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General Tactics

Team positioning

UI Goku has strong left right mixup, counters, level two, high meter gain, and zoning. However he has negavtive moves, bad assists, and poor okizeme. So he is best played as a point character.


Point is a great position for UI Goku given his combo scheme being unorthodox. He can use assists for potent mixups with 214X and 236L in any part of the stage. Low blockstun assists could combo into his 5LLL and if he opens up the opponent after using 236L he can use his auto combo to side switch and keep corner. 214L follow up with assists creates very long and high damage combos that could also end up leading to a very easy TOD based off simple BnB combos.


Mid is not a bad position for UI Goku either. After building a lot of meter, it makes his options more safe while simultaneously making use of his decent assists, being an anti-air on-demand and a beam. These assists are pretty difficult to use well, but if you can get past that, it can work fine. Point, however, is still the preference.


UI Goku could honestly stand by himself given his counters, left right mixups, and zoning. he also has pretty decent damage with sparking and limit breaking making use of his 2S and 6S in strings in the corner. Furthermore, possessing a strong counter super that cannot be evaded close up, a level two, an invincible reversal that can be canceled into 236 H+S, and strong level three, Anchor UI Goku is a strong choice, although be aware that you'll be dealing with some poor oki.

Picking Teammates

UI Goku can dominate neutral and he has potent frametraps and left right mixups as well as tick throw. Any sort of assist whether high or low blockstun can be used to make blockstrings true and lead to good setups. Beams work very well in terms of covering 214[M] shenanigans as well as giving easy extensions after j.H > j.214L. With .5 bars he can even use Ki Blast assists in pressure with the threat of 214H to shut down superdash and 214M to shut down reflect.

Kid Buu is a particularly good partner for UI Goku, as 2S > 5S > Vanish almost completely eliminates his need for a neutral assist and he uses Kid Buu's assist very effectively.



UI Goku has a large number of points in his blockstrings where he can steal his turn back. Most obviously is 214L, which is plus on block. Initially it's 31f startup and Head attribute my make it seem very risky, the fact that it comes from his Unencumbered Mind stance gives it several bonuses. There is enough to look out for that most people would rather take the plus frames and look for a different option. In terms of buttons to stagger with, he has 5: 2L, 5L, 5LL, 5M, and 5S. 5L may initially look like a bad option due to it being -9, but it's pushback ensures your opponent will not be in range to punish it with a jab. 5L > 5L will catch almost any 6-frame button in the game.

The -2 Game

UI Goku's 236X moves are also very strong pressure tools. Even though there is at least a 1-frame gap when canceled from most of his normals, most players will not risk a reflect due to UI's high damage output. This leaves UI Goku at -2, which is exactly where he wants to be. 214H is exceptionally powerful when UI Goku is -2, as it beats 6-frame buttons as well as backdashes. Threatening with 214H after 236X can let you steal turns with 5L. If your opponent is late with their button and 5L trades, UI is still at advantage due to his 5L having the properties of a medium button. UI can also run his -2 game when he blocks an opponent's vanish, something that he is quite notorious for.

Stance Pressure

A basic string midscreen ending in 5H > 5S will space UI Goku out enough so that 214L and 214M will hit on the same frame. Both options lose to 2H, but if you think they will attempt a 2H, all it takes is a press of your own H button to smack them out of it. 5H > 5S will leave you closer in the corner, but the general mixup still applies. Being in the corner also gives you the chance to use 214X~S as a crossup option, but a spaced out 214M will take you out of the corner. Either of these options can be converted out of with an assist or with meter.

Reflect Mixups

After establishing the flip mixup, there are other options you can do. Another good string ender is 6S, as it also pushes your opponent out very far. You can go for flips here too, but you can also go for reflect baits. 6S > 236L will stop short of your opponent, which lets you bait reflect quite easily. 6S > 236M will catch people sitting, as well as whiff-punishing most buttons that they could press. If they block 236M, then you're -2 again. If you don't want to go for 236X, this sequence stems nicely back into 5H > 5S.



Most of what you'll be doing midscreen is j.214L > [9]j.L whiff > airdash. j.214L provides easier okizeme than j.236M due to how the opponent slides, but it's similar oki regardless.


It's a lot easier to land j.214L in corner combos, and thankfully it has another autotimed setup. Instead of doing the midscreen setup, you can instead do j.214L > 2L (whiff) > [9]j.X. It's also a lot safer than going for the airdash setup.

Tips and Tricks

  • 214H~L is much faster than 214L on it's own, and makes a decent fake out for 214H~S.
  • Flip follow ups have different timings to start from 214[X] than normal, be sure to know them.
  • 214H can be followed by another j.214H to keep your opponent guessing, but if the second one is blocked you are punishable.
  • 214[X]~S is -3 on reflect and -5 on block, don't be afraid to use it.

Fighting UI Goku

  1. It may seem scary to chuck Ki Blasts at him, but considering all he can do is walk forwards, it's not as horrible a risk as it may seem. Most people who play this game dash around anyway so his walk being invulnerable doesn't really mean much.
  2. UI's flips are a scary option, but two out of the three moves he can do out of it are 2H-able. It's especially free if he has no meter. In some cases, 2H-ing flips point blank can beat 214L and cause 214M to whiff.
  3. Any time that UI Goku is -2, he can threaten with 214H. Mashing and backdashes lose, but jumping beats 214H while also being un-punishable by his 5L. While not reccomended to do every time, it is a good way to call out 214H overuse.
  4. There is next to nothing that UI Goku can do to prevent you from jumping away post-vanish. Doing so means that even though you airblock his 5L, he cannot threaten with DR, crossup IAD j.M, or even 214H. Not having a 6-frame normal means he cannot hit you out if jump startup when he is plus 2.
  5. All of UI Goku's zoning and counter-zoning options are committal. If you can bait one, there's often a wide window to punish.
  6. The window that UI Goku can cancel his 22S and [DR] moves into supers is actually quite small. Often all you need is to wait just a hair before you stick out a button to punish one that's blocked.
  7. 2S is an incredibly strong neutral tool, but there are some things to keep in mind should you keep blocking it. Firstly, blocking 2S means your movement is predictable, as its 21 frame startup makes it impossible to do on reaction. Secondly, it's usually better to take the hit as 2S cannot be hit-confirmed without sparking.

Low Profiling Unrestrained Will

Specific smaller characters have the privilege of being able to low-profile UI's "DR tech" by properly timing a whiffed 2L/2M, leading to them having the ability to get a full unscaled punish on him. The list includes:

2L: Gotenks, Kid Buu, SSJ Vegeta, SSB Vegeta

2M: Frieza (automatically counterhits), Teen Gohan, Android 17, Krillin, Vegeta, SSJ Vegeta, SSB Vegeta