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 Yukiko Amagi
Combo Notation Guide
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example 236+A.png becomes 236A.
> = cancel into the next attack
, = link the next attack after preceding move's recovery
= After landing.
jc = jump cancel
hjc = high jump cancel
CH = Counter Hit
IAD = Instant Air Dash
(N) = only use the Nth attack of the move (for example, if j.B(2) is written, you only use the first two hits of j.B)
[X] = Hold input X.
]X[ = Release input X.
{???}xN = Repeat ??? N amount of times.

Combo List

Combo Position Damage Resource Difficulty Notes
Inputs > In ► Notation Where #### 1 Meter, 2 Partner [0] Difficulty useful information



With Assists



With Assists

Combo Theory

Yukiko's combo theory is relatively straightforward - She needs to first launch the opponent via 236C, 214C, or an assist call, and then go into her loops of choice before settling for the appropriate ender for oki.

4AAA > 214B loops are the most universally applicable for meterless damage

4AAA > 22C > 2A loops let her build fire levels rapidly in exchange for bar

214C > 214C loops let her dump her meter for massive damage when done early in the combo

5AA > 214A > 2A loops offer the most meterless damage but requires the corner and is more executionally demanding.

Yukiko's combo structure doesn't vary much from this general skeleton, and most optimizations come from maximizing fire damage (doing fire moves earlier in combos, doing them as often as possible, gaining fire levels over the course of a combo), and from stabilizing stray hits into this general structure (i.e. confirming 5AA > 5B > 214C to launch a grounded opponent at longer ranges). Attempts at making longer more intricate combos tend to offer less damage and weaker oki options with marginal benefits to corner carry and burst safety, though their novelty can serve as a good gimmick to subvert normal expectations.

In essence, her combo theory is [Launch the opponent] > [Loop sequences based on your priorities] > [Pick your oki]

Video Examples

Yukiko Basic Combos By Meno

External Documents and References

Combo and blockstring section of the boarder Yukiko doc:


 Yukiko Amagi

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