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Team Synergy


Hazama's assists are a bit lacking, so you'd generally want him on point. You'd want a partner that helps him cover his spacing or zoning issues while being able to convert off from his 214x and 236x specials. Hazama's solo damage is enough that help in neutral is the primary focus for choosing an Anchor. Hazama lacks a round start option that will hit assist and point.


Hazama becomes a powerhouse within resonance blaze and can get 10k+ damage alone with more basic combo routes BUT be wary of Hazama's limitations, as he has no overwhelming options.

  • 4P (Jagai-Gashoukyaku) is Hazama's fastest assist (f10/28). Lack horizontal reach. Uses DP's animation, is not air-unblockable.
  • 5P (Mini Houtenjin) sends Hazama dashing into action, single hit pop-up. Whiffs in CC against opponents too close to Hazama. Launches opponents at a slight angle.
  • 6P (Jakou) only hits aerial opponents. Mostly useful to active switch (and then Mizuchi).

Recommended Partners

A few examples that can complement Hazama's game plan are: Nu-13, Gordeau, Carmine, Hyde, Es, Blake, Ruby, Orie, Yosuke.

Overall, try to find partners that help with Hazama's lack of spacing and to cover his approaches while being able to help with his combo routes.

General Tactics



  • Hazama does not have relevant blockstrings.
  • 5A is not safe vs pushblock -> (some) super.
  • Hazama struggles very much vs pushblock.

Tips and Tricks

  • Do not use 236A or 214A in blockstrings too much as they both lose hard to pushblock. Only use them when the opponent has no meter or when you think they'll try to DP through the CC mix up.
  • Hazama's 214C has throw invunerability, so you can beat out many throws and command grabs.
  • Hazama gets a safe-jump from ending a combo with 214A, so try to end your combos with it when you can.
  • Use j214A, airdash, jump, and j214C to bait anti-airs and mix up with your limited chain options.
  • Adachi, Hilda, and Akihiko have fullscreen supers. If they have 2 bars they can punish chain very easily. Side note: if chain hits their Persona it will beat their super and Hazama is very +.
  • 236A and 236B are minus 1 on block which allows Hazama to continue his pressure on Hakumen, Nu-13, Yukiko, Waldstein, and Hilda. Everyone else either has a frame 8 button that will trade with Hazama 4A or a button that's 7 frames or faster which will beat Hazama 4A. Yikes.
  • 2A is jump-cancellable, special cancellable, and throw cancellable. Exploit this.
  • The gap from Hazama's 236A and 214A is not large enough to count as a cross up when used with an active switch, so use these as a lockdown tool or unblockable set-up rather than a mix up.
  • Naoto 4P will hit you if you jB.
  • Naoto 4P will hit you if you jB.
  • This applies to all similar assists. Don't think about doing it if their assist is available.
  • 5A is awful in block strings and should only be used for the special cancel it has for CC mix ups as 5A can be punished with pushblock super.
  • Hazama's best options to deal with pushblock is to read it and cancel a normal to a throw or 5B.

Fighting Hazama

The first hits of Hazama's 214A and 236A can be pushblocked, forcing him to whiff the moves and have an assist cover for him. Jagai itself does have a small gap within where certain characters can jab him out, but be wary of Hazama players who will try to do Jagai > 5A+D which is a reversal.

Try to anticipate Hazama's limited chain routes and anti-air accordingly. He has a few options in the air once he commits to a chain, mainly: j.BBB, j.A, and j.C, which the latter is one of the safer options Hazama can do if he decides to cancel a committed chain dash.

Be wary when using cross burst if you're caught by 236C - Hungry Coils. Hazama is invincible for the entire animation once he starts reeling in the caught character. He's also able to immediately do 5A+D if you try to punish him while still invincible, so try to wait accordingly when punishing for it.