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How do I control my character???[edit]

Battle Fantasia uses an 8 way direction joystick/gamepad, and buttons.
There are four attack buttons, and one defense button: A (Light Punch), B (Light Kick), C (Heavy Punch), D (Heavy Kick), G (Gachi or Parry). For some characters, the C and D buttons function more like Guilty Gears S (Slash), and HS (Hard Slash).

Arcade Layout[edit]

This is the typical layout for Battle Fantasia when played at arcades, and on home consoles with arcade sticks:
BatFan Controls.png
The Start button (not shown) usuall serves as a Taunt in arcades. Some home console stick layouts may utilize a sixth button below G (Gachi) to function as a Taunt, or on gamepads, it might be placed elsewhere.


Players use Numpad Notation when discussing the game online in order to all players worldwide to speak the same "language". This is extremely important when it comes to explaining advanced techniques, combos, etc.

Basic Joystick Commands[edit]

Aside from the generic walk/jump/crouch commands, Battle Fantasia contains several unique options for movement on the playing field:

InputIcon 6.pngInputIcon 6.png
dash. In order to keep dashing, the InputIcon 6.pngInputIcon 6.png needs to be input again
InputIcon 4.pngInputIcon 4.png
Backdash. Backdashes move characters to preset distances and may make the character momentarily invincible. Backdashes help avoid certain attacks, and create a safe distance between two characters.
InputIcon 2.pngInputIcon 8.png
Pressing InputIcon 2.pngInputIcon 7.png or InputIcon 2.pngInputIcon 9.png will have you high jump in the specified direction. You can use InputIcon 3.pngInputIcon 7.png to high jump backwards, or InputIcon 1.pngInputIcon 9.png to high jump forward.
InputIcon 6.pngInputIcon 6.pngInputIcon 9.png
Dashing high jump. This is a very important tool as it allows characters to cover more ground than a regular jump would, and possibly avoid projectiles or traps from a further distance.
J.gifInputIcon 6.pngInputIcon 6.png
Forward air dash (Coyori only). Air dashes covers alot of space and allows Coyori to attack at a height lower than an average jump, but just like with regular jumping, the only defense option is to Gachi, making it equally risky. Coyori can air dash from any jump direction InputIcon 7.png, InputIcon 8.png, InputIcon 9.png.
J.gifInputIcon 8.png
Double jump (Odile in Heat Up only). With Heat Up activated, Odile can perform another jump in mid air. She can also use InputIcon 7.png or InputIcon 9.png to double jump in the specified direction, as well as delay the double jump action.
J.gif after specific attacks
Jump cancel (Coyori and Odile only). Jump canceling can help characters stay safe after certain attacks, as well as provide alternate ways of opening up the opponent.

Special Commands[edit]

Special commands in Battle Fantasia are pretty easy. It shares many of the basic commands found in most 2D fighting games like InputIcon 236.png InputIcon 623.png {{and InputIcon 63214.png.

Universal Button Commands[edit]

Ground Recovery
Right before you hit the ground, simply press G (Gachi). Your character will "tech roll" and regain his/her footing, returning to their neutral stance. Please note that all characters ground recover rolling backwards, and there are ways to force the opponent to roll towards you. Ground recovery only apply to Soft Knockdowns. Your character is invincible during recovery.
Press A+B to perform a throw. Holding InputIcon 4.png while throwing will perform a back throw, while InputIcon 5.png and InputIcon 6.png + B + C will result in forward throws.
Throw Escape
Right as you're being thrown, quickly press A+B to break from the throw. Both characters will jump back from each other, preventing any attacks from occurring until they both recover from the animation.
Heat Up!
Press either A+C or B+D to activate a super mode where the character can gain unique types of boosts, such as super armor, enhanced specials, doppleganger attacks, etc. This costs at least 1 stock of MP to activate. Heat Up can be initiated while standing, crouching, or jumping.
Instant Heat Up
Pressing a button combination of A+B+D, A+B+C, or B+C+D will allow characters to perform an attack while activating Heat Up. This is very important, as certain characters can perform special moves going straight into Heat Up utilizing this technique.
High Gachi Drive (HGD or 6G)
Timely pressing InputIcon 6.pngG against attacks will not only parry the move, but make the parrying character counter with a move that can make the opponent fly across the screen for a juggle opportunity. HGD does not always work against certain attacks, mainly light attacks, and specific ranged attacks like projectiles.
Low Gachi Drive (LGD or 3G)
Like High Gachi Drive, Low Gachi Drive works the same way, but instead of creating a juggle opportunity, the opponent slides across the ground, performing a grounded wall bounce and spins for a few seconds. This opens them up for stronger ground combos that can lead to juggles. LGD is similar to HGD in that it doesn't work against all attacks.

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