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BatFan Cedric Portrait.png

HP: 2,830 (2,959)

Damage Scale: 95.65%

Guts Level: 3

Float Factor: 5

Jump Startup: 5f

Backdash Time:

Backdash Startup Invincibility:

Movement Options
Command Hop, Running-Dash
Specializes in using attacks that can keep your opponent at bay


Cedric Ward is the son of the Archbishop of Ma Jolle, Prezzi Ward. Prezzi was rejected by the Four Heroes from the battle that decided the fate of the world, his pride deeply scarred. Cedric takes pride in his orderly way of life governed by strict rules. Keeping people at an arm’s length has given him a befitting reputation among the other students of the Royal Academy of Priests, as he is obsessed with restoring his father’s lost honor. Cedric plans on doing so by defeating the sons of the Silver Knight Dyna, Urs and Marco, and sets off on his personal vendetta.

Heat Up: Enhanced Specials
Aside from Cedric donning an angry face, several moves get enhanced.

Enhanced Specials
[4]6 A/C - Evangelical Light (fireball)

  • Two fireballs are shot, each with varying speeds. The A version shoots one moderately fast fireball and one slow fireball that speeds up shortly. The C version shoots one fast fireball and one slightly slower fireball that speeds up shortly.

[2]8 B/D - Holy Devotion (flash kick)

  • The B version now hits twice, and The D version hits thrice. Both versions have increased recovery, but force a Hard Knockdown.

[D], release D - St. Dropkick (Charging dropkick)

  • Each level has been slightly enhanced-

[Note the ranges for each one remain the same, level one being the shortest, and 4 being the farthest]

  • Level 1: 1 Second - Launches for a full 2 move juggle.
  • Level 2: 3 Seconds - Launches for a full 2 move juggle.
  • Level 3: 7 Seconds - Wall slams with increased juggle potential.
  • Level 4: 120+ Seconds - Not really known due to it's impracticability.

236236 A/C - Eternity of Regret (super fireball)

  • Juggle potential is possible vs grounded opponents.


  • Above average health
  • Good normals that give frame advantage
  • Strong zoning game
  • The only character that can combo off of a normal throw
  • Able to force the opponent back to neutral
  • Can use projectiles to hit confirm and combo into dropkick from any range


  • Very floaty, making him able to take more combo damage
  • Charging dropkick might be cumbersome due to controller/stick layout
  • Charging dropkick also locks out the light versions of Holy Devotion, and Hammer of the Gods
  • Does not have real good air to air options

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Move List[edit]

Normal Moves[edit]


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
40 - All 5 - - 0


Quick door knock.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
70 - All 6 - - +3


Kicks obliquely downwards; not a low.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
235 - All 11 - - +3


Swings a bottle of holy water.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
120, 280 - All 15 - - -3


Swings chain spiked balls downwards. While it looks like an overhead, it's actually a mid.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
60 Duck and slap All 5 - - -3


Crouching open hand poke.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
120 - Low 7 - - -5


Crouching kick.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
210 - All 8 - - -8


Swings a bottle of holy water in an overhead arc.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
290 - Low 10 - - -13


Swings chained spiked balls in front of him; causes knockdown.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
140 - All 17 - - +7


Kicks directly in front of him, moving forward a little bit. Great combo starter.


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
Normal 330 - High 34 - - -16
Charged 620 - Unblockable 109 - - -


Swings a chained ball over his head and slams it down. Cedric's only overhead, and the charge version is slightly slow.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
105 - High 4 - - -


A chop downwards.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
130 - High 4 - - -


Butt drop.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
250 - High 8 - - -


Swings a bottle of holy water in the form of an uppercut.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
215 - High 6 - - -


Swings a chained ball downwards below him.

Ground Throw[edit]

Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
300 - Throw - - - -


Cedric looks up to the air, and drops a spiked chain ball on top of the opponent.

Special Moves[edit]

Evangelical Light[edit]


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
A 200 - All 5 - - -
C 240 - All 6 - - -


Guile-styled fireball. Sends a small orb of light forward towards the opponent.

Holy Devotion[edit]


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
B 310 - All 4 - - -
D 380 - All - - - -


Guile-styled flash kick. Swings the chained spike balls while rising into the air.

Trick Devotion[edit]


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
A - - - - - - -
C - - - - - - -


The "feint" dropkick. It's really a short hop that gives Cedric the ability to do jump attacks at a lower arc.

Saint Dropkick[edit]

Hold D, Release

Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
Level 1
1 sec
230 - All - - - -
Level 2
3 sec
280 - All - - - -
Level 3
7 sec
320 - All - - - -
Level 4
12 sec
450 - All - - - -


This dropkick works like Raiden's dropkick from KOF. Cedric does a rushing forward dropkick with spiked chain balls intact. You hold the button to charge. The longer you hold it, the more damage will be dealt once D is released. Increased time increases not only the damage, but what Cedric can do afterwards.

Level 1: 1 Second - Slow and short range. Doesn't even knock down. Level 2: 3 Seconds - Faster and better range. Launches, but you can only get 1 follow-up move and only in the corner. Level 3: 7 Seconds - Very fast, very good range. Wall slams, can get 2 juggle moves after. Generally you always want to shoot for this level of charge! Level 4: 120+ Seconds - Same as Level 3 except it does 1700+ damage! Huge charge time makes it unpractical

Glasses Change[edit]

214 Taunt

Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
- - - 20 - - -


This is merely a special taunt and nothing else. Each time Cedric taunts, it changes the glasses that he wears. There is no pattern in which he picks glasses; it's all random. At the very least, this move builds meter. Do not use it as a primary means to build meter.

Super Moves[edit]

Eternity of Regret[edit]


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
120*10 - All 7 - - -


Super fireball. You want to combo into this often. It also does an ok amount of chip damage.

Hammer of the Gods[edit]


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
160*5, 450 - Unblockable - - - -


If Cedric is struck during the parry, he counters by trapping the opponent in a large bell and striking them repeatedly. This is a great move, but it requires some trickery, and/or quick reaction time, to land it. If this move counters, Cedric can combo afterwards, preferably with a dropkick. This super only counters physical hits, not projectiles (this includes Face's rekka attacks).



If you're on the offensive as Cedric, you're going to want to have several game plans. These will be broken down into several groups: Grab, Hit confirm, Whiff punish, and Baiting. As a strong zoning character, you don't have to rely on the offensive to really win with Cedric; however, he does have several tools that make him almost as strong offensively as he is defensively.

  • Plan A: Grab - One plan of attack is to rush and rely on normal tick throw setups. This will allow you to not only combo as you please, but it grants the option for a reset, producing more damage that some combos would. Depending on where the reset occurs (midscreen or corner) will determine if Cedric can quickly fall back on the defensive, or continue to apply pressure. Eventually the opponent will start to realize how deadly Cedric's normal throw is, and that can leave them open up to other plans of attack. When you grab midscreen, you mostly want to go for a level 2 or 3 dropkick afterwards. In the corner, going for a reset can work out better in your favor.

  • Plan B: Hit confirm - This plan can somewhat work with the latter plans, which will be explained later. Knowing what to hit confirm with, and what move to use afterwards is vital for Cedric. He has three good tools that put him at an advantage if used up close, 5B(+3), 4B(+7), and 5C(+3). 5B can be chain into 4B, which puts you in the position to do almost anything afterwards. You can poke with 2B, and cancel it with Holy Devotion if 2B is blocked, or you can chain 2B into 4B and link it with another 2B and cancel into any special/super of your choice. From neutral, if Cedric throws an Evangelical Light while charging Saint Dropkick, and the projectile hits, hit confirming it into the dropkick makes it a strong combo, and a deadly juggle starter.

  • Plan C: Whiff punish - Utilizing Cedric's tools to whiff punish makes him even deadlier in neutral and up close. From sweeping distance (about 1-2 characters spacing), 5C, 4B, and 2D work wonders. 5C alone does a good chunk of damage, and combining that with Evangelical Light can serve as a quick 2 hit combo or force the opponent to block depending on how close to sweeping distance you are. If they block, Cedric can easily revert back to Plan A and grab, or fall back and play the zoning game. 4B moves Cedric forward, but it doesn't go as far as 5C, so keep that in mind. 2D is actually -10 on block, but in the right range, it's virtually nonpunishable. 5D also is also one of Cedric's only two true low hitting normals, but it doesn't cancel into anything, so use it sparingly.

  • Plan D: Baiting - Plan D falls under the "frame trap" and "disrupting" game that Cedric can be good for. This works for those players who get Gachi-happy and parry every projectile thrown. At neutral, dashing in quickly and throwing out a 5C or 2B for force them to pay attention to when they use Gachi. Sometimes this tactic will catch them off guard, and at times this strategy works in tandem with hit confirming. In emergency situations, baiting can quickly turn the tide if used unpredictably, like using Hammer of the Gods when the opponent least expects it, especially when they're trying to break out of a reset by doing something like a DP or super of their own.


Defending against grounded opponents

  • Playing the defensive game is where Cedric shines, as he can truly show how much of a wall he can be. From long range poking to anti air normals and specials, Cedric has all the tools a strong zoning character needs. Most of what he has can overlap with each other to answer those who test with Gachi attempts, so as long as you are in the right distance. For instance, getting 5C parried does nothing but leave you open. Using it at its maximum distance can not only keep Cedric safe from Gachi matches and Gachi drives, but it can allow him to utilize projectiles, since it can keep most opponents at bay.

Defending against aerial opponents

  • Aside from Holy Devotion, which makes a good anti air move, Cedric has 2C, 5D, and sometimes 5C. 5C is mentioned because there are situations in which the opponent might attempt something like an empty jump, or even a high jumping attack, and where they will land might be nowhere close to Cedric. In this scenario, the opponent can land right into a 5C. Of course 2C is good, but the problem with 2C is that you can't cancel out of it if it's Gachi matched. It is good against cross up attacks, which Face and Coyori players tend to do often. 5D sometimes works better than 2C only because it hits twice. Honorable mentions go to j.C, and j.D. If you press C or D as soon as Cedric leaves the ground, either option make a good air to air attacks. In retreating, j.D might serve as the better move.

What to do after Gachi matching

  • Depending on the situation really determines what Cedric can and should do. From the ground, his two best options are 5C and Saint Dropkick. If you're charging back, then Evangelical Light might work as a distancing tool. From the air, j.A or j.C are ok options. Be mindful that j.C might not come out depending on how low to the ground Cedric is.


From neutral, most of what Cedric can do is listed in the defense section. Keep in mind that Evangelical Light, and 5C are his best tools from this position. At any point in the match, Cedric can easily switch from Offensive to Defensive. Now when he's playing either of the two, when he can go back to playing the opposite becomes very situational.

Attack Sets[edit]

5A > 5A/2A/5B/2B

2A > 5A/2A/5B/2B/5D

5B > 4B [Does not combo]

2B > 4B [Does not combo]

2B > 2C

2B > 6D [Does not combo]



  • 2A > 2A > 2B ~ [2]8B/D
  • 2A > 2A > 2B ~ Lv3.Dropkick, (dash), 2C, [2]8D
  • 2A > 2A > 2B ~ Lv3.Dropkick, 236236P

  • (Corner)2A > 2A > 2B ~ Lv2.Dropkick, [2]8D
  • (Corner)2A > 2A > 2B ~ Lv2.Dropkick, 236236P, [2]8D

  • 2B > 2C, [2]8B/D

  • 4B, 2A > 2B [2]8B/D
  • 4B, 2B > 2C, [2]8B/D
  • 4B, 2A > 2B Lv3.Dropkick ...
  • 4B, 2B ~ [2]8D or Lv3.Dropkick ...(Maximum range)

  • CH 5B > 4B ...
  • CH 2B > 4B ...

  • AA 2C, [2]8B/D
  • (Corner)AA [2]8B, [2]8B/D
  • Crossup j.B, (land), 2C, [2]8B/D

  • Throw, 5C ~ [4]6A/C ... (reset)
  • Throw, [2]8B/D
  • Throw, Lv3.Dropkick, [2]8D
  • Throw, Lv3.Dropkick, 236236P

  • (Corner)Throw, 2D (Knockdown)
  • (Corner)Throw, 236236P, [2]8D

  • 236236K, Lv2.Dropkick (Guaranteed)
  • 236236K, Lv3.Dropkick, [2]8D
  • 236236K, Lv3.Dropkick, 236236P
    • 'You will always have time to charge a Lv2 Dropkick during the time it takes for the super to execute, so you will always have a follow to the super.'

  • (Corner)236236K, [2]8B/D
  • (Corner)236236K, 236236P, [2]8B/D

  • (Far)[4]6A, (dash), Lv3.Dropkick ...
  • (Far)[4]6A, (dash), (dash), 5B/2B ~ Lv3.Dropkick ...

Gatchi Counter

  • c.2B > 2C, [2]8B/D - [742]
  • (Any) 5C ~ Lv3.Dropkick, (dash), 2C, [2]8D - [1176]
  • (Any) 5C ~ Lv3.Dropkick, 236236P - [1390]

  • c.5C ~ [4]6A, Lv3.Dropkick ... - [1334/1550]
    • 'Very tight link into Dropkick, nets you around 200 extra damage.'
  • AA 2C, [2]8D - [718]

High Gatchi Drive

  • (0 Mid) Crouch, Cross Under 2C, [2]8B, [2]8D - [827]
  • (0 Mid) (backdash), Lv3.Dropkick, (dash), 2C, [2]8D, [2]8D - [977]

  • (1 Mid) j.C, (land), Lv3.Dropkick, 236236P, (dash), dj., j.C, (land), [2]8D - [1445]

  • (1 Mid) Crouch, Cross Under 2C, 236236P, (dash), (dash), Lv3.Dropkick, [2]8D - [1139]
    • 'Less ideal, but if you don't have a Level 3 charged up, you can do this instead.'
  • (0 Corner) j.C, (land), [2]8D, [2]8D - [831]
  • (1 Corner) j.C, (land), [2]8D, 236236P, [2]8D - [1321]

  • (0 Corner) j.C, (land), Lv3.Dropkick, [2]8D, [2]8D - [1010]
  • (1 Corner) j.C, (land), Lv3.Dropkick, (backdash), 2C, 236236P - [1403]

Low Gatchi Drive

  • (0 Mid) dj., j.B > j.C, (land), 2B > 5C > 5D ~ [2]8D - [1026]
    • 'May have to skip the j.B on Watson. Doesn't work on Marco.'

  • (0 Mid) j.C, (land), 5C > 5D ~ [2]8D - [951]
    • 'Have to use this on Marco, he is too short to hit with the regular combo.'

  • (0 Deep Corner) (dash), 4B, 2B > 5C ...
    • 'Use 4B instead of jumping setup when too close to the corner.'

  • (0 Near Corner)... 2B > 5C > 5D ~ [2]8B/D, [2]8B/D - [1100+]
    • 'Character specific, only works on floaty characters. Kick version used depends on the character'
      • [2]8B, [2]8B: Deathbringer
      • [2]8D, [2]8B: Ashley, Face, Donvalve
      • [2]8D, [2]8D: Freed

  • (0 Mid)... 2B > 5C ~ Lv3.Dropkick, (dash), 2C, [2]8D - [1115]
  • (0 Mid)... 2B > 5C ~ Lv3.Dropkick, [2]8D, [2]8D - [1187]
  • (1 Mid)... 2B > 5C ~ Lv3.Dropkick, (dash), 2C, 236236P - [1650]

  • (1 Near Corner)... 2B > 5C ~ Lv2.Dropkick, 236236P, [2]8D - [~1106]

  • (0 Near Corner)... 2B > 5C ~ Lv3.Dropkick, [2]8D, [2]8D - [~1187]
  • (1 Near Corner)... 2B > 5C ~ Lv3.Dropkick, (backdash), 2C, 236236P - [1650]

  • (1 Near Corner) Heat Up, (dash), (dash), 5C > 5D(1) ~ [4]6A, 5C > 5D(2) ~ Lv1.Dropkick, j.C, (land), 2C, [2]8D - [1347]
  • (2 Near Corner) Heat Up, (dash), (dash), 5C > 5D(1) ~ [4]6A, 5C > 5D(2) ~ Lv1.Dropkick, j.C, (land), 2C, 236236P, [2]8D - [1981]
    • 'Very stylish combo in the corner for when you have no Dropkick charged. Timing is character specific.

To get it to work right, you want them to be as close to you as possible, but somewhat out of the corner. This is so the fireballs will combo, but still leave you time to connect the 5C. If you are already deep in the corner, skip dashing forward and/or hold Back to get the spacing right.'

Heat Up

  • Throw, Any Level Dropkick, (dash), 2C, [2]8D

  • 236236P, (dash), (dash), 2C, [2]8D

  • 2A > 2B ~ Lv1.Dropkick, (dash), 2C, [2]8D
  • 2A > 2A > 2B ~ Lv2.Dropkick, (dash), 2C, [2]8D

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