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DBFZ Fused Zamasu Icon.png Zamasu (Fused)

General Tactics

Zamasu is a high damage, pressure-based character. His 214X series allows for extended pressure and 50/50 setups with assists, and his 236X moves greatly boost the damage of his combos. Zamasu is also the only character in the entire game that can fly, and even though it isn't as powerful as flight mechanics in Marvel games, it still helps with some conversions and Ki Blast zoning. Zamasu really likes to have assists to supplement his blockstrings and combos, as on his own the orbs aren't as threatening.

Team positioning


Its definitely possible to use Zamasu here, but its not preferable, as his neutral is horrendous. However, having two assists does lighten that effect by quite a bit, he still struggles to open you up as a point character.


You mainly want to play Zamasu here. His assists are definitely usable, and he does devastating damage with meter.


Do not play Zamasu here. He absolutely needs assists to function.

Picking Teammates

The best assists for Zamasu are ones with long hitstun and ideally blockstun that launch outwards. Basic examples of this are Beams, Bardock's B assist, and Yamcha's A assist. These assists help his combos a ton and enable his massive ToD potential, and high blockstun assists let him do mixups with flight.


  • 2L > 5L > 5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H...
  • 2L > 5L > 5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H > 236L

Safe normals: 2L, 5L, 5LL, 2M and 5S (whiffs on crouching opponents)

  • 5L (reflected) > 5LL > 5M...

If 5L is reflected, the reflect jails into 5LL.

  • Mix up tools:

Solo tick throw setup:

  1. 214L , IAD j.ML ▷ 5L > slightly delay 5LL > *** > 5LLL (Throw)
  2. 214L , IAD j.ML ▷ 5L > slightly delay 5LL > *** 2M (Strike)


On sliding knockdowns where 236H+S will not combo you can instead use it as time to equip 214X and go for an IAD. Even if BoJ is reflected, you will still have ample time to set op orbs. It will also catch all wakeups and timings, which is really helpful to have.

Level 3

Zamasu actually gets a very abusive mixup with flight after his level 3 in the corner. After the level 3 ends, activating flight mode and deactivating it will leave you in the perfect spot to either airdash j.L or land and 2L.

Tips and Tricks

  • 236H[S] sets up a high low 50/50 that only needs an assist with 25 frames of blockstun. You do this via cancelling the flight just after initiating it.
  • Blades of Justice can be used multiple times in a combo if you have assists to enable it.
  • Flight in neutral is useful for stalling the opponent, mixing up your landing, and pulling yourself out of the corner.
  • Zamasu will need to play passively in neutral since he lacks strong burst options or tools to force your way in. Play patiently with this character.
  • Zamasu's buttons are big with good disjoints. These let you space yourself out of range of other characters buttons and let you pressure from there.

Fighting Zamasu

Zamasu has a very very weak neutral and is very reliant on assists. Best thing to do is tag him out and deal with the rest of the team since he gets significantly weaker even if he loses just 1 assist. Besides that, abuse the fact that Zamasu has a bad neutral and force him into a situation that he cannot evade.


DBFZ Fused Zamasu Icon.png Zamasu (Fused)