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==Z Assists==
==Z Assists==
======<font style="visibility:hidden;font-size:0">Assist A</font>======
|name=Change the Future
|name=Change the Future
|input=Assist A
|image=DBFZ_Trunks_AssistChangeTheFuture.png |caption=DI Gunflame whenever you want it!
|image=DBFZ_Trunks_AssistChangeTheFuture.png |caption=DI Gunflame whenever you want it!
{{#lsth:{{PAGENAME}}/Data|Assist A}}
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Its long untech frames allow it to be a very powerful combo extender, as many characters can get easy extensions off of it, both midscreen and in the corner. The way the move hits the opponent also helps as a corner carry tool of sorts. It's not as easy to combo out of as it was before, but is still incredibly strong.
Its long untech frames allow it to be a very powerful combo extender, as many characters can get easy extensions off of it, both midscreen and in the corner. The way the move hits the opponent also helps as a corner carry tool of sorts. It's not as easy to combo out of as it was before, but is still incredibly strong.
======<font style="visibility:hidden;font-size:0">Assist B</font>======
|input=Assist B
|image=DBFZ_Trunks_???.png |caption=
{{#lsth:{{PAGENAME}}/Data|Assist B}}
======<font style="visibility:hidden;font-size:0">Assist C</font>======
|input=Assist C
|image=DBFZ_Trunks_???.png |caption=
{{#lsth:{{PAGENAME}}/Data|Assist C}}

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DBFZ Trunks Portrait.png

Health: 10,000

Prejump: 4F

Assist Cooldown:

Movement Options
Double Jump, Super Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Rushdown, Pressure, High Mobility
Team Role


In the future, a pair of androids created by Dr. Gero ravaged the Earth. Trunks, the son of Vegeta and Bulma, went back in time in the hopes of changing history so that the devastation he grew up with would be averted. Unfortunately his timeline was not fixed, so he would go on to help fight for the timeline he had created, in order to stop the fearsome Cell. Later, his time-travelling shenanigans would come back to bite him, with Goku Black and Zamasu coming to destroy all he had hoped to protect, and punish him for the divine taboo he had broken.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Trunks is a quick and offense-orientated character who thrives on pressure and gaining momentum. With various aggressive tools and the help of his allies, he can force opponents to stay defensive and eat his sword until their guard finally cracks.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Normals have good reach on average, and many (5LL, 5M, 2M) move Trunks forward.
  • Combos in the corner build a lot of meter and deal good damage.
  • 214S goes through ki blasts, has a huge hitbox, and is safe on block. It's a great assist move as well.
  • Good mobility and options for strings with 214X and 236X. 214H offers a lot of control, allowing for ambiguous crossups.
  • Arguably the best ki blast in the game, as he fires a small beam that blows through other ki blasts.
  • Level 3 deals high damage and causes a lengthy hard knockdown state.
  • Incredibly strong assist for both neutral and combos because of its large hitbox and its long untech frames, which allows Trunks to act as a starter or an extension for many characters
  • Is basically just a Guilty Gear Character
  • Has a cool sword and a cool jacket
  • Cannot combo into level 3 midscreen without burning additional resources (meter or an assist).
  • His only low is 2M, making high-low mixups weak.
  • Has no horizontal air projectile.
  • Solo damage is a bit lower than other characters midscreen, and options he has to get around this issue usually cost meter midscreen.
  • His assist, while very strong, has low blockstun, making it much more troublesome to use in combos, as strings that look like they would be true are now easily reflected or beaten by some other form of reversal.
  • His lights are -5 and the rest of his normals are punishable, giving him poor pressure resets.

Normal Moves[edit]

DBFZ Trunks 5L.png
DBFZ Trunks 5LL.png
DBFZ Trunks 5LLL.png
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5L 400 All - 6 3 14 -5
  • Standard jab, but the hitbox is completely disjointed.
  • Very limited reach.
  • Mostly used to get to your L auto combo normals. 2L is almost always a superior choice in most other situations.
5LL 700 All - 11 3 20 -7
  • Pushes forward a decent amount, a good option in neutral after a whiffed 5L.
  • The forward movement is good for keeping Trunks in close range during blockstrings.
  • As with most 5LLs, tends to be the highest damage combo starter.
  • Auto corrects to face the right direction.
5LLL 1000 All U3+ 13 (16 on hit) 5 22 -7
  • Dashes about half screen forward.
  • Switches sides both on block and hit, even in the corner.
  • Auto corrects to face the right direction.
  • Largely safe on block unless it is done into a corner, a few large and fast moves can punish midscreen(i.e Majin Buu 2L).
  • Can call an assist just before the cross-up to sandwich the opponent.

Trunks' 5LLL is his defining move when it comes to pressure. It can be special cancelled, allowing for crossups on block. If the opponent is conditioned to block behind them during blockstrings, Trunks can simply not gatling into 5LLL to keep them on their toes. After the teleport, you have many options:

  • 236L/M/H (Shining Slash)

Interruptible high mixup, can be reflected if you don't cover it with an assist. Be careful about using this since there's no low options post 5LLL - most players will learn to stand block once they see it.

  • 214S (Change the Future)

This is one of Trunks' fastest special cancel options, so it's mainly what you want to try to cross people up with after 5LLL on block. Frametraps after 5LLL but loses to reflect - this creates a good mindgame around letting the blast rip or doing the feint version to reset pressure or bait reflect. Safe on block so overall not a terribly risky option. This is usually the mindgame you want to opt for when assists are not available or you don't want to use one. Consumes Smash property if hit point-blank and allows solo snapback in the corner.

  • 214L/M/H (Cyclone Jump)

Stops pressure, can avoid people mashing 2H or reflect in anticipation of 236X. Using flips after 5LLL is incredibly risky when not covered by assists, but if you cover the gap with assists you can get some tricky crossups.

Generally speaking you want to use assists to complement Trunks' 5LLL pressure game, as most of your options otherwise tend to involve large gaps or are easily counterable in other ways. When aided by assists 5LLL becomes very powerful, as you can create tighter blockstrings for left/right setups and hard to read dragon rush opportunities.

In Sparking, this move is jump-cancellable, and when Trunks jump cancels it at the point of the move where he goes invisible, he will remain on the same side as the opponent, allowing you to create tricky mixup scenarios that might throw your opponent off if they're not totally ready. He can jump cancel the part of the move where he ends up on the opposite side as well.

DBFZ Trunks 5M.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 All - 9 3 22 -9
  • Typical medium punch.
  • Moves Trunks a few steps forward.
  • Fairly fast startup and a good combo starter.
  • Long cancel window for use in blockstrings.

DBFZ Trunks 5H.png
This is NOT Samurai Shodown, Trunks.
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All U1 13 2 31 -17
  • Fairly standard 5H. Recovery is lengthy so try to avoid throwing it out carelessly.
  • Can be used for extra corner carry in combos. If the opponent is a little bit past half screen you can do strings into this, then 214H jM into corner BNB.
  • Can deflect ki blasts.

DBFZ Trunks 5S.png
"Are you making laser noises?" Pew Pew
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
600 All - 15 - 45 -5
  • Piercing Lv1 projectile.
  • Should always be special canceled for safety on block, usually into flips or 214S.
  • One of Trunks' normals that does not move him forward, so you can use this in blockstrings to set up certain desirable spacings for flip mixups. This can be very strong when covered by assists.
  • Very important part of Trunks' corner combos, as it causes enough hitstun to combo into 214L jL when the combo is not too prorated.

DBFZ Trunks 2L.png
The inferior Chadhan 2L
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400 All - 6 3 14 -5
  • Strong range for a 6 frame jab, good in neutral and for contesting gaps in your opponents strings.

DBFZ Trunks 2M.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 Low - 12 6 20 -10
  • Good ground poke.
  • Slides forward about 1/3 of the screen.
  • Nice for keeping Trunks in close range during blockstrings. The range makes it good for catching backdashes, and will often put you right back in the opponents face if they reflect you during a blockstring.

Trunks slides forward along the ground with a low kick. Because of the distance it covers, it can be a good poke when you are on the ground. However, because it hits low to the ground, it can be more vulnerable to opponents jumping or trying to super dash than his 5M so be careful.

DBFZ Trunks 2H.png
You wish this was Goku Black's 2H.
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All U1+ 15 2 32 -18
  • Good horizontal range, but the vertical range leaves much to be desired. Doesn't really hit right on top of Trunks' head, so consider using reflect in those situations or just trying to avoid that spacing altogether.
  • Can deflect ki blasts.

DBFZ Trunks 6M.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All - 24 6 4+6L 0
  • Good range for a 6M.
  • Can deflect ki blasts.
  • Otherwise standard for a 6M. Need assists to combo without sparking, heavily scales combos, the usual.

DBFZ Trunks jL.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400 High - 6 3 12 -
  • Fast air jab.
  • Has a vertically short hitbox, causing it to not connect with oddly placed opponents or if jump canceling at max range of 2M (can be remedied by delaying the 5M slightly).
  • Often used after flips so that Trunks can airdash afterwards.

DBFZ Trunks jM.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 High - 10 5 17 -
  • Good air to air normal.
  • While jH has a better hitbox as a jump-in, if possible you want to try to use this as your jump-in because of the better cancel options allowing for superior mixups. In the corner you can do things like IAD j.ML j.214L j.ML for 4 overhead hits.

DBFZ Trunks jH.png
Ky, is that you...?!
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 High D1+ 14 2 29 -
  • [] is on Smash hit.
  • Great jump in.
  • Large hitbox makes this fairly multipurpose as an air normal, if a little slow.
  • Can deflect ki blasts.

DBFZ Trunks jS.png
The Future Android 17 killer.
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
600 All - 16 - 35 -
  • Halts Trunks falling momentum.
  • As with 5S, can be superdashed through but will punch through other ki blasts.
  • Can be used to blast people attempting to 2H you, and then you can vanish for a conversion.

Good keep-away move when canceled into j.214M. Can be canceled into j.214L instead to flip closer to the opponent but can be easily punished, or if you have the meter you can combo into 236H from this, giving Trunks sliding knockdown. Can use an assist to cover the landing and keep the opponent blocking to move in freely. Just make sure this hits the opponent in some form, because you do NOT want to suffer the huge recovery on whiff.

DBFZ Trunks j2H.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All U1+ 15 3 24 -
  • Not particularly useful in neutral, but this is your midair launcher so it's very useful in combos.
  • As with most j2Hs, stops your air momentum and pops you up a bit. You can use this for some weird anti air bait shenanigans, but it's not exactly recommended.

Special Moves[edit]

Shining Slash[edit]
Shining Slash
236L/M/H (Air OK)
DBFZ Trunks ShiningSlash.png
GREEDO SEVAH (Should've realized he even shared the same Japanese voice all this time)
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground L 300, 50*4, 800 High D1 26 3 15 -5
Air L 300, 50*4, 800 High D1 24 2 16 -
  • Fastest startup, lowest damage. Trunks will travel mostly horizontally, the L version doesn't track vertically.
  • Now causes sliding knockdown, only if Smash has not been used
  • Ground version doesn't have head property, cannot be anti-aired with moves like 2H.

After the 1.15 patch, this has become one of Trunks' better combo ender tools. It now causes sliding knockdown and is incredibly easy to combo out of Cyclone Buster (the j.S followup out of 214x), making his corner combos very strong. On it's own, it's just alright, and is now better to throw out because it causes SKD.

Ground M 300, 50*8, 800 High D1 32 3 10 +2
Air M 300, 50*8, 800 High D1 26-43 2 Variable +2
  • Slow startup but more damage and a longer slide knockdown, only if Smash has not been used.
  • Has quite a bit of both vertical and horizontal tracking.
  • Will not overshoot the opponent, and will delay the strike for a short while so Trunks can descend to them.
  • Ground version doesn't have head property, cannot be anti-aired with moves like 2H.
  • Air version is very plus on block. Since the tracking on it is so good, this can be very handy for getting you in on your opponent so long as you're not too predictable about it. The advantage can vary - the deeper Trunks hits with it, the better.
  • Grounded version is also + on block, though it's advantage varies a bit compared to the air version.

Useful for comboing off of a high-up Vanish to get SKD still, or just in blockstrings as a reset of sorts. Trunks can true-blockstring into this move with the right assists and timing, but getting a followup afterwards can be difficult, so he may be better off doing it on his own if the opponent is focused too heavily on defense

Ground H 300, 50*14, 800 High D1 24 3 15 -5
Air H 300, 50*14, 800 High D1 20 2 18 -
  • Combination of the speed of the L version and the damage and stronger knockdown of the M version.
  • Will not overshoot the opponent, but will not delay the strike.
  • Moves horizontally with minimum vertical tracking like the L version.
  • Both ground and air version have head property, can be anti-aired on reaction.

Very useful tool for Trunks' corner combos, as due to it's incredible speed buff it can now be comboed from j.S. This gives Trunks sliding knockdown off of his Vanish combos, which is something he desperately needed. It's also useful in pressure as a quick reset of sorts, as it's incredible speed makes it very hard to react to if your opponent is not expecting it.

  • For all versions, Trunks can call for assists while he performs the attack to combo afterwards.
  • The first slash will only do 300, but the cinematic slicing will always trigger regardless of how many times it has been used in the combo. If a Smash has been used, then the camera angle will be slightly different, signifying that it will not do a sliding knockdown

Cyclone Jump[edit]
Cyclone Jump
214L/M/H (Air OK)
DBFZ Trunks CycloneJump.png
Spin to win!
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground L - - - First Cancel 13 - Total 38 (+6L) -
Air L - - - First Cancel 15 - Total 38 (+6L) -
Ground M - - - First Cancel 13 - Total 38 (+6L) -
Air M - - - First Cancel 15 - Total 38 (+6L) -
Ground H - - - First Cancel 10 - Total 38 -
Air H - - - First Cancel 11 - Total 38 -
  • Air version travels a shorter distance. If used after an air normal can be used up to twice in one sequence e.g. 214L,j.L,2147L

Trunks flip into the air flip can be used after exhausting all other air movement options, allowing for extremely unpredictable movement in the air, making it a great tool in baiting anti airs (which j.S can whiff punish into a combo with Vanish) and beam assists.

  • If a flip is now done on the ground, Trunks can use a second flip in the air (for example, 236L into j.236H). This can be useful for combos, mixups, or just general movement.

He should watch out for superdashes while flipping in the air, and be prepared to counteract it, due to how the superdash's autocorrect will nullify most of his tech.

L: Trunks flips around 1/2 screen forward. Since the move can be done in the air, it is incredibly useful for an extra jump cancel, as well as a decent unexpected cross-up in block strings.

M: Trunks flips around 1/2 screen backwards. The backwards movement makes it useful for making things safe on block and disengaging out of blockstrings. Very common to use this after j.S.

H: Trunks flips a slightly shorter distance than the L version, but the could be manipulated in any direction (the distance could be almost full screen) at the start of the input. Due to the increased amount of control, he could create situations where he could make his left/right moments very hard to react to. This version could also be used to bait 2H, to which he could start a counter combo with j.H.

Cyclone Buster[edit]
Cyclone Buster
Cyclone Jump > S
DBFZ Trunks CycloneBuster.png
The Future Android 17 killer
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
600 All - 10 - 35 -
  • It's j.S with the caveat that you can't cancel into another flip, however if you use 214x from the ground into this you can cancel into a 2nd flip.
  • Because your only cancel options are 236X, vanish, and sparking, this can be pretty dangerous to just throw out. Use with caution.

Very good combo tool in the corner, as you can easily combo into 236L from this, or Superdash, as it has higher hitstun than it did before. Also has some use in blockstrings if you do 236M j.S, which will catch reflect and allow you to get a vanish.

DBFZ Trunks Masenko.png
It's like the Kamehameha... but yellow.
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
262*5 All - 18 25 21 -16
  • It's a beam and not particularly special in any way. Use it for the usual beam things - zoning, beating small projectiles, vanish cancel on block, etc.

Change the Future[edit]
Change the Future
214S (Chargeable)
DBFZ Trunks ChangeTheFuture.png
The Future Android 18 killer.
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Uncharged 900 All U1 (first frame) 19 1, 12 8 -5
  • The hand portion counts as a strike and has Smash property that wall bounces in the corner, can be used as a combo starter/extender.
  • Invulnerable to ki blasts similar to super dashes.
  • Becomes advantageous when your opponent blocks this in the air.
  • Can be used as a frametrap in blockstrings. Since it's barely safe on block, this isn't as risky as it might look.
  • Has applications as a meaty on wakeup to have more ambiguous advantage, which can throw your opponent off (see https://twitter.com/SaGe_908/status/1075481145930858496)

Incredibly useful tool for Trunks. Huge hitbox and nice speed allow this to be a pretty good tool for him to control some space. While not the best blockstring ender due to it's low blockstun, it is still safe, and can catch people mashing buttons with the Smash hitbox, allowing Trunks to confirm off of it should the opponent be mashing anything that isn't a invincible reversal. It's not a bad move to just throw out in neutral sometimes, or even just to try and close some space between your opponent. It completely loses to beam however, so do this sparingly. It can work as a round start option to catch almost every option your opponent goes for, and you can confirm off of it with a vanish very easily.

As a meaty after level 3, it is incredibly plus and can catch a lot of options that your opponent might go for, giving it a lot of utility there as well. This does lose to reversals, but is a great option nonetheless. Change the Future is a move with some risk, but presents high reward, especially with it's feint allowing you to bait out said reversals.

Charged - - - - - Total 26 -
  • Trunks dashes forward without firing the blast at the end.
  • Can be used to reset pressure on opponents expecting the projectile or to bait reflect.

Z Assists[edit]

Assist A[edit]
Change the Future
Assist A
DBFZ Trunks AssistChangeTheFuture.png
DI Gunflame whenever you want it!
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800 All - 36 12 61 14
  • Good in neutral closer up.
  • Can be used to extend combos.
  • Only the projectile has hitboxes.

An all round good assist. It covers a good part of the screen closer up and can't be super dashed through just like the on point version. This can be very useful for limiting an opponent's options once you're in range, helping you approach more easily. However, please note that similar to when Trunks is on point, he'll do a dash forward before doing it. This creates a bit of dead zone where the attack doesn't hit directly in front of your character so be sure to learn the spacing for when to use this assist in neutral.

As with the point version, Trunks will simply power through ki blasts, further adding to this assists utility in neutral.

In pressure, it's both good for helping you extend your pressure as well as converting mixups you normally wouldn't be able to like the universal overhead. The giant blast can be pretty good at making it a little harder to see what's going on so it can help with mixups as well.

Its long untech frames allow it to be a very powerful combo extender, as many characters can get easy extensions off of it, both midscreen and in the corner. The way the move hits the opponent also helps as a corner carry tool of sorts. It's not as easy to combo out of as it was before, but is still incredibly strong.

Assist B[edit]
Assist B
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - - - - -
Assist C[edit]
Assist C
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - - - - -

Super Moves[edit]

Burning Attack[edit]
Burning Attack
236L+M or 236H+S
DBFZ Trunks BurningAttack.png
""Time to end this!"
DBFZ Trunks BurningAttack-2.png
"This is the power of humanity!"
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2200 All UDV 9+4 - 50 -27
  • Single-hit blast which will go through other non-super projectiles (including beams), decent damage for a level 1.
  • Generally used to finish characters off or to DHC in another character.
  • Minimum damage: 814

Heat Dome Attack[edit]
Heat Dome Attack
214L+M or 214H+S
DBFZ Trunks HeatDomeAttack.png
You need to be stopped!
DBFZ Trunks HeatDomeAttack-2.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
4863 Throw UDV 9+3 3 35 -
  • Has start-up invincibility.
  • 1715 minimum damage.
  • Can catch opponents in the air if low enough.
  • Moves Trunks forward slightly, its range slightly farther than 2L.
  • Cannot be performed in the air.
  • A very powerful Level 3 and finisher with great damage.
  • Not always great to DHC in to because the opponent won't take any damage from other supers once Trunks grabs them.
  • The throw has additional startup post-flash and options such as jump, Sparking Blast or another Level 3 can be input on reaction to it.
  • Can be made unjumpable post-flash by calling assist right before inputting it.

Very strong level 3 with some surprising range, especially after it was buffed. Can sometimes be used as a way to catch your opponents off guard, though this is somewhat risky considering it's burning 3 bars if it whiffs. Trunks can safejump this with a 236L, though the timing can be a bit troublesome.


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