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Damage Scaling


Guts is a universal mechanic shared by all characters.
Guts is a damage modifier applied to damage based on the remaining health of the character hit by a given attack.
If an attack is comprised of two or more hits, the damage scaling caused by guts is applied on a per-hit basis. This means that if the first hit applies damage when the target's health is 61% or more, then the damage of that hit is scaled by 100%, but if the second hit is applied when the target is at 60% or less health, then the damage of the second hit is scaled by 95%.

Health Threshold Damage Modifier
>= 61% 100%
60% ~> 41% 95%
40% ~> 21% 90%
20% ~> 11% 85%
<= 10% 75%

Chip Damage

Most Skills, Skybound Arts, and Super Skybound Arts do small amounts of damage to the opponent even on block. This is known as chip damage, and is a common mechanic in fighting games.

Attacks do 25% of their base damage as chip damage when performed with the manual input, but only 20% when using the Ability button.

Chip Damage can kill the opponent, but there are two conditions that must be met first.

  1. The opponent is at 1 health.
    1. If the opponent is at 2+ health and takes any amount of chip damage, then the opponent will survive with 1 health.
  2. The opponent must return to neutral after being at 1 health.
    1. This is to prevent multi-hit attacks from chip killing the opponent

Combo System

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