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Counter Hit[edit]

A counter hit (CH) happens when you hit your opponent while they're initiating an attack. The hit spark is usually bigger and while the announcer does not say "Counter", you will see it displayed on the left (or right) side of the screen as "Counter!". In CH state, things like hit stun and hit stop (opponent only) increase. Additionally, some attacks gain added properties on CH like Wall Bounce or Hard Knockdown.

Gachi Counter[edit]

A gachi counter hit (GCH) occurs when you hit the opponent immediately after gachi matching an attack. Performing a successful high or low gachi drive (6G or 3G) will also produce a GCH state. You will know when you've landed a GCH because not only will you see "G-Counter!" on the left (or right) side of the screen, but the announcer will actually say it out loud. A normal GCH will grant your typical CH properties, only they'll be stronger. GCH from a gachi drive will give you the ability to chain normal attacks together, whether you're aerial or grounded. Any attack property that can be gained from a CH can also be gained from a GCH.

Attack Attributes[edit]

Every attack in Battle Fantasia has attributes fall into three different categories: strike, projectile, and throw. These attributes interact with each other to trigger certain effects like invincibility and guard point.

Strike Attribute
Strike attributes are broken up into four groups: high, mid, low, and overhead. Usually, most attacks that fall into any of these four categories target a specific area of the opponent. Some attacks might change where they hit due to the range of the attack, or if the character is attacking in Heat Up.
Projectile Attribute
Each projectile has a durability level. When two projectiles of equal durability clash, each projectile will lose one hit (so a 3 hit projectile will become a 2 hit projectile, and a 1 hit projectile disappears). Only Cedric, Marco, Watson and Odile possess projectiles that are capable of multiple hits.
Throw Attribute
The throw attribute can be broken into two sub-categories: breakable, and unbreakable. Depending on the character, they may come equipped with a breakable throw that allows for a combo follow up, or one that produces a Hard Knockdown. Some throws give the opportunity for the opponent to tech from a fall, but it puts them into a good zoning range. Unbreakable throws give certain characters the ability to do massive damage by granting them a boost in special moves, or a huge frame advantage for a devastating combo. Donvalve has an unbreakable throw that has guard points, and if the grab connects, it sends the opponent to the corner automatically, giving Donvalve the mix up advantage.
Throws generally cause both characters to become temporarily invincible to other attacks. For example, throwing Olivia while Cedric's Evangelical Light (projectile) is traveling will allow Olivia to completely miss getting hit by the projectile!
Throws are not only unblockable, but cannot be defended with gachi, with the exception of Donvalve's air throw super.

Attribute Invincibility[edit]

Several attacks in the game have what is known as attribute invincibility. This means that a specific move is able to guard against, or completely bypass, certain attacks. In keeping with the

Strike Invincibility
Currently, there are no known moves which display the aforementioned attribute.
Projectile Invincibility

In Battle Fantasia, only a few characters have moves with projectile invincibility. Donvalve and Deathbringer have moves that auto guard against projectiles. Urs' 236B/D is the only known move that can completely bypass many projectiles if done at the right range.

Physical Invincibility
Physical invincibility is a property of certain moves, where parts of the character cannot be hit due to lack of a hitbox. A majority of the moves in Battle Fantasia do not have this property, as most moves can be beaten out or trade with other attacks.
Guard Point

Guard point, which also goes by "autoguard", give certain attacks auto blocking abilities against certain attacks. These specific moves can usually beaten out by throws. Donvalve and Deathbringer are the only characters to possess moves which have guard point.

Miscellaneous Hit Effects[edit]

Ground Hit
"Ground hit" is when you are hit while standing or crouching and suffer hitstun. When ground hitstun finishes, you will return to standing (or crouching). The hitstun can vary if the opponent is standing or crouching, and certain attacks may (or may not) become possible afterwards.
Juggle state
Certain moves in the game will place the opponent in a juggle state. These particular moves are called "launchers". If these launchers hit the opponent, they will be launched in the air, allowing extra hits to be added to a juggle combo. At a minimum, everyone has at least one launcher, since Gachi Driving an opponent will launch them in the air. What moves you use will determine the opponent's juggle potential. Things like Same Move Penalty (SMP) will decrease juggle potential.
Same Move Penalty (SMP)
Using the same move (or some multiple hitting moves) in a juggle will greatly decrease a character's juggle potential, ultimately affecting the amount of damage done in a juggle. There are a few exceptions to the rule, as Coyori can loop j.B in a Heat Up combo, and some characters that have multiple hitting moves can avoid SMP simply by landing only the first hit.
Air Hit (Recoverable State)
As simple as it sounds, an air hit occurs when an airborne opponent is hit. Depending on the move determines whether or not the opponent can recover or not. When an opponent is in a recoverable state, they are not considered in a "comboable" state, but can still get hit by attacks on the way down. Their only defense is to gachi. It's best to use these opportunities as resets, especially in the corner.
Air Hit (Unrecoverable State)
Unrecoverable state makes the opponent able to be juggled, making juggle combos an actuality. Gachi driving (high or low) will make none of the following moves air recoverable, thus creating the chance for longer, more damaging combos.
Red Hit
While hitting the opponent, if their portrait flashes red, it is possible to continue hitting them, mainly in a combo or a juggle.
Blue Hit
While hitting the opponent, if their portrait flashes blue, they cannot be hit until they've landed and recovered to either a standing or crouching state.

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