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General Tactics[edit]

Nappa's modus operandi is to get the opponent into the corner so that he can abuse his great pressure game. To achieve this, Nappa relies heavily on his Ki Blast and Assists, as his neutral kit is relatively weak.

In neutral, Nappa's main tool to create openings is with his Ki Blast, preferably an aerial one. If it hits, the opponent will be stunned and he can then go in and begin pressing the opponent's guard when they recover. This is in an effort to further push them into the corner.

Nappa's best tools following a Ki Blast hit are 5H with an Assist to cover it if blocked, and 236M, which is an overhead that travels a far distance and causes SKD. He can also instead opt for a regular block string if he does not need the distance that is provided from the aforementioned attacks.

During pressure, Nappa should make good use of his nice mix-up game. Nappa has access to 3 lows and his command overhead that's capable of sending enemies into an SKD.

Following a successful opening in Neutral, if during the follow-up pressure the opponent is hit, Nappa will want to land a 5H > Dragon Rush as soon as possible, followed by the usual aerial combo. This ensures that the opponent gets pushed even farther towards the corner.

When Nappa has the opponent against the wall, he is now in control of the fight and can lay on his pressure through the use of Saibamen. If done correctly, Nappa can completely cover forms of corner escapes that otherwise would require either an assist or a read.

For example, assume Nappa lands a combo and hits the opponent with a 2H in the air. When the dive lands, he can then plant a L-Saibamen and call an Assist. Following the plant, Nappa can jump up and time his j.5H hit to throw the opponent towards the ground. If timed properly, if the opponent attempts to use a Jump recovery off the ground in an effort to IAD out of the corner, they will immediately be struck by the L-Saibamen's jump. This frees up Nappa to cover other options of escape with his own toolkit and Assists.

On defense, Nappa's tools are somewhat lacking, though not the worst. He has two notable ways to fend off the heat:

His primary tool for escaping pressure is 214S, which grants him super armor to all hits outside of supers, grabs and projectiles. But it is slow, punishable on block, and lacks range.

Saibamen can also be useful defense tools if placed prior to Nappa getting hit, especially if the Saibamen grows behind the opponent when they're in the middle of pressuring you. Saibamen only disappear if they themselves get it; not if Nappa is hit. So they can force opponents to drop their offense and give up their turn to Nappa. So whenever Nappa is not in the offensive, finding opportunities to plant Saibamen in neutral can be handy. Remember than Saibamen can also be given a delayed growth by holding the input during the animation, meaning they will stay in the ground longer. This is most useful during these situations in which Nappa does not fully have control of the fight yet.

In Summary: Create openings with Ki Blast and Assists. Pressure that opening to further push the enemy into the corner. When the opponent is in the corner, use your Assists to begin setting up Saibamen to cover recoveries and further strengthen your corner pressure. Work in Nappa's high-low tools whenever possible. When the fight is not in your control, find time to delay-plant Saibamen to force opponents to drop their offense if they get a hit in when the little bugger finally grows.

Team positioning[edit]


Where nappa is most comfortable. Assists are crucial for saibaman planting and can give him a lot more mileage then he usually gets. Definitely an amazing choice to consider.



No. You bring dishonour to the good name of Nappa by doing this.

Picking Teammates[edit]

Weirdly enough, 17 and 18 are decent picks, since they can cover a H Saibaman plant very nicely.



Tips and Tricks[edit]

Fighting Nappa[edit]


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