him as "trash of society." He has even stated that he couldn't care less if he died one day on a pile of garbage, completely forgotten to the rest of the world. Nonetheless, Carmine only wishes to do the one thing he has ever been good at and which gives him his reason to live - beating others. Carmine views the teachers at school who keep lecturing about his violent ways as a nuisance.

After being attacked by a Void and becoming an In-Birth, Carmine decided to use his newfound EXS abilities to fulfill his one desire: to fight. Now, he roams the streets during the Hollow Night seeking his favorite opponents in battle - other In-Births.


Carmine is a high damage rushdown character who can deal a huge amount of damage by himself. Unlike in UNIST, his set-play and mix-up are very linear here. Playing against him can easily be bound to give you a run for your money if one isn't careful, especially with his ability to covert any hit into high damage. However, the biggest thing to look out for with Carmine is that most of his blood moves all use up HP which can lead to an instant death if the player is not careful. To play this character well, good HP management is a must.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Has some of the highest damage outputs in the game even without assists.
  • Above average health
  • Can reverse beat which allows him to confirm most grounded hits into a full combo/blockstring.
  • Great pressure and lockdown thanks to his specials, which is also helped by his dissolves.
  • Good space control thanks to his great normals, his specials and his dissolves.
  • In particular, his forward assist is effected by his dissolves and can help augment a partner's screen control and lockdown.
  • Can set more than double dissolves in this game compared to his limit of 2 dissolves in UNI.
  • Certain commands will recover some of his lost health.
  • Has an unblockable setup which becomes confirmable with a delayed assist.
  • Glass Cannon. His special moves are at the the cost of using his own health, though they won't kill him even if his life is at 1.
  • While he retains his strong pressure from UNI, he now lacks great solo mixups. Assists are recommended when opening up opponents.
  • Sub-par anti air game. His 2B lacks the range of his other normals and his reversal has a more horizontal hitbox rather than a vertical one.
  • Unlike back in UNI, he now only has one EX move/Extra Skill, making his capabilities with meter a bit more limited.

EXS of Lifeblood: Blood Spike[edit]


Carmine's EXS allows him to weaponize his own blood, even after it leaves his body and pools on the ground in the form of Dissolves. Dissolves are pools of blood left behind by certain moves in exchange for 750 points of health per Dissolve. Carmine can interact with them by using certain attacks, each resulting in different effects (e.g., 236X turns dissolves into an advancing blood wheel, 214X shoots up a blood crystal from the dissolve). Carmine can set one normal Dissolve (from 5B or j.B), one special move dissolve (from Spin! or Launch!), and two dissolves from j.C, meaning he can have up to 4 Dissolves present at any given time. Dissolves remain on the field indefinitely until Carmine is K.O'd or it is used once. Some moves can interact with Dissolves without reducing Carmine's HP, but in turn these moves cannot set down Dissolves.

Dissolve Manipulators:

  • 5BB (Spiked Blood Column)
  • j.BB (Spiked Blood Column)
  • Spin! (Blood Wheel)
  • Launch! (Blood Column)
  • No Escape! (Blood Column)

Blood Absorb[edit]

Carmine can also manipulate the blood of his opponents whenever he grabs them, stealing their blood and absorbing it into his body. This heals either 500 HP or a set percentage of Carmine's current Red Health. Red health recovery percent starts at 40% and is cut in half for every Blood Absorb hit done in the same combo (40%, 20%, 10%, etc.). If the first Blood Absorb in a combo would heal less than 500 Red Health, he will heal 500 points of his max HP and his Red Health will be removed. Note that if either 500 HP heal occurs, all subsequent Blood Absorbs will heal 0 HP.

Blood Absorb Attacks:

  • Throw
  • 5AAAA

Normal Moves[edit]

BBTag Carmine 5A.png
This button carried Rino
BBTag Carmine 5AA.png
BBTag Carmine 5AAA.png
BBTag Carmine 5AAAA.png
"Soitsu wo yoshiagare!" (Hand that over to me!) - now with more liberal usage.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5A 1100 All 9 3 25 -11
  • Carmine's old 5B.
  • Jump cancellable on hit and block
  • Throw cancellable

A very strong and versatile normal that serves as one of Carmine's primary neutral buttons. It has good range and inches him forward during the animation, making it a great combo starter. 5A is also jump cancellable on block, allowing for varied pressure options.

5AA 1100 All 14 7 16 -6
  • Carmine's old 5BB.
  • Throw cancellable

Combo fodder from his smart combo that takes another step forward, therefore complimenting the offensive use that 5A currently had.

5AAA 1300 All 15 3 30 -14
  • Carmine's old 5C.

A large blood swipe which continues the trend of being easily hit confirmable. Mostly combo filler.

5AAAA 0*2, 800*3, 100 All 12 2 32 -15
  • Carmine's original super command grab, "Give Me That!", which now is blockable despite it still working as a grab.
  • First time this is used in a combo, heals the greater of 2000 HP or 50% of his missing red health.
  • Subsequent times this is used in a combo, heals 1000 HP or 25% of his missing red health.
  • Side swaps on hit.

Combo ender for restoring health. Gives decent oki as IAD j.A immediately after will safejump the opponent's tech in any direction.

It is possible to Active Switch to another character during this grab by calling an assist during the 5A string and inputting D during the startup of the hitgrab, but before it actually connects. This allows you to regain a chunk of health and switch Carmine out to allow him to regenerate even more health, while retaining okizeme options.

As of 2.0, you can perform a cross raid from this ender, which ensures the opponent doesn't swap sides with you meanwhile you still retain healing properties.

BBTag Carmine 5B.png
You're gonna see this move a lot.
BBTag Carmine 5BB.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5B 1500 All 14 Until Hit Total: 42 -2
  • Carmine's original 6B, and uses up HP to set a dissolve upon hitting the opponent or the corner.
  • 750HP Life Drain

Fast projectile that leaves a dissolve immediately upon hitting, allowing you to cancel it with 214X or 236X for combos and pressure.

5BB 2200 All 15 7 15 -3
  • Carmine's original grounded 6B followup from UNIST only. Uses up all dissolve pools without any HP cost.

A followup from his 5B projectile, which is primarily used for combo purposes due it being jump cancellable on hit. With dissolves on screen, this move will create more of the same spike protrusions from the ground which can create good damage if multiple hit the opponent, but they remove dissolves upon use.

BBTag Carmine 5C.png
I'm gonna do this on wake up and they won't see it coming
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800+ High 26 3 3+13L -4

UNI styled ground assault overhead, meaning this move is slower than some other overheads in the game, but makes up for it by being forward moving and having a big hitbox. Also ends combos

BBTag Carmine 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800 Low 7 5 13 -6
  • Carmine's old 2B.
  • Throw cancellable

low jab. Carmine's fastest button which is also mashable and can be used to reverse beat from other normals. Jump cancellable on block.

BBTag Carmine 2B.png
Kick them with style and high in their face.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1100 All 8 2 30 -15
  • Carmine's old 3B.

Anti air button and combo extender if you feel they are too high up or if you go for extensions after falling j.C. Has upper body invul.

BBTag Carmine 2C.png
Right at your feet, he says.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1300 Low 11 2 29 -12
  • Carmine's 2C. Very long-ranged sweep.

Primary poke and is one of his most useful starters. Has nice horizontal range and even vertical range, making it usable as a combo part. Since Carmine can reverse beat, combos from this are almost guaranteed. Can also be used as an ender in lengthy combos, if you so please.

BBTag Carmine jA.png
This button also carried Rino.
BBTag Carmine jAA.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
j.A 1000*2 High 11 4,2 18 -
  • Carmine's old j.C.

Carmine's primary jump in tool and even has a crossup hitbox to boot. Has a big hitbox overall and does two hits.

j.AA 1100 High 7 3 18 -
  • Carmine's old j.B.

Since this cannot be used on it's own, it is primarily used as combo fodder

BBTag Carmine jB.png
BBTag Carmine jBB.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
j.B 1500 All 19 Until Hit Total: Until L+16L -
  • Sets a Dissolve at the cost of HP upon hitting the opponent or ground.
  • Carmine's j.6B from UNI.
  • Knocks down.
  • 750HP Life Drain

Carmine's standard go-to button for ending air combos. You can cancel into j.236X on the way down for oki.

j.BB 2200 All 15 7 Total: Until L+0L -
  • Uses up all dissolve pools with no HP cost.
  • Carmine's j.6B followup in midair only from UNIST

Can be used to convert air hit into a ground combo. Example: j.A dj j.BB, falling j.A close to ground -> whatever. Otherwise, you could use to catch opponents from the ground spikes it creates if dissolves were set up.

Thrust! (EX version)
BBTag Carmine jC.png
"Kono-shinde ora!" (Why you-just die!)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000*4 All 14 2(7)2*3 Total: Until L+16L -
  • Sets two dissolves down, unlike its original version from UNI.
  • Costs twice as much health as other health-consuming moves.
  • Carmine's old 214C, which is now only a midair move with no special move properties.
  • Move puts you in advantage the closer you are to the ground. Instant air j.C leaves you a fair bit plus.
  • Combo ender, but can also be used for combo extensions when doing this in air combos on the falling part of his jump.
  • 1500HP Life Drain

This move is pretty strong when right above enemy heads as a way to bait anti airs. With an assist to help, you can cover j.C's recovery while making it confirmable. Be mindful that there is a dead zone right in the middle from wear he throws it, to the spikes created on the ground. However, an assist can clear it of this weakness. Otherwise, this move has it's uses of quickly chucking out dissolves but at a higher health cost. This move is also your other combo ender besides j.b, and you can actually still get good oki from 236x off of this.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
BBTag Carmine GroundThrow.png
Suck it all out!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0, 2000 Throw 7~30 3 23 -
  • Steals the greater of 2000 HP or 50% of missing red health.
  • Causes crumple state on hit
  • Special cancellable

Carmine's grab is a rather important tool for him to have. Compared to his base game, Carmine can confirm off of this as well as gain back a greater amount of health than he previously could. In BBTAG, where his mixup arsenal has been shortened, his grab serves as a noteworthy tool that should be feared.

BBTag Carmine Pulverize.png
"Suritsubuse!" (Mash 'em up!) or maybe you'd go "Buchimake da!" (Throw it all out!) for emphasis.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
500*11 Air Unblockable 12 1*11 43 -27
  • Carmine's original 623C.

Carmine's reversal action lacks much vertical reach, but surely makes up for it with its horizontal distance. As the animation implies, it can also help avoid against enemy crossups. His reversal action also sees use in applying his unblockable setups, by having them block in the air after a tech, such as a 236x, and landing this move. With a good partner assist, you can expect good followups after the reset.


236A/B (Air OK)
BBTag Carmine Spin.png
"Maware!" (Spin around!)
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
236A 1200*2 All 47 12*4 Total: 37 -
j.236A 1200*2 All 46 12*4 Total: 40 -
  • Creates a dissolve at the cost of HP
  • Dissolves turn into buzzsaws that travel along the ground in the direction of the opponent.
  • Extremely advantageous on block.
  • 750HP Life Drain

"Pinwheel" special. You are at massive frame advantage if the opponent blocks it, and even more so if done as a meaty as the blade will spin for a while longer if it does not immediately hit anything. Beware as there is a significant gap on startup if you have no dissolves out. With a dissolve out, the gap is too small to mash with regular attacks, but you can still get hit by reversals. If set up properly, 236x can catch all air techs and can be used in unblockable setups with reversal action. Can be used in combos after throw after a dissolve is nearby or can otherwise be combo'd off most confirms with assists.

236B 1200*2 All 47 12*4 Total: 37 -
j.236B 1200*2 All 61 12*4 Total: 40 -
  • Sets pinwheel at a further distance than A version. Otherwise identical.
  • Creates a dissolve at the cost of HP
  • 750HP Life Drain

His B versions of his spin are a new asset to him in this game and are pretty useful for further ranged space control and setting far dissolves. Just be mindful of enemies who get in between the gap it creates.

Puddle 1500 All 37 18 - -

BBTag Carmine Launch.png
"Tsukiagero!" (Launch through!)
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
B 2000 Low 18 3 Total: 46 -1
  • Carmine's original 22X.
  • Summons an additional crystal from every dissolve.
  • Costs HP
  • 750HP Life Drain
  • Both versions have slight tracking
  • Sets down dissolves

Not advantageous on block anymore, so mostly a combo and zoning tool. Launches on hit with low recovery, and launches higher if the crystal from a dissolve hits.

Puddle 1500 All 14 2 Total: 40 -9
  • All 214X buttons are +0 on block with a puddle.

BBTag Carmine Thrust.png
Who said that you could press buttons?
BBTag Carmine ThrustPuddle.png
It's still my turn!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Attack 2000 Low 18 3 Total: 46 -1
  • Costs HP
  • Knocks down
Puddle 2000 All 27 after Thrust! ends 18 - -
  • Launches
  • The detonation uses all previous dissolves but does not set one after

A two part attack that begins with Carmine performing a swipe downward that knocks down and sets a dissolve, and ends with a blood explosion from all dissolves on screen shortly after. Carmine can only set down one trap in BBTAG and he cannot control the detonation timing. However, this is made up with the fact that it now interacts with each and every dissolve previously placed. 214C can be used to punish opponents from retaliating, or condition them to not try to punish this move as any slow enough attack will lead to them getting punished by the detonation. Additionally, the knock down combined with the delayed followup makes this move a suitable oki tool.

Extra Skills[edit]

236C (Air OK)
BBTag Carmine Spin.png
"Mijingiri da!" (Chop into pieces!) - his only EX Move, but one of the better ones.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 600*7 All 19 15,4*6 Total: 33 +40
Air 600*7 All 22 - Total: 37 -
  • Carmine's EX 236C, which unlike the normal versions has a much smaller gap between when he throws out the projectile and the first active frame of the hitbox.
  • 750HP Life Drain

Bigger, more advantageous, and has an extra hit on the way out, allowing it to combo even without any dissolves set. It's a greater pressure tool than the normal version and it is responsible for some of Carmine's most damaging confirms (ex: 236C>jump/IAD xx j.C etc combos)

Partner Skills[edit]

Dash C
BBTag Carmine 66C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 All (18)+18 7 31 -19
  • Carmine's old dashing C

A decently tall assist that causes floorbounce on hit.

BBTag Carmine Spin.png
Time to punish assist calls
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1200*2 All (18)+48 12*4 Total: (18)+43 -
  • Sets new/triggers existing dissolves, like Carmine's regular 236X.
  • Still takes Carmine's life to use this assist

Extremely strong zoning and pressure assist, especially since it acts exactly like his regular 236X, meaning that it will set new or trigger all existing dissolves then leave another dissolve, allowing you to continue to zone even at long ranges with subsequent uses of this assist. Launches grounded opponents even without dissolves, unlike the normal version.

BBTag Carmine ThrustAssist.png
"Buchinuke!" (Punch right through!)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1500*2 All (18)+15 2(19)7 Total: (18)+73 -10
  • Carmine's original 214X

A double hitting back assist. Disjointed hitbox that technically counts as a projectile and is pretty good for lockdown.

Distortion Skills[edit]

Hahahaha! Be Devoured![edit]
Hahahaha! Be Devoured!
BBTag Carmine HahahahahaBeDevoured.png
"Hyahahahahaha! Kuraitsukuze!" (Devour them up!)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
500*3, 400*8, 580*2, 2000 <2000*2>
[500*3, 400*8, 550*5, 2000 <2500*2>]
Low, All*5 4+8 5,2*5 Total: 96 -56
  • Carmine's classic Infinite Worth super.
  • Is a low up-close

Is somewhat worse than in his home game, as the extra animation on hit only occurs if struck by the crystals around his feet or if you are close to the opponent. Good combo ender besides that.

No Escape...! Be Devoured![edit]
No Escape...!
BBTag Carmine NoEscape.png
Welcome to the Blood House. "Mou nigasane...!" (Soon you can't run...!)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
3000, 100 [4000, 100] All 12+11 3 Total: 69 -37
  • Carmine's original 22C via the EX version, which freezes the opponent in a blood crystal.
  • Tracks opponent's position.
  • Catches opponent in the air if they're close to the ground.

Freezes opponent in place for a very long time or until hit. Can be used as a fullscreen punish or combo ender and allows you to do basically anything you want on hit due to the ridiculously long stun. Allows free tag-outs. Can even re-stand if you hit opponents during the end of this moves duration.

Distortion Skill Duo[edit]

Hahahaha! Be Devoured!
P during Main Character's Distortion Skill
BBTag Carmine HahahahahaBeDevoured.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
100*14, 300, 800 <500*2>
[100*8, 300, 200*2, 100*5, 1000 <750*2>]
All 1+1 5,2*5 Total: 68 -40
  • Not a low
  • The full attack will not hit two characters

High damage DHC, very good for finishing off a cross combo.

Astral Heat[edit]

You Shit! This is the END!
BBTag Carmine YouShitThisIsTheEnd.png
BBTag Carmine YouShitThisIsTheEnd2.png
Enjoy your stay at the Blood Mansion
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- All 1+16 9 175 -126
  • Carmine's original IWEXS as an Astral.
  • Tracks almost everywhere on the screen, does not go above a certain height.

Since it tracks, it can combo from almost everything and is pretty good at sniping opponents in the air (unless its a character that can stay very high in the air like Yosuke or Mai)


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