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Team Synergy[edit]



Recommended Partners[edit]

[Azrael] (see

General Tactics[edit]

Fighting as Kanji can be very difficult for the neutral game. However, if he gets in, he has a variety of options for mixups. Unlike the other grapplers in this game, Kanji's excellent air mobility gives him several unique options: (Cross-ups with air specials + assist) (Amazing corner carry) (A greater variety of unblockable resets that work in more situations)

Despite any temptation to spam j214X, do not try to j214X in neutral without an assist to back yourself up unless you are confident you will land it (ie after the enemy throws a fireball)

If you don't have an assist to work with, try mixing it up by using jB with different movements (mix between double jump jB, IAD jB, etc), while trying to bait anti-airs.

The most important part about playing Kanji however is knowing when to raw 5B in neutral. This can be difficult against some characters like Vatista, but easier against others like Ragna.


Normally, you want to do your okizeme in the form of a safejump with jB. The frame advantage off of additional cruel attack is perfect so that you can immediately regular jump to set up an easy safejump with jB. Should they start teaching in directions that go against the safejump setup, try running forward and pressing 5B. Almost all universal DP's in the game whiff on Kanji's max range 5B. In the corner, the safejump works consistently by jumping backwards and pressing jB.


Tips and Tricks[edit]

Fighting Kanji[edit]

His wakeup options are terrible in relation to the other Grapplers in the game. Here's how you Oki Kanji:

-Set up an assist to meaty with

-IAD forward over his head or backwards away from harm.

He cannot do anything except block.


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