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DNF Duel is based on Dungeon Fighter Online from South Korea, where it is known as Dungeon & Fighter Online. DNF Duel is co-developed by Neople, Arc System Works, and Eighting.

It is available for preorder now on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 and will be available for Steam® purchase on June 28, 2022.

Those who purchase a physical copy of the PlayStation version of “DNF Duel” during the pre-order period will receive a “Bonus Gift”.

The launch roster of DNF Duel will have 16 characters.


DNFD Hitman BigIcon.pngDNFD Swift Master BigIcon.pngDNFD Ranger BigIcon.pngDNFD Berserker BigIcon.png DNFD Vanguard BigIcon.pngDNFD Launcher BigIcon.pngDNFD Enchantress BigIcon.pngDNFD Troubleshooter BigIcon.png
DNFD Dragon Knight BigIcon.pngDNFD Kunoichi BigIcon.pngDNFD Inquisitor BigIcon.pngDNFD Striker BigIcon.png DNFD Grappler BigIcon.pngDNFD Crusader BigIcon.pngDNFD Ghostblade BigIcon.pngDNFD Lost Warrior BigIcon.png

About DNF Duel
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Release Dates:
June 28, 2022
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version date summary
Launch Version 2022-06-28 It's launched
Open Beta 2022-04-01 Open beta patch notes, feedback taken from first beta