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HP Gauge

This gauge displays a character's Hit Points (HP), which when depleted causes that player to lose the round. Certain moves when blocked will deal white damage which can be recovered over time. The larger portion near the end of the gauge represents the low point at which characters will activate Awakening.

MP Gauge

This gauge displays a character's Mana Points (MP), which are used to perform MP Skills. Different MP skills cost different amounts of MP. Characters start each round with a maximum of 100 MP, which increases as they take damage up to a maximum of 200 MP at the amount of health when they activate Awakening.

Guard Gauge

This gauge depletes when attacks are blocked. If completely emptied, the character is Guard Crushed, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

Status Effects

Icons under the portraits represent various statuses affecting characters, ranging from Passive Skill buffs when characters enter Awakening to unique debuffs inflicted by certain characters.