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Combo Notation Guide
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example 236+A.png becomes 236A.
> = cancel into the next attack
, = link the next attack after preceding move's recovery
= After landing.
jc = jump cancel
hjc = high jump cancel
CH = Counter Hit
IAD = Instant Air Dash
(N) = only use the Nth attack of the move (for example, if j.B(2) is written, you only use the first two hits of j.B)
[X] = Hold input X.
]X[ = Release input X.
{???}xN = Repeat ??? N amount of times.

Combo List

For more routes, check the Guide Here.


Combo Position Notes
5BB > 214C Close Standard meterless damage ender. Gets an easy safejump, but doesn't really give you the positioning to deal with a variety of tech directions when midscreen. If you end with this in the very corner, back jump into falling j.B should be able to catch all techs.
5BB > 236A Any A Zio ender. Good if you're near the corner, which allows a safejump afterward and prevents escaping through a forward tech. Also usable if you just want to set up from fullscreen distance.
5BB > 5C Any Safejump ender for less damage but puts Adachi closer on the knockdown. Also gives significant enough additional advantage that Adachi can safejump especially fast (4f) reversals and even a few more guardpoint reversals than usual.
5BB > 236B* Far (236B* denotes that the B Ziodyne does not hit in the combo, but is instead used for okizeme) Requires very specific routing to get the proper distance, but creates a post-knockdown situation where opponent cannot tech past and must block a B Ziodyne on wakeup. Pretty good way to enforce blocking from counter-type DP characters. If you have a fast partner character, you can also tag out immediately afterward to have a pushblock-immune oki setup!
5BBB > 2C > 214A Any Heat Riser ender. Deals the most meterless damage and grants Heat Riser buff afterward. Doesn't really grant oki at the end of longer combos, since it allows an airtech afterward. Midscreen oki is also very limited, since the 214A sends the opponent across the screen.
5BBB > 2C > 214BC Any Cross Slash ender. This is your go-to metered ender, as it deals very solid minimum damage and allows for a safejump afterward.


Damage listed for routes with "Ender" assume using the standard ender (5BB > 214C).

Starter Combo Position Damage Partner Meter Usage Video Notes
5A 5AAA > 5BB > 2B > jc > j.AA > j.C > (land) > 5A > Ender Any 7264 Twitter Universal simple BnB!
5A 5AAA > 5B > jc > j.A > j.C, j.66 > j.A > j.C > (land) > 5AA > Ender Any 7380 Twitter Consistent, high corner carry BnB. For Aegis, Neo, Jin, and Shirogane, you need to slightly delay the initial j.A > j.C in order to prevent the j.66 > j.A > j.C from whiffing.
5A 5AAA > 5B > hjc7 > j.66 > j.A > j.C > (land) > 5B > hjc7 > j.66 > j.A > j.C > (land) > 5A > Ender Any 7499 Twitter Slightly better damage and corner carry, can be used if you prefer 2766 inputs over the falling airdash routing.
5A 5AAA > 5B > jc > j.AA > jc > j.AA > j.C > (land) > 5BB > 236B* Midscreen 6825 Twitter Simple route to get the 236B oki ender. Good for partners such as Aegis, Izayoi, and Ruby, who are fast enough to follow through from the B Ziodyne after tagging in.
5A 5A > 5BB > dl 2C > 236C, 5B > jc > j.A > j.C, j.66 > j.A > j.C > (land) > 5A > Ender Any 8280 1 1 bar route for a decent bit of additional damage over the meterless BnB while preserving its corner carry.
5A 5A > 5BBB > dl 2C > 236C, 5AAA > 5BBB > 2C > 214BC Any 10083 3 Twitter Optimal solo damage route for 3 bars.
5A 5AAA > 5BBB > 2C > 236A, 4A > 5A > Ender Corner 7846 Twitter Standard corner routing from an easy confirm.
5A 5A > 5BBB > 2C > 236A, 4A > 5BB > 236A, 4A > Ender Corner 8003 Twitter Optimal corner routing.
5A 5A > 2C > 236A, 4AA > 5B > hjc8 > j.AA > jc7 > j.A > j.C > (land) > 5BB > 236B* Corner 6913 Twitter Corner routing for B Ziodyne setup.
2A 2A > 5AAA > 5BB > 2B > jc > j.AA > j.C > (land) > 5A > Ender Any 5788 Twitter Basically the same as the basic 5A starter route.
2A 2A > 5AAA > 5B > jc > j.A > j.C, j.66 > j.A > j.C > (land) > 5A > Ender Any 5819 Basically the same as the 5A starter BnB.
2A 2A > 5AAA > 5BBB > 2C > 236A, 4A > 5A > Ender Corner 6181 Twitter Same as the corner 5A starter route.
5B 5BBB > 214A Any 4790 Max range resourceless confirm.
5B 5BB > 236C, 5B > hjc7 > j.66 > j.A > j.C > (land) > 5AAA > Ender Any 7993 1 Twitter All range 5B starter confirm for 1 bar.
5B {5BB > 236C}x3, 5BBB > 2C > 214BC Any 11651 5 Twitter Meter dump routing. Good if you've lost your partner.
2B 2B > jc > j.AA > j.C > (land) > 5B > 5A > jc > j.A > j.C, j.66 > j.A > j.C > (land) > 5A > Ender Any 5672 Twitter Standard 2B routing.
2B 2B > jc > j.AA > j.C > (land) > 5A > 5B > hjc > j.AA > j.C, j.66 > j.A > j.C > (land) > 5A > Ender Any 5734 Slightly alternative routing from 2B.
2B 2B > jc > j.A > j.C > j.236C > (land) > 5A > 5BB > 2B > jc > j.AA > j.C > (land) > 5A > Ender Any 6280 1 Twitter 1 bar routing from 2B starter. EXTREMELY height and spacing dependent. Video example at 1:24
Throw 4/6T > 214B, 5A > 5B > jc > j.AA > j.C > (land) > 5A > Ender Any 5934 Twitter Standard throw BnB.
Throw 4/6T > 236B, 5A, (run forward), 5A > jc > j.AA > j.C > (land) > 5A > Ender Any 5280 Twitter Sacrifices damage for some degree of burst safety and significant amounts of corner carry. 236B will hit Tager, Teddie, Rachel, and Blitztank without requiring the 5A afterward, resulting in higher damage.
Throw 6T > 214B, 5A > 5BB > 236A, 4A > Ender Corner 6041 YouTube Corner throw BnB.

Resonance Blaze

Starter Combo Position Damage Meter Usage Video Notes
Throw 4/6T > 214B > 236BC, 5AA > 5BBB > 236C, 214A > 214BC Any 9521 5 Twitter Resonance throw route
5A CH 5A > 236C, 214A > dl 214BC, 4A > 5BBB > 236C, 214A > 214BC Corner 13376 6 Twitter Corner punish route
Throw 6T > 236B > 2A, RB, 5A > 5BB > 236A, 4A > 5BB > 214C > dl 222BC Corner Astral 3-5 YouTube Throw into Resonance activation Astral route

Combo Theory

Adachi's combo theory is relatively straightforward - his 5AAA results in a low airborne launch, and his j.C is an incredibly versatile combo extension tool. That said, a lot of his normals cost valuable combo time, and j.C has extremely poor damage scaling to balance out its versatility.

Generally Adachi wants to get as much damage as he can on the ground before launching, either through 5AAA > 5B or 5BB > 2B, into an air combo. Air combo routings are varied, but will always go into j.C > (land) > 5A > etc., enabling Adachi to then end with a proper ground knockdown. It's important to connect the final 5B before the combo timer reaches 6 seconds, though, or else 5B-B will not work due to the hitstun reduction. After this, Adachi can end in Ghastly Wail (214C) or 5C for a safejump, A Maziodyne (236A) to send across the screen (or set up a near corner safejump), or Cross Slash (214BC) for damage and, once again, a safejump.

While Heat Riser (214A) gives Adachi a 10% damage buff on hit, it doesn't provide as strong of a knockdown setup as his other combo enders (and in the case of longer combos, no knockdown at all), which makes it difficult to take advantage of this damage buff since it wears off as soon as Adachi gets hit.

Vorpal Blade (236C) is a usable combo extender, but since Adachi is so capable of performing stable routing off of either 5AAA or 5BB > 2B, it's generally not necessary unless you need a conversion from an awkward distance. For the meter spent, however, it does provide a decent increase in total damage, as long as it's used early enough.

Sample Combo

5AAA > 5B > jc > j.AA > j.C > (land) > 5A > 5BB > 214C

This is pretty much the basic skeleton from where Adachi routing is formed, and optimization will typically involve either extending the air combo or adding some more damage front-side, but the difference in damage is often under 500 because of how self-contained everything is.

Video Examples

Basic Adachi combos by Meno

Adachi BnB combos by かくげー! / Fighting Games

External Documents and References

The "work in-progress" combo document on google sheets made by GoldenLUV and worked on with help from the BBTAG Discord! Google Sheets Link


Tohru Adachi