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Combo Notation Guide
7 InputIcon 7.png 8 InputIcon 8.png 9 InputIcon 9.png
4 InputIcon 4.png 5 InputIcon 5.png 6 InputIcon 6.png
1 InputIcon 1.png 2 InputIcon 2.png 3 InputIcon 3.png
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example InputIcon 236.png+A.png becomes 236A.
> = cancel into the next attack
, = link the next attack after preceding move's recovery
= After landing.
jc = jump cancel
hjc = high jump cancel
CH = Counter Hit
IAD = Instant Air Dash
(N) = only use the Nth attack of the move (for example, if j.B(2) is written, you only use the first two hits of j.B)
[X] = Hold input X.
]X[ = Release input X.
{???}xN = Repeat ??? N amount of times.

Combo List



Full combos list can be found in this spreadsheet!

# Combo Position Damage Difficulty Notes
1 5AAA > 5BBB > 236BB Any 5597 [1] Very Easy Neo's basic bread n' butter.
2 (5AAA > jcB.dlBB)*2 > 5AAA > 5BB > 5C Any 6165 [2] Easy Fuzzy looping combo
3 5AAA > (5B > 2C > jcB.dlB)*2 > 5BB > 236BB Any 6343 [3] Intermediate Neo's delayed JB loops, very reliable and will be a part of most of your BNBs
4 Throw > (5B > 2C > sjcBB.dlB)*2 > 5BB > 236BB Any 5126 [3] Intermediate Basic throw combo.
5 jC > J236A > 2A > 5B > 2C > JB dl JB > 8JB dl JB > 5A > 236B > 5A > 5BB > 236BB Any 5623 [3] Intermediate Instant overhead starter.
6 214A > 2A > (5B > 2C > jcB.dlB)*2 > 5BB > 236BB Any 5238 [3] Intermediate High mixup starter.
7 214C > 5A > (5B > 2C > jcB.dlB)*2 > 5BB > 236BB Any 6083 [3] Intermediate Low mixup starter.
8 5AAA > 2C > 236CC > 5B > 2C > jcB.dlB > 5BB > 236BB Any 6433 [3] Intermediate Metered sideswap combo
9 5AA > 5B > 2C > 9JB dl JB> 8JB dl JB > 5A > 236B > 5A > 5BB > 5C Any 6393 [3] Intermediate 236B extender without any delay, 5C ender also enables safe jump, gives about 1/2 screen carry



Combo Theory

Neo is a very freeform character, meaning you can create combos on the go and get easy combos out of stray confirms. This happens due to 5B pulling airborne opponents back to the ground and enabling both hits of 2C. The idea for doing combos with Neo is to get them airborne with 2C, and from there, your options are either delayed j.B moves or delayed 236B grounded routes. It's important that you spend some time in the lab to learn getting hits off of stray confirms, especially aerials. If you managed to challenge someone in the air, and won, depending on how high you are, you could either go for a very high j.C>5A link, delayed j.B moves or spend the bar on j.236C to get you back on the ground, ready to set up safejumps and oki.

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