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The Dustloop Wiki is a publicly visible/editable wiki with the primary mission to consolidate info about the competitive side of air-dashing fighting games. There are various wikis that also focus on competitive fighting games, such as shoryuken and mizuumi, but we mainly focus on games made by Arc System Works.

What is a Dustloop?

Dustloop is the name of Sol Badguy's famous combo in the Guilty Gear series. It was a combo that included looping his jumping Dust Attack in the air that first appeared in the Guilty Gear XX, and has continued (in one form or another) to this day.


The Dustloop Wiki was started in 2011 by User:Shtkn as an offshoot of the forums and has steadily expanded in the number of games covered as well as adding topics on general fighting game strategy.


We owe a great thanks to the Granblue Fantasy wiki and the Gamepedia wiki for helping us set up our CSS for tooltips and main pages.