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Yukiko Amagi
BBTag Yukiko Portrait.png
Health: 16,000

Prejump: 4F
Backdash Time 29F / Invul: 1-7F All

Movement Options
  • Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Zoner, Resource Management
Team role


"I'm not as gentle as I look..."


A third-year Yasogami high school student and member of the "Investigation Team," Yukiko is the sole heiress and upcoming manager at her family's historical and famous inn, the Amagi Inn. A very polite and reserved girl, her friends know her best as offbeat, goofy and adorable. At school, her beauty, intelligence and personality earned her the adoration of girls and guys alike, and she is known as the "Amagi Challenge" because she has turned down so many guys left and right at her school (including Yosuke). She gained her Persona, Konohana-Sakuya after facing her true inner self, and helped her friends solved the wild mysteries that plagued Inaba for many years, all the while finding her true self and staying true to it.


Yukiko is a zoning character with very polarized strengths and weaknesses. Her damage increases dramatically when she stocks up her fire levels all the way up to 9 and her unique toolset can open up many options for her partner. To best make use of her, a Yukiko player must be proficient at playing neutral and mitigating risks when pressuring the opponent while micromanaging health, meter, partner bar, and fire level to win out in the long run.

Guide here:


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Large normals
  • Ability to infinitely recover her (and her partner's) health
  • Stacking fire stocks makes her one of the damaging characters in the game
  • Excels at using Resonance Blaze mechanics
  • Versatile and unique zoning tools
  • Mixup potential that cannot be avoided even by pushblocking to the other end of the screen
  • Good air game
  • Damaging safe on block reversal super with Maragidyne
  • Slow normals
  • Very fragile due to heavy persona use, fire boost mechanics, and being tied for the lowest hp in the game.
  • Requires good hit confirms to maximize damage
  • Very meter reliant
  • Poor close range anti-air options and minimal reward on stray zoning hits

Persona: Konohana-Sakuya[edit]

Flame Boost[edit]

Yukiko's unique gauge, Fire, amplifies the damage of her fire-based attacks (such as Maragi, Agidyne, her A autocombo enders, or some of her assists). You gain 1 stack from using 22A or (when tagged out) 6P and 2 stacks from 22B and 22C, up to a maximum of 9, each use of a move that increases fire level will turn 500hp into red health. For reference, a raw Agidyne deals roughly 4.5k dmg on lv.0, and 9.7k on lv.9. See her frame data for exact values. Clash Assault, Cross Raid and the partner version of Agidyne are not affected by fire boost level. Fire boost level CANNOT be reduced, it'll only reset once the match ends.

Normal Moves[edit]

P4Arena Yukiko 5A.png
P4Arena Yukiko 5AA.png
P4Arena Yukiko 5AAA.png
P4AU Yukiko FlameDance.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
4A 1000 All 10 4 16 -3
  • Yukiko's "jab." The benefit of having it mapped at 4A is that it allows you to continually and consistently block, while being able to still press a button should Yukiko see a gap or opening in the enemy's blockstring or movement. Covers up a decent amount of range, hitting advancing opponents and can even work as an anti-air (as it boasts a deceptively large vertical hit-box), but has fairly slow startup, so be wise before using it. Also, be aware of your range when using this move, as a successive 4AA or 4AAA will whiff at 4A's maximum range. In these cases, a following 6B or 2C will make up for the distance. Jump cancellable on block.
4AA 1000 All 10 3 14 0
  • Able to gatling from 4A with fair ease. Satisfactory vertical reach, above satisfactory horizontal reach. Jump cancelable on block.

Detailed description of the usefulness of the move go here

4AAA 1200 All 12 3 26 -10
  • Hard knock-down on air-borne targets. Able to whiff during gatling if opponent is too far.

Unlike 4A and 4AA, she is not able to cancel into other normals; only sweep (2C), specials and supers are available. While it is safe on block, she's fairly left wide open on pushblock.

4AAAA 900, 1600 All 9 2(10)5 30 -12
  • Negative on block, but propels opponent a significant distance from Yukiko, making it hard to punish.
  • Opponent experiences 6 additional hitstop

Smart combo ender. If optimizing for damage, this move should be considered above both variants of Agi. Does not deal more damage than Agilao, however. Damage scales with Flame Boost.

P4Arena Yukiko 5D.png
P4Arena Yukiko 5C.png
P4Arena Yukiko 2C.png
P4AU Yukiko FlameDance.png
Please proceed to the opposite side of the screen.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5A 200*10 All 12~28 1*10 28 -12
  • Moves Konohana-Sakuya forward. Chain whiffs into itself twice before Sakuya returns to her.
  • Persona attacks 3 frames after coming into range if before 28 frames

Yukiko summons Konohana-Sakuya, who will lunge towards the enemy with a proximity-based multihit attack. Since Sakuya tracks to the enemy's position, she will immediately strike with a rising attack when it is within vicinity; otherwise she will go a set distance away from Yukiko and then strike. Great for delayable pressure. Once Sakuya is out, she is given a small time frame for some options to use before she returns to Yukiko or gets hit: 236A/B (for a closer placed Agi), another 5A (to cover more distance and/or attack from afar, can only be done again if Sakuya is close enough to Yukiko) 236BC Agidyne (to punish counterattacks). Heavily emphasized to use this button wisely, as Yukiko cannot move the whole time this move is thrown out.

5AA 200*9 All 10 1*9 33 -17
  • Moves Konohana Sakuya forward
  • Hard knockdown on air hit
  • Jump-cancellable on block

Multi-hitting attack. Hard knockdown on aerial hit, pushes the down enemy to ground level on block. Safe-ish on block (very minus but pushes the other character far away) though in some cases Sakuya will take the hit for Yukiko so she can recover in time. Sakuya pauses for a bit afterwards, giving her the same options she can do post-5A.

5AAA 200*8 Low 10 1*8 32 -16
  • Moves Konohana Sakuya forward

Sakuya attacks downwards. Must be blocked low, and Yukiko cannot move throughout the move, all hits of this move are low. Again afterwards, Sakuya pauses for a bit and gets post-5A options. In conjunction with j.C, she has a high/low mixup that cannot be pushblocked. 5AAA for low, 5AA>jump cancel j.C for an overhead.

5AAAA 900, 1600 All 9 2(10)5 30 -12
  • Moves Konohana Sakuya forward
  • Opponent experiences 6 additional hitstop

Same ender as 4A autocombo. Hard to punish as it creates distance between Yukiko and the opponent. On hit it puts the opponent ACTUALLY full screen away. Damage rises with fire levels.

P4Arena Yukiko 5B.png
You get a fan! And YOU get a fan!
P4Arena Yukiko 5BB.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5B, 4B and 6B 1000 All 10 Until hit 46T -15
  • Special cancelable
  • 4B fans travel slower than 5B fans while 6B fans travel faster
  • Opponent experiences 10 frames hitstop

Fan toss. Use these to keep the opponent in check during neutral. Regardless of distance, she is able to chain into anything she likes on block/hit. 6B's speed makes for a fast CH starter, while 4B lets Yukiko recover while the projectile is still on-screen. Decent startup but poor recovery, so use with extreme caution if the opponent has 2 meter or higher.

4BB, 5BB and 6BB 1000 All 9 Until hit 48T -18
  • Special cancelable
  • Opponent experiences 10 frames hitstop

A followup that has you throw out a second fan. Similar to the first fan, you can input 4BB to make the fan travel slower or 6BB to make it travel faster. The input you use can be different from the first B input. Highly recommended to use this move only on a hitconfirm, as Yukiko recovers poorly afterwards, the second fan can be easily avoided. Loses to raw super reaction, so be extremely wary with this should the enemy have 2 meter or higher.

P4Arena Yukiko AOA.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800+ High 26 3 18 -4
  • Active later than it appears.

Yukiko's Clash Assault. Safe on block. Moves Yukiko slightly forward, so it is able to reach unsuspecting crouching opponents. Yukiko can use special attacks such as Agi and Maragi to hide the flash startup. She may also cancel into this from a quick 2B/6B fan toss.

P4Arena Yukiko 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 Low 8 2 14 -2
  • Chains into itself 3 times on hit/block

Low poke. Faster startup than 4A, but lacks range. Great for tick pressuring, and is able to cancel into 5A on block to push the enemy away.

2B, 1B and 3B[edit]
2B, 1B and 3B
BBTAG Yukiko 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000*2 All 14 Until hit 42T -7
  • 1B travels vertically, 2B travels more diagonally
  • Invul kicks in fairly late and is short, not recommended for usage as a close range reaction based anti air
  • Opponent experiences 10 frames hitstop

Anti-air. Can be used to stop the enemy's momentum mid-air, and hits standing characters with tall hitboxes. Puts Yukiko in a bad position if whiffed (and some cases can be raw super punished too), so be sure to use this with good judgment. Normal/special/super/jump cancelable on block or hit. Can be used to whiff incoming down attacks. In 2.0, yukiko will now throw 2 fans with 2B, instead of just one.

P4Arena Yukiko Sweep.png
"I'm sorry!" (No she's not.)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1500 Low 10 3 17 -3
  • Decent range

Sweep. Can be used as a poking tool since it has decent range, and since it hits low, opens up high/low unblockable potential. Special/super cancelable, and often acts as a combo ender. That being said, a great combo starter for Yukiko is 2C>236C, as it often deals a lot of damage afterwards.

P4Arena Yukiko jA.png
A gem.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 High 10 3 13 -
  • Chains into itself up to 3 times

One of Yukiko's best moves with fast startup and recovery, an overhead, nice range, and ability to rapid chain whiff itself thrice. Excellent move to consider in not only neutral, but jump-ins, cross-ups, mix-ups, blockstrings, pressure. Also one of Yukiko's Smart Combos that allows you to safely knockdown with j.5C.

j.B, j.4B and j.6B[edit]
j.B, j.4B and j.6B
P4Arena Yukiko jB.png
Fanos, holder of the infinity fan.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 All 12 - 34T -
  • j.4B travels narrower, j.6B travels wider
  • j.5B forced 6f landing recovery, j.6B forced 8f landing recovery
  • Opponent experiences 10 frames hitstop

Aerial fan toss. Recovers a bit before landing, so watch your position. Naturally dodges grounded attack while still giving Yukiko momentum, and she can IAD forward/backward to toss another consecutive fan, among other aerial options provided to her. She can assist-confirm off of a hit if she's too high in the air to confirm off of it herself. Special cancelable on block or hit.

BBTag Yukiko jC.png
RIP P4A j.5D
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
500*N High 20 3, 5*N Until landing -
  • Grants knockdown on air hit
  • Finally an overhead now
  • Yukiko begins falling on frame 36; Can special cancel second hit onward on hit or block

Yukiko's aerial knockdown tool. Has nice cross-up potential, and Yukiko can infinitely use this in one jump setting, but like 5A, Yukiko cannot move at all throughout this move, so use it wisely.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
P4Arena Yukiko GroundThrow.png
This is gonna hurt.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0, 2000 Throw 7~30 3 23 -
  • Minimum damage 100% (2000)

Yukiko slaps the hell out of the opponent and puts them in crumple state, allowing her to follow-up. 4A whiffs on certain characters, but 5A and 214B can also work and be followed up from. Can do T>22A/22C>4A easily.

5A+D (Chargeable)
P4Arena Yukiko BD.png
Very useful if Training Mode is unavailable.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1200 Air Unblockable 19 3 23* -30
  • Holding the buttons will let you stay in Dia indefinitely and keep healing.
  • Projectile invincible from frame 1 until you release the button (there is a window after you release the button where you are vulnerable even to projectiles.)
  • Levitates slightly, providing an airborne state (NOT a good thing unless against grabs. Free air combo)
  • Short horizontal, mediocre vertical hitbox, plus a persona move, which makes it even riskier to throw out
  • Heals 60 hpf for 18 frames (1080 hp), then 30 hpf (1800 hps) for remainder; Yukiko is forced to "hold" Dia for 21 frames minimum

Yukiko's DP. Very unsafe if blocked. It nullifies all projectile attacks and briefly physical attacks (startup only) before knocking the opponent back and granting Yukiko substantial healing time. Dia itself does find use as a tool that can rewards Yukiko after a knockdown, if her opponent is far away, or if they're unable to close in on her right away. Can also be used offensively as a combo ender, disrupt Cross Bursts, and even denies DHCs (UNLESS the DHC is not a projectile, in which case Yukiko WILL be punished). Depending on the right partner (i.e. Waldstein, Hyde), Yukiko can nearly fully heal herself during a match! When covered by an assist, particularly projectiles, Yukiko can safely tap Dia. The further she is from the opponent and the more cautious the opponent is can determine how long she can reasonably hold for. Utilizing Reject Guard in combination with an immediate assist call can be a decent way to find room to use Dia. Dia's projectile invulnerability allows Yukiko to be something of an anti-zoning zoner, as she can avoid any (and every) projectile while healing at the same time. Take care when using this, as Yukiko can get punished while she's recovering. A simple tap leaves little room for worry, but if held down for too long and the opponent recovers fast enough, Yukiko is left wide open. Make sure you're on the same footing as your opponent when considering this move, if not faster yourself. Finally, because Yukiko levitates during the state, she cannot be thrown or command grabbed out of it.


236A/B (air OK)
P4Arena Yukiko Agi.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground A 700, 900 All 13 3(6)15* 39* -9
  • Hold the button to delay the explosion of the placed fire. The fire will explode when you release the button
  • Explosion becomes active 7 frames after release, 22 frame wait minimum

Fire circle remains in place until the button is released or Yukiko is hit (even on block.) BEWARE: The explosion can poof even after you've released the button, meaning trading with this button is basically impossible.

While Yukiko is unable to perform any actions while using Dia (Reversal Action) she is still able to hold onto her various Agi versions. This allows her to potentially set up traps on opponents looking to punish or approach her, ensuring she can recover in peace. With the A version in particular however, since Dia requires A+D she is unfortunately not able to perform it without letting go of Agi.

Ground B 700, 900 All 13 3(6)15* 39* -9
  • It's possible to have A/B/C versions held simultaneously.
  • Explosion becomes active 7 frames after release, 22 frame wait minimum

Farther away circle. Same as A version aside from fire circle range.

While holding B version seems tempting since the range helps maintain long-distance zoning, it does prevent Yukiko from using any of her fans for linear zoning. It generally becomes a worthwhile option when Yukiko is able to put the opponent almost fullscreen, whether from combo enders or natural pushback from things like 5AAA, 5AAAA, 214B+C, etc.

Holding B version while holding Dia can provide a small amount of defense against an opponent looking to stop her, but a wary opponent can navigate around the held fire circle so it should not be relied on heavily.

Air A 700, 900 All 13 3(6)15* 39*+5L -
  • Same as the ground versions. Can block in the air after casting but incurs 5 frames of landing recovery.
Air B 700, 900 All 13 3(6)15* 39*+5L -
  • Same as the ground versions. Can block in the air after casting but incurs 5 frames of landing recovery.

P4Arena Yukiko Maragi.png
Why she suddenly laughs when she does it, the world may never know...
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
A 1000, 1500 Low, All 16 Until hit(9)30 55T -11
  • Remains active in place for a bit after reaching destination.
  • First hits low, then hits mid

Travels fullscreen. Fast speed moving projectile that then creates a sort of fire wall afterwards. Can pushblock trap your opponent into it, and it also kills Cross Bursts, even if Yukiko is hit. Because the first part hits low, it offers high/low unblockable potential with the right partner. Because of such lengthy recovery, she is unable to follow-up on the hit herself outside of the corner and must call on an assist. Anti-air. The pillar part of the attack will not be interrupted even if Yukiko dies, however while it's traveling if Yukiko blocks the maragi will disappear.

B 1000, 1500 Low, All 32 Until hit(9)45 43T +17
  • First hits low, then hits mid
  • Pressing B again or using negative edge will make it explode earlier while it's traveling

Travels slower than the A version, letting Yukiko protect herself or even run behind it. Compared to it, 214B has slower startup, but faster recovery. Can control when the flame pillar rises by either releasing the button after holding it down or simply tapping it again. High/low unblockable potential since it counts a low on first hit. Plus on block. This move is a staple for Yukiko's combos since she can do things like 214B>4AAA>214B

Fire Boost[edit]
Fire Boost
P4Arena Yukiko FireBoost.png
If you're not using this, you're losing.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
A - - 19 - 36T -
  • Grants 1 level of Fire Boost
  • Costs Yukiko 500 health that's recoverable
  • 34 total frames as of 1.30

Use this after a knockdown, while an assist is protecting you or in situations you know you're safe. Use Dia to regain back the health you've sacrificed from this move. Once Yukiko has reached lv. 9, she no longer takes damage should you input this afterward.

B - - 31 - 57T -
  • Grants 2 levels of Fire Boost
  • Costs Yukiko 500 health that's recoverable
  • 57 total frames as of 1.30

Not at all a move you want to consider solo in neutral; it is extremely unsafe in every regard. However, with the powers of Active Switch hitconfirming and Cross Combo active switching, this is a great way to help Yukiko get 22C's benefits and gain higher levels without sacrificing meter. There may be other assists that can help protect this move and/or make more safe (i.e. Orie 4P, Carmine 214BC, etc.). Once again, use Dia or tag her out and let her regenerate passively to heal the red life you've accumulated from boosting back, and she does not deal damage to herself anymore once she reaches lv.9.

Extra Skills[edit]

EX Agi[edit]
P4Arena Yukiko Agi.png
Remember when this had two explosions in Arena? Mori certainly didn't.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 700, 2000 All 18 3(9)15* 24 +2
Air 700, 2000 All 18 3(9)15* 24+5L -
  • Can be used as a pressure reset up close.
  • Explosion becomes active 7 frames after release, 30 frame wait minimum

Puts the circle on top of the opponent and tracks them horizontally. When timed well, you are able to confirm off of it. Deals a substantial amount of damage as a starter (2C>236C). Eats up the enemy's red life on hit, killing their health recovery potential during Resonance Blaze. Sidenote: First hit comes out slower than the other 2 versions, making things like 5AAA>236C not true. Can be combo'd into from a hard knockdown though. Still disappears on block.

EX Maragi[edit]
BBTag Yukiko Maragion.png
Nice pressuring tool.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000*4 Low, All*3 16 Until hit(9)5(5)5(5)5 34T +30
  • Good for covering an approach
  • Explodes into 3 pillars of fire, only the first hit is low.
  • Travels full screen
  • Pressing C again while it's traveling will make the fire explode into the pillars where it currently is instead of traveling the full distance.

Crawls along the ground at top speed, turns into forward-moving flame pillars upon reaching opponent. High/low unblockable potential since the first part of Maragion hits low. Like Agilao, it eats up the enemy's red life on hit. Because there are 3 flame pillars, Yukiko can IAD j.5A/2A mixup the opponent, or force them to waste meter and pushblock her away from them. Amazing for meter dumping, as it can loop into itself at high fire levels to deal incredible damage or disgusting chip damage in resonance

EX Fire Boost[edit]
Fire Flame Boost
P4Arena Yukiko FireBoost.png
...that's all you've got?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - 12 - 22T -
  • Grants 2 levels of Fire Boost
  • Autoguards projectiles
  • Costs Yukiko 500 health that's recoverable
  • 22 total frames as of 1.30

Shields herself from projectiles while gaining 2 levels. She gains control right away after the move ends, so it can avoid projectile moves with a long duration (i.e. Yu's 236BC, Nu's 236BC). Takes 500 recoverable life like the rest of fire boosts while also getting 2 fire stocks. A useful move to consider in neutral. She can also freely assist punish after catching enemy projectiles. She can loop off of it on hard knockdowns (IE: 4AAA>22C>4A, 5AA>22C>2A)

Partner Skills[edit]

Flame Dance
P4AU Yukiko FlameDance.png
"Keep your distance!"
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
900, 1300 All (18+)13 2(10)5 29 -11
  • On hit, launches the opponent high up with a large amount of untech time, allowing for easy combo conversion or extension
  • Two-part move, but the first part only hits close up
  • The damage of the assist goes up depending on how many fire levels you have
  • Opponent experiences 6 additional hitstop

If active switched into Yukiko, no matter how far she and Sakuya are apart, Sakuya always returns to her.

Phoenix Flame Swirl
P4AU Yukiko RadiantPhoenix.png
You can do no wrong with this.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000*3 All (18+)62 3*3 113T -24
  • Long startup but great for controlling air space and extending combos on airborne opponents.
  • Gives Yukiko 1 level of fire boost and drains 500 recoverable health
  • Sakuya tracks the opponent's direction on the screen, ensuring she doesn't go the other way regardless of characters changing position.
  • Specifically coded to not hit crouching opponents.

Yukiko always stands a nice distance behind you before fire boosting and then throwing out her Persona in an invulnerable state, who has taken the shape of a Phoenix. On Active Switch or Cross Combo activation, the projectile vanishes. Should it be blocked midair, it leaves them open to an air unblockable setup. If they stand block it, they're wide open for lows. If they crouch-whiff it, they can be opened up by instant overheads. Offensively and defensively speaking, this is a great assist in Yukiko's arsenal for many, many reasons. HOWEVER, beware of characters with good low profiling normals and anti airs, as well as DPs that recover crouching (usually after landing).

P4Arena Yukiko BD.png
At least it's not Celica 4p
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1200 All (18)+13 12 112 -107
  • Heals Yukiko and the point character's health if they stand near her. Yukiko heals more when the point character is not near.
  • This assist has a bigger and more active hitbox than the point version of the move, it's also faster. Has similar proration/damage values, meaning it will most likely worsen your combo. Decent anti air usage sometimes
  • You cannot hold down 4P in order to continuously heal Yukiko and her partner, unlike with her DP. It has a set duration.
  • Heals from 30~130
  • Heals 20 hpf (up to 1980) to Yukiko if point is not nearby; 20 hpf to point and 10 hpf (up to 990) to Yukiko otherwise

Yukiko heals herself and her partner. Unlike when she's on point. On hitconfirm you may throw this out during a solo combo if you need Yukiko (or yourself) to recover some health back mid-match. You can also punish Cross Bursts by active switching to her once she's out.

If not defended, far behind her partner or on the other side of the opponent, Yukiko is extremely vulnerable, especially because she stays out for a fairly long amount of time. As a result, you can use this to manipulate and bait your opponent into attacking so that you can cancel in Cross Combo or outright punish them yourself. Because it offers full projectile invulnerability once active, it is a nice tool to use against zoners or projectile-heavy attacks, as there is very little the opponent can do to interrupt her. That being said, she can be hit out of startup or recovery.

Distortion Skills[edit]

P4Arena Yukiko Agidyne.png
(It's "I am thou," not "I am yours," btw.)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
540*9, 2200 [620*9, 3200] All 4+7 6*7,8,2(9)X Total: 160 -51
  • Values in [] for Enhanced version
  • Minimum damage 20% (1412) [1756]
  • Sakuya and Fireball track the opponent's side
  • VERY unsafe on block

Yukiko calls forth her Persona, who violently enraptures the enemy in a fiery twirl, ending with a massive fireball. Once out, Sakuya spins for a brief duration, and cannot be moved. Offering Yukiko startup invul. so she can whiff enemy attacks, the screen also completely freezes on startup, allowing her to swiftly punish things on reaction, including quick 5A/2A jabs. Damages scales slightly if used in a combo, and on a raw hit it deals massive damage (especially on Lv.9). Excellent at catching Cross Bursts, moves with long reach and moves in recovery state, regardless of duration. Becomes increasingly threatening with each fire level stocked; on a raw hit, Lv.0 does 4.5k dmg, while Lv.9 does around 10k alone! Offers a ridiculous amount of chip damage during Resonance Blaze, but leaves Yukiko wide open, so be mindful of the distance between you and the enemy and see to it they don't have a means to punish from said distance.

It is recommended that a Yukiko player spends time learning every other characters' blockstring consistently and thoroughly, so that they'll have a better awareness of when to use this move; Agidyne can be a highly rewarding, yet highly risky move (outside of comboing, of course).

Depending on the partner, an early DHC will allow the partner (examples are Weiss, Nine, Aegis etc.) to follow-up while Agidyne is still in motion.

An interesting thing to note is that Agidyne completely beats Tager's 5B in every regard, even if he holds it to max length.

P4Arena Yukiko Maragidyne.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
  • Values in [] for Enhanced version
  • Minimum damage 15% (120*N) [150*N]
  • Tap B+C to make the flames come from Yukiko (C Maragidyne in P4Arena), and hold B+C to make the flames come from the far side of the screen instead (D Maragidyne in P4Arena).
  • You can throw 5B fans soon enough to catch them at the end of the Distortion as a direct combo. This move is so + you can both do this on hit and block.

This move is invincible on startup and pushes the opponent far away even on block (for the uncharged version). It does a lot of chip damage at high fire boost levels and in resonance blaze: about half of most characters' life bars with level 9 fireboost and resonance level 4. Resonance Blaze also gives Yukiko the 6 bars she needs in order to combo uncharged Maragidyne into charged Maragidyne into Agidyne. If you have a low fireboost level, you can make the opponent block the uncharged version of Maragidyne and fireboost a few times while the opponent is stuck in blockstun from the flames. BEWARE: The opponent may sometimes pushblock the charged version and break free from the blockstring

Distortion Skill Duo[edit]

P during Main Character's Distortion Skill
P4Arena Yukiko Agidyne.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 [2500] All 1+1 - Total: 82 -46
  • Values in [] for Enhanced version
  • Minimum damage 100% (2000) [2500]

Yukiko's DHC allows her to follow-up with both of Vatista's supers, Ruby's 214BC, Yu's 236BC, Nine's 236BC, Noel's air 236BC, Rachel's 214BC, Linne's 236BC, to give just some of the examples.

Astral Heat[edit]

Full Bloom
P4Arena Yukiko FullBloom.png
P4Arena Yukiko FullBloom2.png
Stay out of my garden.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- All 13+11 6 Total: 100 -55

Yukiko summons Sakuya one last time, as her Persona transforms into endless cherry blossoms that swarm and eviscerate the opponent while Yukiko dances through it all, ending with a beautiful pose. The screen freeze when Yukiko makes a pose, so it can catch mindless opponents pressing buttons. Sakuya's lunge does some significant pushback, so it can be awkward to punish, but it bears mentioning that it is naturally unsafe on block, so, like always, astral wisely.

Can be canceled from Agi and Maragi, and Sakuya confirms all the way from nearly fullscreen.


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