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General Tactics[edit]

Team positioning[edit]


Point is a good position in case if you K.O'd an enemy character.


Probably Baby's best position for now, as his mixup game is somewhat lacking without assists but his solo neutral and pressure game is more than self-sufficient. With a powerful DHC lvl 3, a damage buff to his monké lvl 3 after one of his teammates is downed, and the ability to pressure the opponent anywhere on screen, Baby is better suited to a support role in the current meta. A strong strategy would be to run him mid until the opponent's point is on the verge of death, then swapping him in to take the kill and enable his 22X special move.


Baby is also comfortable in the anchor position, as his boosted damage output and solo fullscreen pressure can definitely enable unlikely comebacks. Equipped with his neutral tools, powerful supers and strong assists, Baby only lacks reliable mixup options once in the opponent's face without assists beside his excellent air normals for crossups. Putting him in this position also likely allows him to kill at least one of the opponent's characters, enabling his 22X stolen assist calls which can add additional layers to his space control and even mixups if you condition the opponent not to punish the startup, patching up one of his few issues.

Picking Teammates[edit]


2L > 5LL > 2M...

Basic blockstring starter. Since Baby has no options past this point that truestring, his gameplan on offense quickly shifts into his stagger pressure and crossups.

...2M (reflected) > 5M (reflected) > 5H (reflected) 236L (reflect-proof string)

Although Baby's strings are hindered by his inability to gaplessly string past 2M, he makes up for it with various reflect proof normals and specials. 5LL, 5M, 5H and 236L put you right back in the opponent's face, so you'll mostly be trying to bait the opponent into reflecting Baby's 5M and punishing them hard for it.

Safe normals:

2L, 5LL, 5M, 1/2/3S (1S is plus on block in exchange for being technically unsafe and having a long startup, so only use it to reset pressure after the opponent has been conditioned to block.


j.2L Ender[edit]

Midscreen and in the corner, j.2L allows for a safe j.S setup. If your combo ends midscreen, you will most likely end up fullscreen after your opponent techs.

j.214M Ender[edit]

Airthrow allows for a lot more than j.2L because of how much more advantageous on hit it is. (TBW)

j.DR Ender[edit]

Midscreen and in the corner, you can safely set up a 1/2/3S. In the corner, you can extend pressure immediately with either a 5L which will beat mashing and set up a 5LLL/2M 50/50, or IAD j.M for a safejump. Alternatively, you can cancel the DR into 214S to set up the returning Ki Blasts. This is much hetter in the corner but still useful midscreen.

Corner Steal 214L+M[edit]

You get a 50/50 off this. Whiff 2L will autotime an IAD j.M crossup or instant j.2H same side mixup. You can also go for a DR from there, but your opponent will most likely not be willing to Reflect due to the crossup threat.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Stolen assists that particularly stand out include Base Goku and Piccolo. Otherwise, any character with a projectile assist or tracking C assist buffs Baby's neutral immensely.
  • 6S will pierce other Ki Blasts, which will help compensate for Baby's slow beam in projectile wars.

Fighting Super Baby 2[edit]

  • Forcing Baby to block will nullify all returning Ki Blasts.
  • j.2H is a much less rewarding option than IAD j.M in his post lvl3 corner pullout.
  • Baby's 214S can be avoided at round start by every character via jumping back. You can punish with superdash, but different characters may have more rewarding options.
  • Baby cannot cancel the first two hits of his ground and air Ki Blast. Reversal Superdash at point blank will punish them.
  • Baby has a deadzone in the air where his beam and Ki Blasts will not hit. You can superdash from there for a punish.