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GN-006 GNHW/R Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R

Pilot: Lockon Stratos II (Lyle Dylandy)

Cost: 2500

Durability: 600

Red Lock Range: 10.0 (ultra-long range)

Number of BDs:

MA Mode: No

Equip Change: No

Dustloop Thread: Cherudim Discussion

JP Wiki: Cherudim (EXVSFB)

Common Nicknames: Cher

JP Shorthand: ケル


Changes from EXVS


Ranged Name Ammo Damage Reload/Charge Down Value Notes
[A] Main GN Sniper Rifle II 3 130 7s 4.0 Slow startup, hard internal stiffness, and no tracking in exchange for extremely fast beam speed
[B] Secondary GN Beam Pistol II -- 30/hit (162) -- 0.55/hit 1 button press fires 2 beams, and can rapid fire up to a maximum of 6 beams

Hallmark tracking performance

[CSb] GNBPII Rapid Fire -- 20/hit (156) 2.5s 0.33?/hit Fires a volly of 15? beams while sliding in an input direction

Movement does not cut guidance?

[CSb] GN Shield Bits Assault Mode -- 226/192 2.5s 5.0 Fires 2 gerobis along with pistol rapid fire

However, does not maintain the moving performance of normal CSb

Cannot use if [BC] is deployed

[AB] Sub GN Missile 2 ??/hit (88~100?) 10s ??/hit Fires 2x sets of 4 missiles (8 total)

[5/28/2AB] fires the barrage straight forward

[4/6AB] fires the barrage in a slightly outward ( ) arc

[AC] GN Rifle Bits 12 20/hit (90) 1 ammo/3s 0.9/hit [5AC] deploys the Rifle Bits around you, firing when you press [AC] again

[Dir-AC] deploys the Rifle Bits to surround and attack your target in All Range Mode

[BC] GN Shield Bits 100


-- 18s

(+10s CD)

-- [5BC] sets up the Shield Bits around yourself

[Dir-BC] sets up the Shield Bits around your partner

Absorbed damage will deduct from gauge

Is not reloaded by EX Burst



Name Total Damage Total Proration Total Down Reach Notes
2B Counter 89 ??% ?? -- Counterattack that fires GNBPII numerous times

Cancel Routes

[AB] Sub → AC (freefall), BC

Ranged Moveset Details


[A] Main - GN Sniper Rifle II

[B] Secondary - GN Beam Pistols II

[CSb] - GNBPII Rapid Fire

[CSb] - GN Shield Bits Assault Mode

Haro! Shield Bit Assault Mode!!

Cannot use if [BC] is deployed

[AB] Sub - GN Missiles

[AC] Special Shot - GN Rifle Bits

[BC] Special Melee - GN Shield Bits

Melee Moveset Details


There really is no overview to give, as the only melee attack Cherudim has is its counter attack

2B - Counter

Standard melee counterattack startup, after which Cherudim very briefly activates Trans-Am to wrap around the target and put its pistols against their head, then fires multiple times:

2B Attack Properties
Stage Hit# Attack Total Damage Total Proration Total Down Notes
1 1 Counter 0 0% 0.0 Stun
2 2 Pistol Whip 10 ??% ?? Down
3 3 Pistol shots 89 ??% ?? Down

The priority startup is kinda sluggish, which leaves you in a bad predicament that you kinda need to use it somewhat preemptively, but enemies will be expecting this tool and can just bait you and side-step while you are trapped in the counter pose...

If you succeed with the counter you can BD out of it at the pistol whip stage while the enemy is stunned, but they will immediately afterward yellow out, preventing you from attacking with a different armament.

EX Burst

EX Burst Quote


EX Attack

kounoudo asshuku ryuushi, kaihou!

hyper burst!!

Seravee Assist/Hyper Burst


Burst Selection

Given Cherudim's role and armaments, it's almost mandatory that you take Blast Burst. You'll typically be playing for a Full Burst, but if you find yourself with a Half Burst and still a decent amount of health mid-way through a battle (sufficient enough that you won't be shot down during Burst, and when you are shot down afterward you will be able to accumulate more gauge to get a second Half Burst), by all means use it and keep pressing your advantage.

Assault Blast: +12% Damage, +10% Defense

Because Cherudim has no melee, there is basically no merit to taking Assault besides the damage increase. Even the increased amount of Boost return on Burst as well just doesn't offer enough to truly validate taking Assault over Blast.

Blast Burst: +3% Damage, +20% Defense

Increases Cherudims barrage performance as well as Boost efficiency and mobility with hastened reload times and Blue-stepping. The longer activation time for longer Trans-Am gives you prolonged access to the great speed boost and enhanced CSb. And lastly, the self-defense modifier in addition to the Trans-Am speed boost is paramount for Cherudim's poor self-defense, especially endgame after being overcosted (which is why, again, you should typically save your EX gauge for a late game Full Burst).

Info and Tactics


Playing Cherudim means doing basically two things:

  1. Punish stiff enemies with sniper rifle
  2. Get Shield Bits on your partner, for both offensive and defensive situations.

Performing these tasks well though is a case of much easier said than done.

The GN Sniper Rifle II is your primary source of damage; if you cannot hit enemies consistently and regularly with this tool your battle effectiveness drops considerably and you will quickly find yourself in a poor state of affairs in the damage race. But with a delayed startup and zero tracking, it will simply require time and practice learning both its timing, and how to identify internal stiffness in enemies to strike at and lining up proper shooting vectors, both while accounting for your distance from an enemy. The most common target you want to aim for is landings, especially low-boost or careless overheat landings where an enemy's recovery time is extended. But you should always be looking for all sorts of things - vernier turn-around shots due to taking a bad shooting angle, various stuns your partner may possess, etc. Finally, it's really an extremely potent weapon for closing out games quickly, being able to 1-shot some high cost MS when they respawn overcost. It simply can't be understated, a dedicated Cherudim player must have a strong understanding of these concepts, and be lethally accurate with this weapon.

That's not to say though that Cherudim's other armaments are without worth. Indeed, your GN Pistols have exquisite muzzle correction and beam tracking, and so you should be scattering shots across a battlefield with your infinite ammo while you are searching for your sniping openings. Your CSb is also invaluable to your evasion due to the range of sliding motions it gives you, making it harder for enemies to hit you from a distance. You should also be mixing in GN Missiles and GN Rifle Bits to force enemies to spend Boost, and keep their movements in check. Don't forget also that Sub→AC cancel can be used to fastfall out of the Missiles' vernier stop, by both deploying or shooting the Rifle Bits.

Your final armament is maybe your second-most important, the Shield Bits. By all accounts you should try to put these on your forward guard as often as possible, as they provide both straight-up defense but also can help your partner close in on enemies that would otherwise be difficult to approach. If you find yourself in a critical health condition late in a game, then you can of course use them on yourself, but by-and-large it's considered best to reserve them for your partner who is much more in the fray than you should be.

Your single biggest drawback though is your complete lack of melee, or any other real self-defense for that matter. Yes, you have the one melee counter attack, but its slow startup speed makes it easy for enemies to bait and side-step, and so unreliable. If an enemy gets within melee range of you, you're pretty much screwed unless your partner is able to save you. So, it of course is critical that you don't let these scenarios happen by at all times playing just behind, in L-formation with your partner, never allowing yourself to drift too far away from him or become separated by an enemy attack. For an enemy to attack you they have to get TO you first, and with your incredibly long red lock range, there is very little reason you should ever allow them to do so.

Above all things you dying first is strictly forbidden, and is often a kiss of death in a match.

Partner Considerations

Given Cherudim's armaments and role it's imperative you partner with a suit that can hold a strong front line and force attention onto itself, because you are basically always going to be the rear support; this means that you essentially want to be with another 2500 or 3000 Cost MS.

3000 Cost

While there are certainly a number of MS in this cost tier that can meet Cherudim's basic needs, this combination is also costly when overcost occurs (which is highly likely). Furthermore, because of how tightly Cherudim needs to cling to its partner due to its poor self-defense, saying to yourself "just get a strong melee partner to front for me" is not as simple or safe an answer as you might think.

That said, if your partner can manage to get 3 Half Bursts along with your Shield Bits, that burst of power is hard for teams to compete with.

  • Master

Top-class among all other MS in the department of grabbing and holding the attention of enemies and wreaking havoc on enemy formations. From Master's view, its lack of ranged tools for Downing enemies can be supplemented by your sniper rifle, and your Shield Bits make his approaches safer - especially when it is in EX Burst (which you should be conscious of and provide for), so this can be a mutually beneficial team comp.

  • Unicorn

While Cherudim struggles against fuwafuwa, UC's Beam Magnum can adequately take care of this, and moreover, in NT-D can wreak havoc on a battlefield.

  • 00

Anime series combo. During 00-Raiser 00 can quite effectively hold a front line and force double-lock on itself, however, in normal 00 mode it's offensive performance is quite lower, relying instead on self-defense and thus leaning on you more. That means that you also must have air-tight self-defense during this period of time that you will both be aggressively pressured. When 00 is in Trans-Am Raiser you absolutely want to have Shield Bits available and on it in order to allow it to safely close in on enemies for great combo damage, during which you want to focus on locking down the enemy it is not attacking.

2500 Cost

Compared to 3k MS the overall performance is lower, but can still be strong, and more importantly - the costover penalty isn't as punishing (nor is the risk necessarily as high). You basically want to adhere to the same goal though of supporting a strong forward guard that are good at holding their own.

  • God/The O/X1/etc

2000 Cost

The overcost penalty is even less severe compared to the 2500 cost tier, but, you will also definitely feel the performance difference your partner can put out...Cherudim, again, is suitable for supporting melee or aggressive all-purpose MS, but has lower affinity when partnered with shooting suits that themselves want to play a more indirect shooting war.

Tight coordination is essential to get the best success out of this combo. At the start of a match you will be playing your standard support role, then depending on who dies first or who is overcosted, some switching of positions will likely become necessary. At 600 hp Cherudim is on the low end of 2500 cost MS, and is actually right in line for the average HP of a 2000 cost MS: if you are overcosted you will redeploy with 360 HP, while if your partner is overcosted they will redeploy 450 HP (assuming they are also a 600 HP MS). So, it's somewhat preferable that you die first, but it can really go either way. What you must avoid though is one of you dying immediately after the other has just died - this is a kiss of death in this game, overwhelmingly leading to a loss.

Therefore, take care that you and your partner do not become too separated or it will be increasingly difficult to work together.

1000 Cost

Partnering with a 1k MS is overwhelmingly seen as a poor state of affairs in this game, however - if you play the health regulation theory right and die in the order of 1k→2.5k→1k you can get a lot of health out of this combo with zero overcost penalties. That said, there are unfortunately numerous scenarios in which a 1k partner can in the blink of an eye take high damage and put this goal and your chances of success in grave jeopardy, and thereby force you to adapt to the situation at hand should this occur.

Notable Matchups

Advantageous Matchups

Troublesome Matchups

  • Fuwafuwa

Not a matchup in itself, but a movement technique that Cherudim struggles to hit consistently, and if Cherudim can't land its Main with consistency, its battle effectiveness drops terrifyingly quickly.

  • WZC
  • The O
  • God
  • Arche


  • Dealing with Sniper Rifles

Because sniping is Cherudim's bread and butter it stands out that you train yourself how to deal with this tool. With an atypical startup time and no guidance, but extremely fast bullet speed, sniper riles are most effectively employed for punishing careless landings - overheat landings most of all due to their longer internal stiffness.

Knowing that, honestly the simplest counter to this weapon is don't absentmindedly put yourself in bad landings. You have to just from the start of a match at all times keep in your head that Cherudim is always waiting and watching, so keep your movements intentionally shorter (consuming less Boost before landing) and variable (amekyans/fastfalls/etc) to be harder to hit.

It's also extremely important that you put yourself in a habit of counting Cherudim's shots - it only has 3 ammo, and only reloads after all 3 shots have been fired, which takes 7s then to reload.

Finally, fuwafuwa can be your best friend against a sniper.

  • Against Cherudim Itself

Aside from its sniper rifle Cherudim really has very little to fall back on. Its Shield Bits of course can be used for self-defense, but in any given battle it's often much more vital that Cherudim use these on its partner, putting them on itself really only in the direst of emergencies.

Beyond that, Cherudim has literally zero melee besides a melee counter, which is pretty easy to bait and simply sidestep due to its slow startup and then period of stiffness. And so, the number one way of overthrowing a Cherudim is to get on top of it and hack away with melee. If you can push it back into a corner this can be accomplished even more easily. Even if you are playing a lowly 1k MS, in melee range you have a distinct advantage.

You just have to bear in mind that from beyond mid-range Cherudim will still have some advantage while you are trying to approach. The best time of course to do this is when Cherudim is reloading its sniper rifle.

  • Against Cherudim's Team

If you were fighting Cherudim 1v1 it would be a pretty easy battle, but of course, this is not the case in Versus. So really, the hardest part about fighting against a Cherudim isn't so much Cherudim itself, but having to fight a front suit while Cherudim picks you off shot by shot from far behind.

More often than not Cherudim partners with a 3k that is strong at holding a front line or breaking team formations, and so the question becomes how do you try to get near Cherudim for your huge close-range advantage, while getting around a big guy up front and within long-range of Cherudim where it has the advantage. The most basic answer is of course teamwork and coordination, relying on your partner to give you opportunities to sneak around the flank, or maybe you are the one responsible for holding the attention of the front while your partner sneaks around. Naturally using quick Down tools to then allow brief double lock opportunities makes this easier.

The most important thing to keep in mind of course is when Cherudim has deployed its Shield Bits on its partner; if its partner is a MS capable of high firepower they can turn the tide of a battle in an instant if you do not immediately tighten up your defenses.

Repeating what has already been said, the best time to try to make this run is when Cherudim is reloading its sniper rifle. If you are playing a 2k or 1k, then it becomes absolutely imperative that you seize this moment in time to attack, since otherwise you are usually at a range and damage disadvantage. Also reiterating, if you can, try to force Cherudim into a corner.

On the other hand, if from the start you can't seem to consistently get into attack positions against Cherudim, it's said that it's often better to just ignore it completely and focus all of your effort on bringing down its partner.


Normal Combos

Input Damage Notes
[A] Main Starter
A>>A 153 Target will hit ground before second shot, reducing damage output
[B] Secondary Starter
B(1~6hit)>>A 147~187
B(1~6hit)→CSb 157~160
[CSb] Starter
6CSb(1hit)>>A 182 Still possible if CS is 2-4hit, but damage drops to 173
[AB] Sub Starter
5Sub>>A 159
5Sub>>5Sub 113
5Sub→6AC 111
6Sub>>A 153
6Sub>>6Sub 101
6Sub→6AC 102
[AC] Starter
AC(2hit)>>A ???

EX Combos

Input Damage Notes
[ABC] EX 344/316 Damage Reference
[B] Secondary Starter
B(1~6hit)>>EX >280/???
[CSb] Starter
CSb 226/192 Damage Reference
CSb(1~2hit)>>EX >300/>300

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