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General Tactics[edit]

Vegito is a stagger pressure monster. Instead of having strong mixups, Vegito has some of the most potent frame traps in the game and some of the highest damage to back it up. His premier tool is his 5L: a massive, 7-frame, multi-hitting normal that's only -5 on block. At the correct spacing, it will beat any other normal in the game (except for itself). Once Vegito can scare the opponent into blocking, he can keep them locked down almost endlessly. Even though his pressure can be played mostly assist-free, his neutral is very poor without them due to his lack of a projectile of any kind. 5S and 6S are really only useful for combos and blockstrings, as they can be superdashed through and are too slow to really use. 2S and j.S are mostly the same, except they cover different angles. In order for Vegito to get in and lock the opponent down, he needs help in neutral. But once you're in, you're staying there.

Team positioning[edit]


His go to position on the team.Excellent damage and large blockstrings help you gain momentum early on. Almost all of his weaknesses can be mitigated with a well placed assist. Needs 2 assist to perform great stuff. Use the fear people have regarding his buttons to your advantage. While its tempting to go in guns blazing with his pressure, you gotta remember they have a lot of end-lag leaving you vulnerable if you get too trigger happy. Use the split shot (only when in the air to reduce end lag) on occasion to keep them on their toes but remember they can dash through it. Use 2l to bait out a standup. People get confused when he goes low again as they are used to only seeing him hit low when he uses 2M. Extend it by using 5M before 2M on occasion to further confuse the enemy. If you stagger, only stagger with the lights, the Med moves have much more end-lag.


Your second point. Not much more.


He cannot survive long without proper assists. The sparkling factor might come to his aid but it is generally recommended not to use him here.

Picking Teammates[edit]

If the team is primarily centered around Vegito and unless you are willing to sacrifice a spot for a C-assist that tracks anywhere on screen, pair Vegito up with pressure and neutral focused assists as he is pretty self-sufficient combo-wise. He doesn't reqire anything else. A second point is recommended so he can regen blue health, (Cell is a great second point due to his amazing assist an ability to farm bars whilst Vegito regains health). Gotenks is an excellent teammate as his assist lets Vegito end combos with a sliding knockdown without having to switch sides.


  • 5L > 5LL > 2M > 5M > 5S > 5H > 6H > 236L > Assist > ...

Your basic lockdown blockstring. If the opponent starts to reflect your Ki Blasts you'll have to cut them out, but cancelling into 2M, 5M, and 5H will keep you close.

  • ... 2L > Vanish > ...

2L has "Special Blockstun," allowing for this to happen. Beware that there is a sizable gap between 2L and anything chained into it, large enough to be Vanished (because it's 5 frames).

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • 5L is really good, but you will lose if you mash it after 6M.
  • Tracking assists are generally really good for Vegito's combos, as they can eliminate the sideswitch without spending a bar of meter.
  • 2L goes over Lows and Throws, making a somewhat-reliable throw tech replacement. Watch Coach Steve to see it in action.

Fighting Vegito[edit]

Don't get antsy fighting Vegito, he will blow you up for mashing. Keep in mind he has no low 2L, but make sure you don't get hit by 2M because you will die.


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