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Beta info

Controls from beta website:


Ambox notice.png This page is a work in progress and will be subjected to change upon release if needed.

Granblue Fantasy Versus uses the ordinary fighting game layout, with 8 Directions and 6 Buttons, which are:

GBVS L Prompt.png = L = Light attack
GBVS M Prompt.png = M = Medium attack
GBVS U Prompt.png = H = Heavy attack
GBVS U Prompt.png = U = Unique attack
GBVS Ab Button.png = S = Skill
GBVS G Prompt.png = G = Guard



Press InputIcon 4.pngG to perform an evade, which avoids all attacks except throws for a few frames.


Press InputIcon 6.pngG to perform an crossover, which moves you forward, and avoids all attacks except throws and attacks that hit below your knees for a few frames.



Press L, M or H to perform an attack. Note that the attacks will change depend on your current state, and the distance of you and your opponent.

Unique attacks

Press U to perform an Unique attack, which varies between different characters.

Overhead attacks

Input M+H to perform an overhead attack, which must be blocked high.


To perform a throw, input L+U or L+M. This can also be done in the air.


To perform a special, input a direction and press S. There is also Technical commands that also allows you to perform a special, and has the benefit of faster cooldown.

Skybound Art

Skybound Art Deals more damage than regular skills.

To perform a Skybound Art, you need to have 100% Skybound gauge. Then you can input InputIcon 236.pngS or InputIcon 236.pngInputIcon 236.pngH to perform a Skybound Art.
Note that some characters may have more than one Skybound Art.

Super Skybound Art

To perform a Super Skybound Art, you need to have 100% Skybound gauge, and your HP is 30% or lower. Your lifebar and Skybound gauge will turn blue if you fulfill the requirements, and your characters' icon will flash white. Then you can input InputIcon 236.pngS+U or InputIcon 236.pngInputIcon 236.pngU to perform a Super Skybound Art.



To guard against high attacks, simply hold back. To guard against mid attacks, hold back or down+back. To guard against low attacks, hold down+back. If you guard incorrectly, a single "!" will appear over your character if you incorrectly block a low, and a "!!" if you incorrectly block a high.

Using the G button will force your character to enter a guard animation, but you must still enter crouch state manually to block lows. The G button also has these following properties:

  • Blocking cross up attacks for you instead of forcing you to swap directions like with manual blocking.
  • Slightly extending your hurtbox.
  • Locking all movement beside standing/crouching and attacks beside throw.
  • Cannot Instant Block without manual direction.


Pressing back and G allows your character to avoid damage from all incoming attacks before quickly returning to neutral. It is a risky, but high-reward defensive option designed to allow a player to more effectively punish moves with lots of recovery. Evade does not avoid grabs or low attacks.


Pressing forward and G allows your character to dash forward a short distance. While it is useful for closing in, it has no invincibility frames and can be interrupted, but it does allow for the dodging of projectiles. Use it to close in on opponents who are spamming fireballs.

Instant Blocking

If you block right before the opponent's attack touches you, you performed a Instant Block, which has the benefit of gaining more Skybound Gauge. Instant block has no other properties aside from gaining more gauge (will not reduce blockstun or chip).

Throw break

To break a throw, input the throw command (L+U or L+M) as soon as you're being thrown. If you break a throw a bit too late, then you will receive a little damage and be put at a major frame disadvantage.

Throw break cannot be performed if you're holding InputIcon 7.png, InputIcon 8.png or InputIcon 9.png.

Ground Recovery

You can recover from a knockdown by inputting a button and direction to get up. Down + button gives neutral recovery, back + button gives backwards recovery. Not pressing any button will leave you on the floor (no recovery). Recovery options can be slightly delayed upon being knocked down to throw off your opponent's timing.

Note that recovery options are not available when you are hit by moves that cause the "Down" state (hard knockdown).

Air Recovery

Air recovery is automatic and will happen if you are in the air when hitstun ends. Unlike ground recovery, you are unable to control when or what direction you tech in.

Other Mechanics


To perform a Taunt, input H+U.