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Combo Notation Guide
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example 236+A.png becomes 236A.
> = cancel into the next attack
, = link the next attack after preceding move's recovery
= After landing.
jc = jump cancel
hjc = high jump cancel
CH = Counter Hit
IAD = Instant Air Dash
(N) = only use the Nth attack of the move (for example, if j.B(2) is written, you only use the first two hits of j.B)
[X] = Hold input X.
]X[ = Release input X.
{???}xN = Repeat ??? N amount of times.

Combo List


2B (anti-air) > jc > jBA > jc > jAA > jC > jB, 2B > jc > jBA > jc > jAA > jC > jB, 2B > jc > jBC
Throw > j.214B , IAD j.A > j.B , 2B > j.B > jc > j.B > delay j.C > j.A, 2C > delay 5BBB
Does not work when throwing the opponent out of the corner
With Assists



With Assists

Combo Theory

Generally Orie wants her combos to lead into her aerial loop:
jBA > jc > jAA > jC > jB, 2B > ...
The key to properly executing the loop is to delay the jC slightly after the jAA, otherwise the jB on the way down will not connect.
Depending on your combo starter, the loop has to be shortened. It is advisable to try and end the loop with jC, as that puts your opponent into knockdown. You can also finish with your 214BC super instead after your last 2B. The key to mastering her loop is figuring out the potential length of it for each of your starters.

Here is an example of how to perform the loop - this is also the longest loop Orie can perform, using her aerial combo three times.

Video Examples

External Documents and References

Collection of Orie solo combos with video examples