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BatFan Donvalve Portrait.png

HP: 6580 (4113)

Damage Scale: 160%

Guts Level: 1

Float Factor: 4

Jump Startup:

Backdash Time:

Backdash Startup Invincibility:

Movement Options
Command Dash, lacks a normal dash, Increased walk speed (Heat Up)
Slow moving grappler with jump baiting options and cornering abilities


Donvalve Du Don, one of the Four Heroes and the former king of the now collapsed Dwarven Kingdom. Torn apart by internal struggle, the great war was the last nail in the coffin of the once mighty Dwarven Kingdom. Donvalve was fatally wounded in the battle against the forces of darkness, but made a full recovery with the help of advanced dwarven technology. He leads an uneventful life as the CEO of a renowned weapon manufacturing company called Donvalve & Co., dreaming of the day when the glorious dwarven empire will rise again.


  • Really high HP
  • Able to push and punish with 5C and 2C
  • Strongest command throw in the game
  • Gains armor with certain moves
  • Good anti-air normals


  • Very floaty for a big character
  • Second slowest walk speed in the game
  • Very difficult to build meter effectively
  • Some armored moves are easy to stop
  • Air grab super can be Gachi Matched in the air

Heat Up!: Speed Up!, Super Armor, Goldon Swing, Increased Combo Potential
Donvalve becomes even more dangerous during Heat Up gaining several buffs.

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Move List[edit]

Normal Moves[edit]


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
100 - ALL 9 - - +1

A mid range poke that can whiff some crouching characters depending on how close Donvalve is to the opponent. 5A can also chain into either c.5C or 4C.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
180 - ALL 7 - - +1

A standing kick that can chain into 2B. This normal moves Donvalve forward 1/2 a character's length.

c.5C or 4C[edit]

Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
360 - ALL 9 - - 0

A standing uppercut that has great vertical range, making it a great anti air move, and a tool for 41236B/D combos and setups.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
340 - ALL 14 - - -10

A very strong pushing move, f.C is a long range poke with a huge hitbox, making it relatively safe despite it being -10 on block. This normal slightly moves Donvalve forward.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
360 - ALL 11 - - -15

Donvalve's "hip thrust" normal. 5D by itself isn't great, but 5D~41236B can be used as a really good punish combo. This normal moves Donvalve forward at least 1 character distance.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
90 - ALL 4 - - -1

Donvalve's "sitting jabs" have decent range, and can chain to itself 3-4 times depending on the character. This move can quickly be used to create some distance between Donvalve and the opponent. 2A can also chain into 6B and 5D.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
305 - Low 6 - - -3

Donvalve's "sitting kick". Causes a hard knockdown if 2B connects with the opponent.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
450 - Low 11 - - -5

Spinning low hit. Its range makes it one of the best low hitting moves in the game. Good for ranged poking.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
430 - High 26 - - -11

2D is one of Donvalve's few grounded overhead attacks. It's slow, but causes a hard knockdown if it connects. Use this move sparringly.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
- - High - - - -4

Donvalve's "drop kick". This move is the ender for his 2A > 6B attack set. Hits overhead, and actually works as a legit Don Swing/Don Don Swing set up.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
350 - ALL 16 - - -4

Donvalve blows steam out of the mechanism on his back. This mainly servers as an anti air move despite it's slight delay. 6D can also use this move in a juggle.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
140 - High - - - -

A jumping chop similar to 5A. Okay range, but the hitbox makes the move more suitable in air to air situations.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
140 - High - - - -

The flying butt attack similar to Honda's jumping MK. Can sometimes connect from a deep jump in.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
320 - High - - - -

A jumping punch that has many uses. It's great range can make it an air to air move. The hitbox allows it to connect from a deep jump in, and using gachi from a deep jump in can make this move connect really low. j.C works wonders in juggles also.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
320 - High - - - -

This move is similar to Zangief's flying chest attack, except the hitbox is way bigger, and really long. It also has high priority, so it does beat out many normals.

Ground Throw[edit]

Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
300 - - - - - -

Donvalve picks the opponent up, and then tosses them. This throw does not cause a hard knockdown. The animation varies with each character.

Special Moves[edit]

Don Swing[edit]


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
A 550 - - - - - -
C 800 - - - - - -

Donvalve picks the opponent, swings them around and then tosses them in the direction he was facing originally. This is Donvalve's main tool. Button strength changes the swing time and wall bounce effect. The C version has a longer animation, but does allow a juggle follow up in Heat Mode only. Make the opponent fear this move at all times!!!

Catapult Hammer[edit]


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
Catapult Hammer 520 - High - - - -
Catapult Hammer > A/C
- - - - - - -

Donvalve dashes then swings his hammer, doing massive damage. This move hits high, so characters can easily duck under this move. Aside from being a great punish followup after 5D, this move also serves as the best ender for High Gachi Drive combos.

Holding A or C while doing Catapult Hammer will cancel the dashing animation and the rest of the attack. This is Donvalve's 2nd movement option on the ground. It's best used after a knockdown, so Donvalve can get close enough to apply pressure.

Catapult Throw[edit]


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
480 - - - - - -

Donvalve dashes forward like he his Catapult Hammer move, but he grabs the opponent and slams them to the wall. Catapult throw is an awesome wall carry from any range. This move CANNOT be canceled like Catapult Hammer can!

Hip de Don[edit]


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
0 - Low - - - -

Donvalve flops on the ground, shaking the ground and knocking the opponent down, anywhere on the screen. This move normally can't be canceled into, but you can use a kara technique to do so. This move causes a hard knockdown.

Goldon Swing[edit]

Heat Up, 6C

Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
787 - Throw - - - -

Goldon Swing is basically a quicker version of Don Swing. While it is fast, the hitbox is a bit smaller, so there is a chance to whiff the throw.

Super Moves[edit]

Don Don Swing[edit]

720 A/C, spin for more damage

Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
No Spin 100, 150, 700 - - - - - -
Spin 100, 150, 1150 - - - - - -

Donvalve does the grab, slam, and swing motion, but the swinging continues until Donvalve super tosses the oppponent. The super works just like Catherine's grab super from Arcana Heart; the longer you make 360 motions with the stick, the more damage Donvalve will do with the throw.

Flying DonCake[edit]


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
950 - - 3 - - -

Donvalve grabs the opponent from the air, flies off the screen, and does a super slam. This air grab is unblockable, but the opponent can defend with gachi match.

Heat Up![edit]

Speed Up!

  • Donvalve's walk speed increases dramatically, to the point where he has the fastest walk speed in the game.

Super Armor

  • In Heat Up, Donvalve becomes a fast walking tank, due to his Super Armor upgrade. This allows him to take multiple hits from any attack, including supers.

6C - Goldon Swing (command throw)

  • Donvalve gains an easier way to input a command throw simply by pressing 6C. This move is not only more damaging, it's faster than his regular Don Swing attack.

Increased Combo Potential

  • In Heat Up, Don Swing can still be used instead of Goldon Swing. It's still the same speed as regardless of Heat Up, but the C version actually allows Donvalve to combo afterwards. This opens up new ways to do high damaging combos.



Up close, Donvalve is easily a threat to any opponent. Be weary though, as Donvalve doesn't have a totally flawless offense. The opponent is already going to be aware of Don Swing, and Don Don Swing, so whenever you can, land at least Don Swing as many times as possible. Force the opponent to the corner with f.5C, and 2C. If the opponent gets smart and starts jumping, meet them in the air with j.A or the stronger j.C. Donvalve can't build meter as quickly as characters like Watson, Face, and Coyori, so you want to poke as much as you can, while forcing to the corner.

Donvalve has other ways of throwing aside from Don Swing and Don Don Swing. A simple A+B throw can easily build momentum. It causes a hard knockdown, so Donvalve can close in with Catapult Hammer Break, and apply pressure afterwards. Catapult Throw is great, because it has armor (up to a few hits), and serves as an instant corner carry. Be cautious not to abuse this move, as many characters have moves that beat out Catapult Throw. Rely on setting up the move, so that the opponent becomes limited in options to counter.

Donvalve has some tricks that can sometimes prove risky, but are very rewarding and open up ways for him to gain momemtum. After a few pokes and some Catapult throws, using 2A > 5D~41236B can catch opponents who think Donvalve is doing a Catapult Throw. The caveat to this is that if the opponent Gachi Matches that hit from Catapult Hammer, they have the upper advantage and can counter freely. Depending on how the opponent jumps, Donvalve can use the Catapult Hammer Break, and continue pressure. 2A > 6B can work wonders despite 6B being -4 on block. Upon landing, Donvalve can instantly do Don Swing, or Don Don Swing. This tech works anywhere on screen, but is stronger in the corner. The only option the opponent has is to jump, in which Donvalve can bait the jump, and counter with c.5C, or Flying Don Cake.

In Heat Mode, Donvalve becomes an almost unstoppable tank. Use this in conjunction with 6C to beat out any defensive tactics the opponent may muster up. Take caution, as a single throw can take Donvalve (or any character) out of Heat Mode.


Knowing what Donvalve can do defensively is vital to stealing the opponent's momentum and winning the match. If the opponent attempts to take to the air, and Donvalve is without meter for Flying Don Cake, 4C (or c.5C) can easily beat out or trade many aerial attempts. If the spacing is right, Donvalve can anti air with 5A, 2A, and sometimes f.5C and 5D. 5A is amazingly strong against jumping attacks despite its short range.

At crucial moments, Catapult Throw can be very useful as a defensive tool. Knowing when to use it is key. Pay attention to the opponent's rushdown style, and look for pauses and holes in their offense. The same can be said about Don Don Swing, and Flying Don Cake.

Entering Heat Mode serves as a defensive tactic to some extent. Even with Super Armor, Donvalve still takes damage, and is still susceptible to knockdowns.


At neutral, Donvalve's main goal is to close the gap between him and his opponent. The majority of his standing normals make him move forward, but the main move that will be used at this range is f.5C. 2C is a helpful attack due to range, but it doesn't move Donvalve forward, and it's slightly shorter than f.5C, so be mindful of Donvalve's distance from the opponent. At this range, it is very imperative not to use Catapult Throw, unless the opponent is landing from a jump, or the opponent is doing a move that makes them move forward, and they can't recover right away, like Marco's 214B/D. Typically speaking, if Catapult Throw is used at this range, the opponent has enough time to counter attack. 2D should also not be used at neutral. Depending on how the opponent reads, Hip de Don (214B/D) can be beneficial at this range, since it knocks down the opponent, allowing Donvalve to close the gap between himself and the opponent. Hip de Don should be used sparingly, mainly due to the fact that it's relatively slow, and if anticipated, the opponent can jump on reaction, and possibly punish this move.

If Donvalve has meter at this range, being able to input a Flying DonCake (236236B/D) becomes very crucial to Donvalve's neutral game. Keep in mind that this super, while it's an air throw, it can be gachi matched in the air, and Donvalve can be punished afterwards by everyone in the game. The first anti air move of choice should be 4C, since it can come out fast, and allows for Catapult throw setups. At times, 6D can make a good anti air. Flying DonCake shouldn't be used often, unless the opponent is not good at utilizing gachi in the air, or if the opponent has been trained to jump haphazardly on reaction.

If Donvalve activates Heat Mode in neutral, the opponent is usually going to either run in fear, hoping Heat Mode will wear off, or get gutsy and attempt to force a hard knockdown. Just simply close the gap if they run, but if the opponent decides to get a hard knockdown, be mindful of their approach and counter accordingly. Always remember that the opponent has to be grounded in order for Goldon Swing (6C) to actually work. Using Catapult Hammer Cancel (41236B~A/C) at neutral can sometimes force the opponent to jump, since they would rather get hit with the hammer, which can be easy to gachi match, and jumping can force Donvalve to whiff his Catapult Throw (41236D), giving them a chance to punish. Canceling Catapult Hammer early enough to capitalize on the opponent's mistakes can often make matches end quickly, as the opponent will be forced to make wrong decisions constantly and sometimes they can get caught with an actual Catapult Throw.

Attack Sets[edit]

2A > 2A > 2A [Chains up to 3 hits max]

2A > 5D [Only combos in Heat Up]

2A > 6B [Only combos in a juggle]

5A > 4C [Only combos in Heat Up]

5B > 2B [Causes a Soft Knockdown]


Normal Hit[edit]

2A > 2A > 2A

5B > 2B (Can connect off of a deep jumping D)

5D ~ 41236A

(anti air) 4C ~ 236236B/D

Gachi Counter[edit]

5G, 4C

5G, 360A/C

5G, 5D ~ 41236B (Range and character dependent)

5G, 720A/C

(anti air) 5G, 4C ~ 236236B/D

High Gachi Drive[edit]

6D, 4C ~ 236236B/D

Heat Up, j.D, (land), 2C ~ 41236B, 2A > 4C ~ 41236B

Heat Up, j.D, (land), 6D, 4C, 6B, 2C ~ 236236K

(corner) 6G~HU, j.C, (land), 4C ~ 41236[B], 2A ~ 41236B, 236236B

Low Gachi Drive[edit]

Super jump, 360A/C

Super jump, 720A/C

Heat Mode[edit]

(corner) 360C, 5C~236236B/D

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