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Android 16 is a mix-up focused character that while having relatively weak neutral without meter or assists, and poor meter build, makes up with good strike/throw mix, strong 50/50 mix setups with certain assists, along with good EX moves and a long-range, armored 5H that makes his otherwise weak neutral much scarier once he reaches midrange. While his neutral is relatively weak due to having bad ki blasts and his gap-closing options being fairly committal and often costing meter, he can make up for it once he gets close. Having a safe 5l and 2l, a fast command grab in his 236L, and a pressure reset tool in his 214S makes his pressure scary once he does get in.

With high blockstun assists, blocking him becomes even scarier as he gets access to true 50/50 and rarely even 4-way mixup set-ups utilising his 214X series with said mixups leading to full combos on hit. Android 16 has a notorious B assist, being multiple volleys of ki blasts which last for an unusually long amount of time by assist standards making it strong in both neutral and combos. Overall, play Android 16 if you want to keep the opponent on their toes during pressure and open them up quickly with command grabs and mix set-ups.

Android 16 Android 16 is a grappler who can break through his opponents' defenses with powerful command grabs and mixups.

Pros Cons
  • Big Range: Long reaching, easy to hit-confirm buttons.
  • Midscreen Options: 5H is an armored half-screen crossing strike that can be comboed after and made safe on block, j.236H is an unblockable lariat-style move that leads to a full combo on hit, 236H is a near fullscreen grab that goes through all projectiles and assists and leads to a full combo on hit, and 214H is a very fast anti air that has good range.
  • Mix-Up Game Having a safe 5L, 2L and 5M, a pressure reset special in his 214S, and an unreactable command grab in his 236L gives Android 16 a scary strike/throw game up close. He is also one of the only characters to be able to do superdash 50/50 midscreen with an assist, as well as being able to do it in the corner.
  • Damage: Thanks to his j.2H and rejumps, 16 is able to get a lot of damage, corner carry, and meter gain anywhere on screen, whilst consistently getting a sliding knockdown.
  • Assist: This is a pro in it's own right. 16's B assist is an incredibly strong and versatile assist that can be used in almost any situation
  • Requires Assists and/or Meter: Weak neutral without assists or meter on hand.
  • Whiffing Buttons: His buttons overall are somewhat high committal, and his grabs more so, making 16 very whiff punishable.
Android 16
DBFZ Android 16 Portrait.png

Normal Moves


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
5L 400 All 7 3 15 -4
5LL 700 All 10 4 22 -10
5LLL 1000 Throw U3+ 10 1 19

16's fastest normal. His go-to blockstring starter and stagger button due to being safe and having great range.

Having a big 5L is very useful for AbareAn attack during the opponent's pressure, intended to interrupt it., scrambles and punishes. But this is also one of the few 5Ls to have 7F of startup instead of 6F, so it will lose against most of the cast in ±0 situations like after a blocked 6M. Thankfully, his 214H is 6F and can be used for that purpose instead.

Also has higher attack level than most 5Ls, giving it higher blockstun and hitstun. The tradeoff is that higher blockstun makes the universal tickthrow of 5L > Dragon Rush (DR) hits 4F slower, giving the opponent slightly more time to react.


Strictly combo and blockstring filler since it's horrid on whiff and unsafe on block unlike most other 5LLs. Will also whiff when canceled into after a Reflected 5L.


As with all 5LLL grabs, it has very limited use since no matter how much you delay it, canceling into this from a blocked 5LL will always whiff as the opponent is still throw invulnerable. Certain low blockstun assists can override 5LL's blockstun and make delay 5LLL a tickthrow, and it can catch the opponent after a Reflected 5L > 5LL (whiff) > 5LLL, so it's not completely useless.

On hit, switches sides and ground bounces the opponent. Will always combo into Super Dash (SD) and his 214X series.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 All 11 3 17 -4

Great blockstring ender/stagger point as it's safe on block. Without meter, anything beyond this normal will either be unsafe or doesn't true string.

Ground bounces airborne opponents on hit so it's also a vital combo tool. Although despite the imposing animation, the hitbox is comically small, and air hit 5M > 2M can sometimes whiff if you don't route into it properly.

Your go-to confirm off of most hits is 5M > 2M > 5SS > etc.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 / 1000 All U1 15 11 21 -8 13-25 Strike Armor

A pretty standard 5H. Has great range so it's an anti-Reflect button, wall splats on Smash hit that combos into Super Dash and enable advanced rejump combos in midscreen, and non-Smash hit can still combo into SD in the corner.

Has infinite armor against non-low physical attacks starting from frame 13, but loses to lows, projectiles, and supers. It scales like a light as a downside for this armor. In rare cases, armoring through a hit can make you unable to combo after.


(Hold OK)

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
600×1~2 All 10 Total 50 -10

16 very quickly shoots out Level 1 projectiles with Ki Blasts properties and some weak tracking, disguised as his fists. Pretty good for sniping opponents at fullscreen distance, though beware that it also has unusually high recovery.

Has really high hitstun with good damage so it's also a staple of 16's combos. Can combo into Super Dash at close range, or even 236M/H at half screen distance.

  • Mash or hold S to get the second hit to come out


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400 Low 8 3 13 -4

A low with massive range, is safe on block and self cancelable, perfectly compliments 16's pressure and mixup game. Go-to low for high/low mixups and even usable for midscreen Super Dash mixup.

Has a unique restriction put on it however: on block or hit, 2L can only be delay canceled into. This makes 2L > 2L a natural frame trap with a 4F gap. 2L > 2M and 2L > 5H are also frame traps with tight gaps that cannot be mashed or jumped out of.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 Low 13 4 24 -12

Blockstring filler and combo launcher. When hitting at max range, going into the usual air combo of 2M > 5M > 9 jc > j.M would drop at j.M against small bodies, so confirm into 5SS > 5H instead.

Horribly punishable on block so be sure not to end your string with this.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 / 1000 All U1+ 15 9 23 -22 4-23 Head, 15-23 Strike Armor

Gigantic anti-air with infinite super armor against all non-Super strikes that don't have head properties. And in spite of having armor, it's an unscaled combo starter. This is 16's most reliable and highest damaging anti-air against jump-ins, Super Dash, Vanish and so on. Smash hit launches with high hitstun, combos into Super Dash.

One of the few 2Hs to have no landing recovery, so this can also be used for gapless high/low mixups when paired with a high blockstun assist.

If this is blocked with no assist to back you up, canceling into j.214L/M can put you out of punish range, though the frame advantage would still be in your opponent's favor.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 High 24 6 4+6L ±0

Universal overhead with great range, giving it more utilities as it can reach the opponent more often in blockstrings. However 16 does not have a good way to maintain pressure without resources after a blocked 6M, so it should only be used when there's an assist or meter for 214H to back you up.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400 High 8 10 11

Great air-to-air and mixup tool thanks to its big hitbox, a nasty downward angle and being insanely active. IAD j.L will hit all crouching characters.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 High 11 6 12

Great jump-in and cross-up button. Cross-up IAD j.M will work even at point blank, then he can confirm or continue pressure with 5L or 5M.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 All U1 [D3] 15 8 21 13-22 Strike Armor

Tackle with infinite armor similar to 5H, and almost exclusively used as a combo tool. Wall splats on Smash hit, combos into SD. In the corner, a low to the ground Smash j.H will also combo into 5L, letting him go into another ground string.

Infinite armor works against non-Super strikes, with a caveat that it will lose specifically to all 2Hs, allowing the opponent to anti-air him.

Can have its recovery cancelled in certain OkizemeFrom Japanese "起き攻め". Attacking an opponent about to wake up after they were knocked down, usually with meaty attacks or mix-ups. set-ups to make it very plus on block: Youtube link before somebody writes the tech down on his Strategy page

Values in [ ] is on Dynamic hit (from 5LLLLLLL). Wall bounces on Dynamic hit, and can be used multiple times as it doesn't require U+ Smash like other 5LLLLLLLs. Combos into delayed j.236M anywhere on screen.


(Hold OK)

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
600×1~2 All 18 Total 47+3L

Has the same properties as 5S. Good for counterpoking or sniping grounded opponents. Grab them with j.214M if they try to SD at you.

j.SS combos into j.214L anywhere on screen. This is one of 16's most common combo enders.

  • Mash or hold S to get the second hit to come out


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 High D1 18 Until L 20 -5 ~ -1

16's main combo ender that can also be used as an extender that utilizes D smash. From any jump-in, j.2H has additional usage as an extra unreactable overhead. A grounded hit will force the opponent to tech immediately and put 16 at around -2 against up/back/forward tech. While the reward isn't great, it lets his assists start recharging, and this unavoidable bit of damage becomes much more of a threat when the opponent is low on health.

Has D Smash on air-to-air hit which causes a ground bounce sliding knockdown (SKD), allowing him to take the oki or extend via the ground bounce. SD rejump combos with the ground bounce give more corner carry in midscreen and higher damage, but are rather difficult and can easily be dropped, especially against small characters. Sticking to simpler routes and using j.2H as a combo ender instead can give you knockdowns more consistently, making it easier to continue pressure and open the opponent up.

Special Moves

Dynamite Driver


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236L 1500 / 1800 Throw U1, D2 17 1 26
236M 1500 / 1800 Throw U1+ → D2 26 1 28 4-27 Guard P
236H 1500 / 1800 Throw U1+ → D2 24 1 28 4-25 Guard P

The backbone of 16's strike/throw mixup. An unreactable command grab at 17F of startup, but also because it's so fast, you'll need to delay cancel into this in order to tick throw. On hit, puts the opponent down into a sliding knockdown. While it can only be extended further with Supers, its damage is notably high for DBFZ standards.

Doubles as a combo ender from j.2H or DR in the corner.

  • M lunges forward after a few frames of startup. Covers 75% of the screen.
  • Smash hit throws the opponent into the wall resulting in a wallbounce. Can be easily be followed up by 214M everywhere on screen, or combo into Super Dash in the corner.
  • Non-Smash hit results in short sliding knockdown.

Trucks through any and all projectiles and assists for a free confirm into 214X. It also doubles as his sliding knockdown combo ender in midscreen combos.

  • H is almost identical to M version but comes out much faster and allows you to combo after without spending resources. Covers 85% of the screen.

Better than the M version, but still not often used.

Gliding Powerbomb


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
j.236L 700 / 1400 Throw U1 10 +3L
j.236M 700 / 1400,200 Throw U1+ 19 +3L
j.236H 900 / 1400,200 Throw U1+ 11 +3L
  • L is the easiest version to combo into due to it having the least startup.
  • Similar to the grounded version in that he does not move during the grab.

Mostly used as assist combo filler.

  • M lunges forward after a few frames of startup. Covers 65% of the screen.
  • Smash hit automatically follows up with a wall bounce throw.

Better than j.236L if you catch the opponent with it, but it's so slow that's not likely to happen. You'll mostly be using this in corner combos.

  • H is almost identical to M version but has little startup frames.

Very fast aerial command grab that reaches roughly half of the screen. Think of it as a lariat.

From a raw SD hit, you can confirm into j.236H > SD into another airstring.

Flying Powerbomb

214L/M/H (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214L 700 / 1400 Throw U1 10 +3L 4-10 Head
214M 700 / 1400 Throw U1 19 +3L 4-19 Head
214H 300,900 / 300,1500 Low, Throw U1 6 +3L -1 1-13 Head
j.214L 700 / 1400 Throw U1 10 +3L 4-10 Head
j.214M 700 / 1400 Throw U1 19 +3L 4-19 Head
j.214H 900 / 1800 Throw U1 12 +3L 1-13 Head
  • L lunges at a more vertical angle.
  • Upper body invulnerable on startup for anti-airing jump ins.

Used mostly as an alternate to j.236L in assist combos and to set up mix. Very useful for tagging jump-outs and airborne opponents close to you.

If done in a blockstring with high blockstun assists, depending on whether you hold 7 or 9 after the grab, you can either fall to the left or the right side of the opponent, giving 16 strong cross-up mix with falling j.L/j.M that he can convert into pressure on block and a combo on hit

  • M lunges at a more horizontal angle than the L version. Covers 65% of the screen.
  • Has a few frames of startup.
  • Upper body invulnerable on startup for anti-airing jump ins.

The more powerful cousin of 214L. Much better for catching jump-outs and airborne opponents in general because of the angle.

  • H Ground version has a launching hitbox.
  • Covers 75% of the screen.

The ground splash is a 6F projectile low that's safe on block. Since 16's fastest normal is 5L at 7F startup, this is your go-to move to challenge pressure, e.g. after a blocked 6M. It trades with almost all other 6F normals and when it does, 16 will recover before the opponent does and can convert with 5LL > 5M > 2M etc. Also used in mix set-ups with assists, although usually high/low instead of left/right due to the distance it travels.

Since it's so fast, has good range and head invul from frame 1, you can also use this as a pseudo DP.

Hell Heat

236S or 214S

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236S 270×4 All 18 15 21 -1
214S 150×8 All 24 15 14 +8
  • 236S shoots forward, 214S shoots directly underneath him. 214S can hit opponents in sliding knockdown, launching them back up.
  • Despite clashing with typical beams and having a high amount of hits, both versions' ability to cancel out beams is very inconsistent.
  • Both versions do very high chip damage if blocked, and are safe on Reflect.

236S is mostly a frametrap, as it has a 3-frame gap from any M/H normal which will catch almost anything that isn't invincible. 214S has a gap that can be mashed out of but is +8 in exchange and +3 on reflect, so if your opponent doesn't escape it beforehand, it's your turn no matter what. On block you can truestring into your lights and frametrap with 5M among other things, and on hit you get a full combo. 214S's ability to OTG give 16 a rather unique assist extension route with j.2H ▷ 214S + Assist.

Z Assists

Assist A

Hell Heat

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
450×2 All 22 +26
  • Keeps grounded opponent standing, but can be used as a launcher for some combos.

Mediocre in essentially every way with okay start-up, poor range, underwhelming blockstun, and no special properties attached. It's easy to convert off and keeps the opponent standing for things like Majin Buu restands, but otherwise you probably won't be using this assist.

At least it's decent during clashes. Against many other assists in the game, it will usually win with its speed and priority.

Assist B

Hell Impact

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
250×4 All 30 +31
  • Does j.[S](2) and then 5[S](2)
  • Ki Blast property
  • Since he fires two volleys with a large delay between them, frame advantage applies to blocking both shots of one volley.

A notably strong assist. Acts like 2 assist calls, very strong for combo extensions, neutral, and pressure if used correctly. Keep in mind that it's a ki blast so the opponent can reflect or superdash after blocking it.

Assist C

Hyper Tackle

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
450×2, 400 All 35 [20] +55
  • 16 rushes in performing 5H, then 2H. If the attack succeeded, he'll teleport behind for a j.2H footdive.
  • Sadly not armored.

Super Moves

Hell Flash

236L+M (Air OK) or 236H+S (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236L+M 335×8 [300×8] All UDV 9+4 49 45 -23 9-20 All
236H+S 322×8 [300×8] All UDV 9+4 49 45 -23 9-20 All
j.236L+M 322×8 [300×8] All UDV 9+4 49 45 -23 9-20 All
  • For ground version, inputting the super as 236HS causes 16 to jump into the air before doing the super, dealing less damage but having a much stronger sliding knockdown. Values in [] on ground version are for 236HS.
  • For air version, does less damage if 16 is higher up. Values in [] on air version are on far hit.
  • Minimum damage is 103*8 [96*8].
  • Causes sliding knockdown.

Midscreen, doing 236HS gives no valuable okizeme compared to 236LM. In the corner, doing 236HS allows you to airdash j.l as a safejump after landing, which will catch all tech options except for delay tech, counter hit 4f invulnerable moves, and safejump DPs and frame 1 anti-airs, making it a useful tool to add damage to a combo without sacrificing knockdown.

Hell Flash Maximum Output


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
4816 Throw UDV 9+3 1 28 1-12 All
  • Minimum damage: 1716
  • As a command grab, it can be avoided by jumping, making it less useful as a reversal option than other level 3s.
  • Gives good oki even midscreen, as you can safejump the opponent and keep pressure on them.

Bog-standard Level 3 with poor range given it's not a projectile or fullscreen charging attack. Having postflash frames completely ruins using this move as a mixup as the opponent can just buffer a jump afterwards, and it being a command grab makes it weaker as a reversal option in general. You will probably get more mileage out of using a well-timed 214H as a reversal instead.

Last Resort


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
50,000 Throw UDV 31+34 4 37 1-68 All, 1-105 Ki Blasts
  • Instant Kill, but it's a useless troll attack.
  • On hit, locks Android 16 out of using this again and leaves him at 1 HP. All damage lost from this Meteor is in blue health.
  • Cannot be combo'd into and only catches grounded opponents.

Due to dealing an absurd amount of damage, it's essentially an instant kill that also gives the opponent 7 bars. Good for memes and maybe for punishing certain raw Supers on the ground. Don't bother otherwise.


1Seasonal colors that can be unlocked at different times of the year.

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Android 16
To edit frame data, edit values in DBFZ/Android 16/Data.