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BatFan Freed Portrait.png

HP: 4100 (3425)

Damage Scale: 119.70%

Guts Level: 2

Float Factor: 5

Jump Startup:

Backdash Time:

Backdash Startup Invincibility:

Movement Options
Specializes in using powerful attacks to decimate his enemies, having a Balrog-style rushdown, and his mix-ups involves Heat Up ability


Freed Valez, the daredevil, one-armed captain of the flying ship Gran Seven. Orphans, Freed and his little sister were taken in and raised by the air pirate Judeau. Freed attended the Imperial Academy and passed with flying colors, but found this way of life ill-fitting for him, opting to become a pirate instead. He lost his right arm and beloved sister in the attack of a mysterious assailant, and now sails the skies in search of him.


  • Sizable HP
  • 5A > 2D attack chain forces Hard Knockdown
  • Heat Up boosts ground combo and mixup potential
  • Normal throw forces Hard Knockdown and provides okizeme


  • Very floaty, making him able to take more combo damage
  • Has no command normal
  • Special moves either take awhile to startup or leaves Freed at a disadvantage on block
  • Heat Up focused rushdown will always have gaps
  • Some options after Gachi Match are limited due to moves having strange hitboxes

Heat Up!: Afterimage
All of Freed's special moves gain a blue afterimage that attacks after Freed does. Certain moves gain different properties, allowing for strong rushdown attempts and some combo potential.

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Move List[edit]

Normal Moves[edit]


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
50 - - 5 - - +1


Standard jab. Whiffs some crouching characters. It's a great tool for Freed as masks and extends his charges for Magnum Jetter attacks, and can go into his 5A > 2D attack set which gives good okizeme options.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
115 - - 6 - - 0


Standing knee attack. Up close, this can chain into c.5C for an attack set that can cancel into either a special or super move. Can also be used as a good poke within range. Very iffy as a punish move after Gachi Match, as the hitbox prevents up close punishes.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
330 - - 4 - - -4


Standard hook uppercut punch. Aside from being able to cancel from it, there's not too much this move can do combo-wise. From either GCH or CH, there's no real opportunity for links since it has a long recovery. This move is rather fast, and can punish moves like Cedric's Saint Dropkick depending on how close Freed is when he blocks it. If you're fancy enough, it is possible to use c.5C in Heat Up juggles. This move is best used as a punish when possible.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
295 - - 8 - - -5


Swings his hook horizontally. The only real good thing it's got going is that it does more damage than 2C, in which as a punish you still might want to use 2C as it has a longer range and can be cancelled into specials or supers. Plus this move can be crouched under.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
190 - - 9 - - -7


A high kick obliquely upwards. Outside of fancy Gachi Drive combos, this is his best anti-air move. The downside to this move is that it cannot cancel into anything, so be weary of an aerial opponent who Gachi Matches this move really close to the ground. It's good to use after Gachi Matching an aerial attack that doesn't have a solid follow up. At best, you'll trade in your favor.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
45 - - 5 - - -3


Crouching mid-ranged hook attack. This can chain to itself several times. If you're good with fast hit confirms into links, 2A can link with 5A > 2D for a Hard Knockdown to oki, or [4]6C~236236A/C for damage.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
120 - - 6 - - -3


A crouching low kick. This is Freed's only safe low hitting move. It has an ok startup, and it's not too bad on block, making it a decent poke to use. You can't really use it as a frame trap move, but 2B is something you want to punish for since most opponents won't expect Freed to hit low. This normal can be cancelled into any special or super, so it's very vital to land this whenever there's meter and you can't afford a mixup in Heat Up.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
210 - - 7 - - +1


A very fast crouching hook swing. At first glance, it doesn't look like it hits farther than 5C, but it does based on the hitbox. In conjunction, after Gachi Matching crouching attacks, 2C can link with 5B and cancel into either a special or super move, so it's really important to keep this option available, especially if you don't want to risk falling into a safe Low Gachi Drive setup.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
305 - - 11 - - -13


A low sweep kick. The only time you will ever have a need to use this move is in the 5A > 2D attack set, and if you block an unsafe move and for whatever reason, there's no other good option than to use 2D. Besides that, Freed has better options for landing a Hard Knockdown move.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
100 - - 4 - - -


An obliquely downward hook jab. Works like most j.As in the game, but better than most characters. This move is great for going air to air if Freed is quick enough to retaliate. j.A stays out for the majority of the jump as well.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
130 - - 4 - - -


An aerial knee kick. j.B is almost like j.A, but with a strange hitbox. It stays out as long as j.A, too. There's a small chance to cross up with this move, and it's Freed's only real chance at landing a cross up. But why would you stay in the air, when you have a really good ground game???


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
235 - - 4 - - -


An aerial horizontal hook swipe. As a Freed player, knowing how to use this move is essential. Given that j.C seems to not work well as a cross up, nor can it really be used as an air to air move, it does work well as a mixup tool while in Heat Up utilizing the shadow attacks. Throwing out a few pokes into a special and connecting with j.C can give enough time for some shadow attacks to connect, possibly increasing combo potential if j.C hits low enough, but doing some damage nonetheless.


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
310 - - - - - -


A sex kick forward. If you're Freed and you need to create space by jumping back, but run the risk of the opponent chasing you by air, j.D is the tool to use. j.D isn't really a cross up tool, and it's ok as a jump in combo starter. It truly shines as a getaway move, especially considering Freed doesn't have a really great back dash. Keep in mind the timing of this move, as j.D doesn't stay out as long as j.B, but the range and damage clearly make up for that.

Ground Throw[edit]

Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
450 - - - - - -


Grabs and kicks the opponent. Causes Hard Knockdown. Playing Freed requires you to do this alot! Not only does this create a Hard Knockdown, good against Watson and Cedric, but this is possibly one of the best tools for oki setups provided there's enough meter for Heat Up. Even without Heat Up, doing a meaty Phantom Dive will not only build meter on hit or block, but if it lands, there's a chance to repeat the same oki again on Normal Hit, or juggle on Counter Hit.

Special Moves[edit]

Magnum Jetter[edit]


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
A 350 - - 4 - - -
C 400 - - 7 - - -


Dashing punch special. On block, it can be hard to really punish, so this move can sometimes be spammed. Button strength determines the distance traveled, the damage, and if the move does a Soft Knockdown or no knockdown at all. The only real downside to this move is that it can be crouched under by short characters, or ones with low profile crouches. This move can also be stopped by lows and some mid attacks, as well as projectiles.

Phantom Drive[edit]


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
B 350 - - 13 - - -
D 400 - - - - - -


Closes in and delivers a dashing overhead punch. This is the only way Freed can land an overhead while standing. On Counter Hit, the move launches, allowing for a follow up attack. While it's safe on block, it's start up speed is a bit slower than Magnum Jetter.

Phantom Glide[edit]

[4]6 Hold B/D

Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
B 380 - - - - - -
D 420 - - - - - -


Closes in and delivers a low sweep kick. This attack is the same as Phantom Dive, but instead of an overhead, you hit low. It's not safe on block, nor is it really a recommended move outside of doing it in Heat Up. In fact, you'll find most people that do the move accidentally use it when they intended to use Phantom Dive. It does have some mixup potential if the opponent isn't strong against high/low mixups.

Welcome Tempest[edit]


Version Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
A 260 - - 5 - - -
C 150, 300 - - 30 - - -


A fierce uppercut. Freed's best ground to air move. If timed right, there's a chance for a follow up move to combo with. Outside of anti-airs, you would only want to use this in combos. It's so not safe. The A version makes the best anti-air. The C version can go under all projectiles, has good priority, and is a two part special, where he does a jab forward then the uppercut attack.

Super Moves[edit]

Magnum Jet Landing[edit]


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
770 - - 12 - - -


A more powerful version of Magnum Jetter. The hit box is longer, hitting short crouching characters, it does more damage, and it's a good combo ender if Freed isn't in range to do Heat My Justice.

Heat My Justice[edit]


Damage Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv
320, 85*7, 400 - - 6 - - -


Strong uppercut super, finishes with a beam of energy that wall slams the opponent. It hits more than Magnum Jet Landing, but the range is short, and can be countered by Gachi Match/Drive, throw, and even some reversal moves.

Heat Up![edit]

As mentioned before, Freed gains an afterimage that mimics all of his special moves after executing them. The special moves themselves gain some buffs that help him rushdown and combo better, but some of those buffs also hurt him in a way. Here's the list of changes for each special move

[4]6 A/C - Magnum Jetter

  • The shadow hits much lower than the physical hit, so it will connect with crouching shorties.
  • A version is very good for combos and can be linked off of.
  • C version no longer knocks down, however the shadow is very delayed and can be used for very strong okizeme.

[4]6 B/D - Phantom Dive

  • Both versions of this move do not force Hard Knockdown, increasing combo potential.

[4]6 Hold B/D - Phantom Glide

  • D version can be used as a combo started on Counter Hit. This does not make the move any better.

[2]8 A/C - Welcome Tempest

  • C version is faster, making 2C~[2]8 A/C combos easier.



Playing offensively with Freed is crucial in gaining victory! Knowing the ranges of both the A and C versions of Magnum Jetter, and Phantom Dive can easily make or break Freed's game. For normals, you have 5A, 2A, 5B, 2B, and 2C to work with. Not having any command normals shouldn't put you at a disadvantage. If the opponent likes to block, and Gachi Match from time to time, break their habit with a throw. Not only will doing this force good okizeme options for you, but it will eventually make them want to break your attack patterns by throwing out an attack of their own. No matter how you play the offensive game, building meter is a must for Freed. While he doesn't totally need it to win, his overall game increases dramatically when activating Heat Up. With at least one stock of MP, he's a threat. With two stocks of MP, Freed can literally close out the match with a few good Heat Up rushdown attempts. You'll want to make sure that you're at least charging back or down-back so that you can not only block when necessary, but you can immediately retaliate with the right special if possible. Do not go overboard in rushing down. While Freed can excel at this, he does have gaps in his overall rushing ability, and all it takes is a throw to change the momentum, and possibly even take the round/match.


This sadly is Freed's weak point in his gameplan. Sure, there's Welcome Tempest and 5D to deal with jumping attacks, maybe even 5C at times. He can also j.A or j.D given certain situations. The problem becomes that he doesn't have an answer for every situation, even after a successful Gachi Match, and sometimes a successful Gachi Drive. Sometimes his options are either too slow, as is the case of using Magnum Jet Landing, Magnum Jetter and Welcome Tempest, or they're just not well within range, like with Heat My Justice. Knowing the range while defending is even more important than in offense, because in many situations, Freed has some room for error depending on the situation. A lot of times, it's just best to block, and wait for the right moment to land a c.5C, or 2B into a special or super. Mastering hit confirming 2A to link to 5A > 2D comes in handy at this point, especially if you have meter, but are saving it for mixups-- you can easily reverse the rolls with 2A. Sometimes, it's landing a well timed throw that turns the tide of a round, but to get there a very patient game must be played.


Freed shines at this point of the match, but not as much as some characters. Magnum Jetter will be the move you use most in this stage, as the other options are just to slow, or whiff. Throwing out 2B or 2C into Magnum Jetter help build the meter. You can't afford to stay here forever with him, especially if you're playing a character with a good zoning game, or a character with longer reaching normals. Depending on the character, it's going to be an uphill battle. Deathbringer, Cedric, Olivia, Donvalve and a level 2 Watson are characters that will easily keep you out if they so choose.

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