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This page is Enchantress's Resources page. This page is to be used to indiscriminately store just about any pieces of gameplay information that anyone may have that exists about this character, to make for a catalog of preserved content that can (and probably should) be fully realized and transcribed onto main character pages after review.

For simplicity's sake; anything you would want pinned in your character channel or character Discord can go here, such as:

  • Character Discord pins
  • Links or transcriptions of external personal documents and / or Dustloop User Docs
  • Tech videos, especially from Twitter hashtags
  • One-off or niche combo routes
  • Set-ups (for pressure, mix-ups, okizeme, or setplay)
  • Video analyses of matches and sets

If more opinionated works are posted, such as match-up charts, it is highly recommended that you include accreditation to the creator and any other important specifics (such as ordering or et cetera), so that readers can evaluate the sourcing. To readers, also note that this means you should consume at your own discretion. Not all strategy or reasoning may be fully explained, tested, or viable, so either be sure to ask the creators any questions (if possible), or do your own research in training mode.

Community Links
Twitter Hashtag

Match Replays


You can embed links to external documents or User Docs here.

Enchantress Combos by Mimorin (7/20/22)


You can embed videos of content here, preferably on generally permanent platforms such as YouTube, or via a direct embed.

5A BnB

Tick throw into unblockable

5B Combo

Corner Blockstring (2B > 5S can be rolled/jumped/DP'd, doll 6MP leaves large gap)

Midscreen Safejump

Corner Safejump, double overhead [OS Input: j.B~623S~MS~j.A]

Kara Cancel mixup idea [5A > 5B > 2S > 5MS > 2A > 2B > 6MS > Conversion > Dash > 9~j.S~j.MS~2A

85% Command Grab Combo

DNF Duel Enchantress guard break set ups/ pressure concepts

Enchantress Combo Guide

Enchantress death combo from corner command throw, utilizing the doll recovery to uncombo

Enchantress 101 Guide by Diaphone

Plain Text

You can write your own content here, or post transcriptions of content from potentially impermanent sources here.

  • Kara cancel command grab: 4B > 4MS

Strong points to look more into:

  • -Her 5B advancement range
  • -6S conversion
  • -5S 5Ms
  • -2S (1hit) 5ms
  • -5A 5B 2B 2s 5ms plus frames
  • -madd 6ms for resetting pressure able to walk up , and madd 2ms for guard breaking,
  • -j.s kara j.ms
  • -5MS in general after any normal
  • -command grab, auto timing set up into 4S combo start up into another 4S to force block
  • -the tick throws into it.
  • -madd action into roll through.

j.4/5/6 have different places they put madds on


Application & Advanced Information
Archived Information