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 Yukiko Amagi

Team Synergy



Never start Yukiko on point unless for specific reasons. She gains the most by being in the anchor position due to her assist kit and potential with resonance blaze.

Recommended Partners

General Tactics

Guide here:



Blockstrings (further down the list = bigger brain)

Longest possible blockstring

4a -> 2a -> 4aaa -> 5aaa -> 2b -> 5b -> 2b -> pick your option

-> jump cancel

-> jc

-> jb

-> iad things

-> 2c -> agi/maragi

In most cases, you’re going to be too far for 2b to connect in the blockstring, in which case the most important part is the following component.

5aa -> jump cancel -> iad things

Iad things entails:

Iad forward

-> jaa -> jc

-> Agi (air stalls, baits dps, allows for unexpected crossups)

-> j4b -> jc -> massive plus frames -> 2a

Iad back

-> Agi

-> jc

-> land -> immediately jump and jc again (tracks)

5a and 5aa tick throw in a pretty obnoxious way

Ex maragi -> iad forward for a safejump (ideal practice range is training mode set to corner) (first half)

Big brain blockstrings 5aa -> jump cancel -> jb -> jc (tracks)

5aa -> jump cancel -> jb -> agi (tracks) 

Ex maragi -> single forward jump (bodies forward moving dp’s in the corner) (second half)

5aa -> 2c (whiff) -> 5aa (opponent can’t jump, airdash or backdash to escape the persona if they don’t pb) (start of this video):

5a -> 22c (use as a jank rebeat, only -4)

Ground fans -> 22c (use as a jank rebeat, only -4)

Tips and Tricks

Fighting Yukiko

  • Yukiko has a flame gauge. Do everything you can not to increase it. It does not go down. She can and will do insane amount of chip (or normal) damage in resonance if it reaches 9.
  • She can both push/pull from fullscreen to her and vice versa. She is very + when doing so.


 Yukiko Amagi

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