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Note: Lots of in-depth details here which matters very little to gameplay. If there is one thing you should take from this section, it is this:

Character HP is not as simple as it looks. Characters with more HP tend to take extra damage and have less Damage Reduction as their life gets low.

Because of this, even though there appears to be a huge numeric difference in health between characters like Watson and Donvalve, the practical difference is much smaller than that.

Each character has a unique Max HP. In addition, each character receives a different amount of damage from the same attack due to Damage Scaling. So an attack that does 200 Base Damage (as seen in Training mode) will deal 320 Damage to Donvalve, but will only do 179 Damage to Watson.

Finally, as a character's life gets lower, he will start to take less damage. When this takes effect, and how much of an effect it has, is based on the character's Guts Ranking.

Character Health Values
HP Scale Scaled HP Relative % Guts
Donvalve 6580 160% 4113 78.11% 1
Deathbringer 5500 146.37% 3758 85.48% 1
Freed 4100 119.70% 3425 93.78% 2
Face 4400 128.99% 3411 94.17% 2
Urs 3650 113.63% 3212 100% 2
Ashley 3470 117.08% 2964 108.38% 3
Cedric 2830 95.65% 2959 108.57% 3
Odile 3100 104.82% 2957 108.61% 3
Olivia 3200 108.69% 2944 109.10% 3
Marco 2680 92.32% 2903 110.65% 4
Coyori 3150 111.07% 2836 113.26% 4
Watson 2190 89.29% 2453 130.55% 5
The character's actual max HP as shown in game.
The amount all damage is scaled by on this character. So a move that does 200 base damage will do 320 to Donvalve, or 179 to Watson.
Scaled HP
The amount of HP the character effectively has when taking Damage Scale into consideration. Gives you a more accurate idea of the difference in life between characters.
Relative %
The relative Percent damage taken. This value tells you how much more or less damage a character effectively takes from a move. For example, an attack that does 10% of Urs's life would take 13% from Watson, or 7.8% from Donvalve.
Damage Reduction (Guts)
Guts Rank <= 100% < 55% < 50% < 40% < 30% < 15%
1 100% 100% 100% 92% 86% 70%
2 100% 100% 98% 89% 82% 68%
3 100% 100% 94% 85% 78% 66%
4 100% 98% 91% 82% 76% 64%
5 100% 94% 85% 75% 70% 58%
An attack that deals 200 Base Damage connects to Deathbringer while he is at Full life.
200 Base * 146.37% Scaling * 100% Guts = 293 Damage
An attack that deals 500 Base Damage connects to Watson while he is at 29% life.
500 Base * 89.29% Scaling * 70% Guts = 313 Damage
An attack that deals 1000 Base Damage connects to Olivia while she is at 5% life.
1000 Base * 108.69% Scaling * 66% Guts = 717 Damage

Damage Scaling[edit]

Juggle Rules[edit]

Launches - Moves that Launch will cause the enemy to pop up into the air, where they can be hit for extra juggle hits.

Knock Downs (Sweeps) - Moves that Knock Down (or Sweep) will pop the enemy up into the air very slightly, causing them to quickly hit the floor. Some of these moves can still be juggled off of in certain situations, such as Odile's 2D.

Air Recovery - Some moves when they hit during a juggle, will cause the enemy to recover in the air quickly. When this happens, it may be possible to hit them again as a reset, but since it is not a combo, they may Gatchi on the way down.

Air Unrecoverable - Certain other moves will not allow the enemy to recover while in the air, which makes for legitimate juggle combos.

Gatchi Drive Unrecoverable - During High Gatchi Drive or Low Gatchi Drive, NO moves are Air Recoverable. In addition, the enemy will float down much slower than normal, allowing for some advanced combos. This does mean however, that you cannot do Resets off a Gatchi Drive.

Red Hit vs Blue Hit[edit]

When hitting the enemy, their portrait (next to their life bar) will flash either Red or Blue:

Red Hit
If the portrait flashes Red, it is possible to continue hitting them in a combo/juggle.
Blue Hit
If the portrait flashes Blue, it is impossible to hit them any more until they have landed on the ground and recovered.

When you get a Red or Blue hit is based on the move used. For Juggles, this may depend on the move used to start the juggle, AND the move used during the juggle. Learning what extra hits you can get, and how to maximize the number of hits and damage you can get, is an important part of the game.

How many Red Hits you can score without reaching a Blue Hit is referred to as Juggle Potential.

Juggle Potential is not reset even if the enemy is reset using Air Recoverable moves.

Juggle Potential is greatly increased if a combo is done off of a High Gatchi Drive or while in Heat Up. Combining these two together can allow for some very long juggles.

Same Move Penalty[edit]

Using the same move twice in a row in a combo will greatly reduce your Juggle Potential. This is why most juggles rarely involve comboing the same move into itself.

There are a few noteworthy exceptions to this rule though. Coyori's j.A and j.B don't follow this rule. Hitting with only 1 hit of Odile's 214C does not follow this rule.

At other times, it simply does not matter as the combo will end one way or another. This is why Cedric often does combos involving two Holy Devotions in a row.

Advanced Juggle Potential Rules[edit]

For moves that hit multiple times, often the amount of Juggle Potential used is based on the hits that connect. Certain moves will have very little Juggle Potential used on the first hits, but a lot used on the last hit. Knowing this, many characters (such as Coyori, Watson, and Odile) can do advanced air juggle combos by purposefully wiffing the last hit of their moves.

As an example, Coyori has a High Gatchi Drive combo that is:

HGD, j.D(1) |> 5C(1), 623B, 623D 2D

For this combo, Coyori must hit with only the first hit of her j.D, and only the first hit of her 5C. This allows her to get many extra hits in her combo and thus get a lot more damage.

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